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  • I think my post being the last of the previous page made it get lost. I'd appreciate if anyone could answer my query.

    "I was wondering if someone's already done something like this before. It's a more interactive take on evasion. Primary Black, Secondary Blue, Tertiary Red.

    Devious (When all creatures blocking this creature are removed from combat, this creature is no longer blocked)."
  • @ShadowKnight1224 - Not to my knowledge
  • @Corwinn Excellent, thank you! :D
  • @Faiths_Guide

    I suppose that's kind of true. But then look at some of the other transformers, like Dauntless Cathar ( I think it's okay, because the other side is black. If Unhallowed Cathar was white, it would be a break, but I don't think it is.
  • @KimJongMartin
    Those cards are ones that you cast as exactly what the color pie says it should be, and then, under specific conditions while in play, change (degenerate in this case) and become something else.

    Yours merely casts as "something else" and under another's control. Totally inappropriate in my eyes.
  • Here's a concept I'm playing around with:
    Counterattack N - [cost] ([cost], T: This creature deals N damage to target creature or player. Activate this ability only if you are being attacked.)

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    A couple more example cards for Two-Faced:




    Is this one okay @Faiths_Guide ?

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    YES! It is quite weak however, considering its rarity.

    You give them a 3/3 flyer with trample (off-color ability), so that they'll lose 1 life per round? Maybe in EDH if it was 1 life at the beginning of each upkeep? I dunno.

    Also, don't forget to use the numeral [ 1 ] for how much life is lost.
  • @Faiths_Guide

    Yeah, I kinda made it to be that way. 90% of the time, you'll just play it normally. However, in the rare situation where there on very, VERY low life and you're not, you can just put them on a clock with it.
  • I decided to post my serious mechanics that I am willing to share as of right now.

    Fusion (When this creature enters the battlefield, exile any number of other creatures you control with fusion. This creature gets +X +Y where X is the combined power and Y is the combined toughness of those creatures. This creature gains all abilities of the exiled creatures. Attach all auras and equipments you own attached to the exiled creatures to this creature.)

    Bloodborne (As an additional cost to cast this creature, sacrifice another creature)

    Linger X (When this creature dies, create X 1/1 white spirit creature tokens with flying)

    Baste X (This creature enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters under it. Whenever this creature attacks, remove a +1/+1 counter from under this creature and put a +1/+1 counter on top of this creature. This effect does not occur as long as there are no +1/+1 counters under this creature.)

    I am also working on the Sucessor to Moody, and I will be sharing my explore mechanic once I finish playing around with it myself. Maybe it will make an appearince on my next entery to Mechanix Challenge 13...
  • Here's a concept I've been toying around with.
    Ruthless N - [cost] ([cost], T, Sacrifice a creature: Put N +1/+1 counters on this creature.)
  • Pulse (Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, you get {e})

  • Volatility (As you cast this spell, roll a six-sided die.)

  • Tax N (At the beginning of your upkeep, you may tap N other untapped creatures you control.)

  • All right it's been a while but here's a new mechanic (same thing goes for all my mechanics, feel free to use but if you could mention me that would be nice :D)

    Here is is: Rebel
    Rebel (Whenever this creature takes damage, put a revolt counter on it.)
    or possibly
    Rebel 5 (Whenever this creature takes damage, put a revolt counter on it. If this creature has five or more revolt counter on it, an opponent chosen at random gains control of it.)
    or maybe
    Rebel (Whenever this creature takes damage, put a revolt counter on it. At the beginning of your upkeep, you take 1 damage for each revolt counter on this creature.)
  • @kltmtg29

    The problem with that mechanic is how two drafts are downside mechanics, and the other seems a bit unoriginal.

    I would make it either:

    Rebel (Whenever this creature is dealt damage, put a rebel counter on it. It gets +1/+1 for each rebel counter on it.)


    Rebel N (Whenever this creature is dealt damage, put a rebel counter on it. As long as there are N or more rebel counters on it, it is rebelled.)
  • @KimJongMartin Thanks for the feedback! The first one is not really the idea of the mechanic, but I like the second one.
  • @touchstone

    The problem with that one is how OP it is. You can't have any creatures with low converted mana cost have it any higher than 1.
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    I might as well contribute the couple mechanics I made.

    Lifeless X (This permanent enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters/charge counters on it for each color of mana not used to cast it.)
    Used for artifacts. If it's an artifact creature it always gets +1/+1 counters. Otherwise, charge counters.

    Vengeance- Whenever [creature name] attacks, if a source defending player controls dealt damage to you since the beginning of your last end step, [effect].
    This one is straightforward and fairly fun in multiplayer games. I'm sure there's a way to make it work with spells and abilities, but I've only put it on creatures so far.

    Edit: And here's one more.
    Fallow (Each land card you discard while casting this spell pays for {1}.)
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  • image

    Burgeon (Choose a permenant. For each counter on that permanent, put another of those counters on that permanent.)
  • @rednaxela

    There's already a mechanic made called Impart which is basically the same
    if you don't mind me saying. ^ ^
  • Here are some abilities I have come up with. If I come up with more, I will comment more.

    Befriend – When this creature enters the battlefield, it befriends another creature. A befriended creature can't deal damage to this creature or target this creature.

    Double Agent – Whenever this creature deals damage to a player, instead of losing that much life, that player gains that much life. You lose life equal to that amount. )A creature with Double Agent has a combat damage affect.)

    Incent X – Any player may pay its incent cost. If they do, they can activate any of the creature's abilities until end of turn. You can activate the abilities at any time without paying the incent cost.

    Forge – To forge, put a colorless Armor artifact token onto the battlefield with "Armored creature gets +1/+1" and "Armor {1}".

    Demigod – As long as you control a god, this creature has [something].

    Celerity - You may attack with it or block with it before you declare other attackers or blockers. This creature deals damage or takes damage before you attack with others creatures. You may choose attackers according to how your opponent blocks this creature. (Celerity doesn't give the creature haste, but many creatures with celerity have haste.)

    Oblation – Whenever a creature would die, you may sacrifice this card and return that creature to the battlefield tapped.

    Avatar – When this creature enters the battlefield, put an blue and white Avatar creature token onto the battlefield. Its power and toughness are each equal to this creature's power and toughness. When an ability or counter would be placed on this creature, place that ability or counter on the token. Whenever a spell would target this creature, copy that spell targeting the token. If damage would be dealt to this creature, deal that damage to both this creature and the token. If this creature would be destroyed, destroy the Avatar token.

    Mammoth – As long as this creature or another creature has total power 15 or greater, [something].

    Elder's call – When this creature enters the battlefield, choose a card type. This creature has (something based on the creature type).

    Evade (KEYWORD ABILITY) – This creature has protection from creatures with [KEYWORD ABILITY) and those creatures have protection from this creature.
  • Can someone please tell me what they think of this? Thanks!

    Into the depths [Cost] (Instead of casting this card from your hand, pay its into the depths cost and put this card into your graveyard)

    Of course, you can also say from your hand or the command zone for a legendary creature.
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    Hatchling N (You may pay an additional N as you cast this spell. If you do, creatures you control that share a subtype with it gain +N/+0)

    Segmented (Whenever this creature is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, instead return it to the battlefield under your control with half of its current power and toughness, rounded down.)

    Lonesome (This creature can only attack and block alone.) (Please tell me if someone did something similar to this.)
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    -Creature mechanic
    -Triggered ability
    -Complexity level: easy

    Apex - Whenever this creature deals 3 or more damage to a player this turn, [effect].

    It's an easy mechanic to design cards for, intuitive to understand what it does, and rewards players for doing what they already want to do (attack other players).

    I chose 3 damage so that colors like Blue have a better chance to make this mechanic work at common (Green obviously does just fine). I wouldn't, however, take issue seeing this mechanic used only for Gruul or Jund-aligned creatures - originally it was conceptualized for these colors anyway.

    As an aside, if 3 damage would just be way too easy to trigger, 4 damage would be my next choice (again, for Blue).
  • A few I've been building a deck around :) New to the community here, but I've been using the first two for a bit. Anything like these? Despair and Puppetry are black/green abilities, while Trio is simply for any color.

    Despair X- You must lose X life or put the top X cards from your library into your graveyard.

    Puppetry- Creature or permanent with puppetry you control may tap a target permanent you control which shares one or more types with it instead of tapping themselves, once per turn.

    Trio- You can have three commanders if all of them have trio
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    Protector N (If a creature you control is dealt N or less damage, you may have this creature receive that damage instead.)

    or alternate version: Protector (If a creature you control is dealt damage, you may have this creature receive that damage instead.)

    Bloodlust N (Whenever a creature is sent to the graveyard, give this creature +N/+0 until the end of the turn.)

    Tragedy N (When this creature dies, put N +1/+1 counters on each other creature you control that shares a type with it. They must attack this turn if able.)

    Morale - When a creature is sent to the graveyard, if it was under your control, do X. If not, do Y.

    Ritual N (Tap: Gain N life.)

    Trade - Pay N/Give target player X. If you do, that same player gives you Y/pays Z. The other player must agree to this.

    Creator (Tap: Create a 1/1 colorless creation artifact creature token.)

    Lost (This creature cannot attack, block, or receive damage.)

    Love (This creature deals damage in the form of +1/+1 counters.)

    Confusion (This creature attacks its owner as if it were under another players control.)

    Blinding (When this creature enters play, no spells may be cast for the rest of the turn.)

    Reckless (This creature has haste and may only be cast if no other creature spells were cast before it this turn.)

    Possess (When played, this creature loses all other abilities and attaches to target creature, who then gains those abilites. When the possessed creature dies, detach this creature. It regains its lost abilites.)
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    Formless (For all combat, targeting, triggering or effect purposes, this spell isn't a creature. It can still be your commander.)

    Warding(This creature can't be the target of spells or abilities you control.)

    Calling(You may tap two untapped (Type creatures you control if you do this spell costs {an amount} less to cast.)

    Pack(Whenever this creature attacks (Effect) for each attacking creature you control that shares a creature type with it.)

    Warbound(Creatures that are warbound to each other can only attack or block together. Whenever a creature dies, sacrifice all creatures it was warbound to.)

    Inexsistance(When this creature enters the battlefield flip a coin. If you lose the flip sacrifice this creature at the end of turn.)

    Heartless(When this creature dies if it didn't have a +1/-1 counter on it, return it to the battlefield with a +1/-1 counter on it.)

    Backup (For each creature that died this turn create a 1/1 black skeleton.)

    Disguised - (Colour)(For all colour identity purposes this card is not the casting colour but instead the Disguised colour)

    Headhunter(When this creature enters the battlefield choose a legendary creature. Whenever this creature attacks that creature must block it if able.)

    (Basic Land)bound(This permanent doesn't untap during your untap step. Whenever a (Basic land) enters the battlefield untap this permanent.)/i>

    Untrusting(This creature can't attack if a creature or the creature it is untrusting towards is attacking and can't block if a creature or the creature it is untrusting toward is blocking.)

    Manaworth(For each of the following activate it if you used that colour to cast this spell.)

    Camoflauge (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability choose a colour other than the color it currently is. It becomes disguised as that colour)
  • Vengeance {X}{b} Deal damage target blocking creature during the endstep, where X is the toughness of this destroyed creature.
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