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  • Dream [cost] (You may cast a spell for its dream cost if its the second spell you've cast this turn.)
    Bond (When this creature enters the battlefield, you may bond it to an unbonded Equipment you control. If you do, attach that equipment to it.)
  • Rank Up (To rank up a creature, exile that creature, then put a creature you own that lists that creature onto the battlefield.)

    Note that when a creature is listed, it will say "Ranks up from ______".

    Here's an example I made that has multiple forms:

    I was originally planning on making the ranked up creature mutate on top of the ranking up creature, similar to evolution in the Pokemon TCG, but I didn't want to allow the card(s) below it to give the ability to rank up again, as mutate gives the creature on top all of the abilities of the creatures below it.

    I ended up just having the new form replace the old creature... This isn't the greatest flavorwise for a commander that would rank up, as ranking them up would send them to the command zone, which would allow both the normal and ranked up version of your commander to be on the battlefield at the same time. (Note: I know you don't get a sideboard in commander, but if the companions can, then so should this.)
  • [cost] Snipe N (When [CARDNAME] enters the battlefield, you may pay its Snipe cost. If you do, [CARDNAME] deals N damage to target creature.)
  • Scute (You may have this creature enter the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter on it. If you do, put a hexproof counter on it.)

    Made specifically for Nagas in Sultai, which will have effects based on whether or not they have a -1/-1 counter on them.
  • Retaliate  - Whenever [creature name] is dealt damage by another creature, [effect]
  • Moonlit - Whenever this creature becomes blocked by a creature with lesser power, [effect].

    @Aggroman15, there is an existing ability called enrage which does the same thing.

  • @TheDukeOfPork Enrage triggers off of being dealt damage by anything, so they're technically different.
  • @TheDukeOfPork Yeah, and retaliate effects would usually have something to do with the creature that dealt the damage, and you could have an effect that happens whenever something retaliates against another creature.
  • Aura-jutsu {cost} ({cost}, Return an Aura of a unblocked enchanted attacker you control to hand: Put this card onto the battlefield from your hand attached to this creature.)

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    Wish (Choose youth, power, or knowledge. If you wish for youth, you gain 10 life. If you wish for power, you may put a creature card from your hand onto the battlefield. If you wish for knowledge, search your library for a noncreature card, put it into your hand, and shuffle your library.)

    Cards can also add/subtract options from the wish pool.

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    Manaweave - If you cast this spell using [color] mana, [effect].


    Yes, this is very similar to Adamant. Manaweave doesn't just have casting implications, it can work for any type of paid mana as seen here:
  • @feralitator
    @Looverse made a mechanic called Manaweave too, though I think it only exists on one card
    Manaweave Dais

    This is informational only, don't feel like you need to change the name of your mechanic!
  •  Naturalise [cost] ([cost]:Target creature becomes a forest land in addition to its other types.)

  • I have a good number of mechanics made for various sets I made.  Someone just about copied one of my cards almost exactly.   It does peeve me a little I wasn't credited or mentioned.    So I though I'd get in on the record here as mine.

    Rainbow: (Possible Cost) } { Effect}  (As long as one
    mono-color permanent of each color is in play,
    the game has rainbow)

    Dana Elida Pixie Queen

    A mechanic designed for to specifically fir in my Oz/Neverland/Narnia/Fillory/Alice in Wonderland theme set.     It is there to encourage heroic decks to make the Rainbow happen.    It gives the villains specific destruction of individual cards more potential value.  Toast one member of the team and it shuts the magic down..

    The also set features colored artifacts with no color mana requirement to help.

    Other features of the set to follow/

  • @VULTURE, if you could take this into consideration...
  • On the Plane ov Ahzmandia, not a Cowardly lion.  Yet.  Because-

    Brave:  <i>This creature can block an additional creature each combat.  This creature can block a creature with Fear, Intimidate, or Menace alone. </i> (W,R)

    Dauntless Leonin

    And for those drawn out Commander games:

    If I can I can make a card out of one piece of art I do.  I've made so many cards I've started moving things into archive here:

    Mostly the lands and tokens so far.  His two Soldier tokens are there.
  • There is the whole wicked witch and water bucket imbrogolio which inspired something to represent the opposite of something like protection or hexproof from a color.

    Vulnerable to (Thing) <i>(If dealt damage by a (Thing)source or targeted by a Thing spell, destroy this creature)</i>

    Of course she is said to have had a son.  I wanted to make the classic 7th edition paladin into a quartet that can not just blow each other / kill spell the battle over.   So a quartet of knights like this are in there that would actually have to duke it out on the battlefield.

     East West, North, South.  I lied a little, because like Luke in star wars, there is a sister involved to complete the 5 color cycle in there.  She looks like Leia but her temper is way worse.

  • I'm working on finding the right art and concepts, but it is a land of enchantment.  I always loved Flaring Flame-Kin but wished there was a way to get around that absolute parasitic need to have another enchantment card.  This gave rise to a new counter.

    Umbra Counter (It counts as an attached enchantment)<

    I only have a few cards that use  this Ahzmandia mechanic.  So far there is always a non-trivial size price to pay for getting and Umbra counter.   So none are like a a Flaring Flame-Kin with a "free" enchantment.   You just have to pay something more dear than mana.  So you can pay the price, make a deck with enchantments, or make a deck which mitigates the cost of the price with other cards.

    The one I most like is this: 

     Which is sadly just to wordy for flavor text about her green eyes of Jealousy without inflicting wordgore for lack of space lines.

    I'm a bit Vorthos in that the art/flavor is pretty specific.  In this case a physical being with a spiritual one joined to it.    I don't show the others because I'm a bit embarrassed about their art.  Not that the artist didn't make a great picture, but they are tall.  I had to hack-extend large borders in an un-pretty way to get enough vertical space to show a both being.  Although not that I've thought of it I'll make and Archive extended art versions of them,

    They each have a way sacrificing a counter can do something.   But this is not something the mechanic in any way requires.  Any more than it required having an enchantment attached particularly matter.  The design space for what else can be done with them isn't something I've yet developed.

    Note it deliberately does not care what card the Umbra counter comes from.  Which gives someone playing a deck with more than one card that gets one to fire off the agility they need from among all choices they have in play, rather than limiting them to the card the counter is on.
  • The last mechanic I came up with on a spur of the moment and haven't really hammered out well.  Hey ten people and one drink is boring, ten people and ten drinks and it's a party!


    Instant Version:

    Gala (Cost): 

    <i>(If the Gala cost is paid copy this spell for any number  of valid targets.)</i>

    Sorcery Version

    Gala (Cost): 

    <i>(If the Gala cost is paid, you may play this spell  as if it had flash.  Copy this spell for any number of valid targets.)</i>

    It is sort of like Replicate or Overdrive, but meant for boost spells and not in the classic Izzet colors.   It can serve as a hug in commander or help a team member in Battle Bond or two headed Giant.   Unlike say, overdrive, someone can be dis-invited to the party and be left alone with jack squat.

    So far, I only made one card.   

     It is a cheap, weak "save one guy from one spell effect." that replaces itself.  But if you cast it on all 12 creatures on the battlefield it suddenly is just a a gives huge card draw.  

    Yes, I know many would color it blue.  I would usually do so too.   But hey it's a Concentrate-Harmonize type thing.   The green color reasons start with - Pixies.  Green fits this world better (agrees with Peter Pan color scheme).    Most critically the set already has a common blue spell with a minor effect that costs one mana and draws a card.  One you know and love, could not use this mechanic, and frankly is already too strong to give it a power boost.   Having two spells that similar in the same color and cost would just be wrong at a set level.  In another set a color shifted Blue version may fit just fine.

  • Lastly.  A short topic on making planeswalkers as they should be - important individuals with more than one card.  The most difficult thing is finding the art.  

    One solution I've found is to find something so old as to be in the public domain and track down all the art you can for it.  Not many may be what I would consider card quality but 5 and you have enough for a set.  More, put them in several sets.  Three such figures visiting Ahzmandia:

    Get one form a work of fiction - like the cutie Alice here (Duh I said wonderland. )   

    This was a good character pick because her depiction from the blonde cutie everyone knows is not the basis of the ast bulk of her fan ary and has much more interesting fighting-type art.    e American MacGee's Alice art is for Eldraine and the Madness Returns Alice was the first prson I put in my newest Innistrad set.  So, further adventures as she takes levels ion badass.

    Get one from an actual historical figure - for instance this is also the first appearance of this guy:

    You you might not recognize is Nicolai Tesla.

    Lastly there is some very fine card art from digital card cames.  I found french one that let me breath live into a character mentioned just once way back in Alpha.  The character who, in my headcanon, was the first to create a Golem on Dominaria -  Obsianus
    (first appearance from another set):

    As I like a place to see my Planeswalker's cards all together, there is a galley of most of them here:

    Alice may not be by newest but she is my favorite recent one, so I gave the lady her own little place to shine here:

    Sorry if all this was a bit much to dump on y'all.   It completes the current mechanics of the Ahzmandia set and a concept important to establishing the Planewalkers visiting it.
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    Here, I've created a custom mechanic.

    Bloodcraze N (Whenever this creature attacks,
    it gets +N/+N until end of turn for each creature
    defending player controls that was dealt damage
    this turn.)

    This is not a blue mechanic. It's designed so that N almost always = 1 for red, 1-2 for white/black, and 1-3 or X for green.
  • Void counters
    (Each player's maximum hand size is reduced by one for each void counter they have.)

    Designed as sort of a backwards method for black card advantage.
  • Starfall - As long as a permanent an opponent controls has left the battlefield this turn...
    Designed as a reverse-Revolt
  • @ChoyBoi why did you name it Starfall?
  • @jpastor, its meant for a thermos-like environment, so starfall felt thematic.
  • Ah makes sense! @ChoyBoi
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    Rule (Whenever this creature attacks a player, tap up to two target creatures that player controls.)

    Designed as a blocker-hate thing.

    [cost:/effect,/trigger,] Fantasize. (Scry X, where X is the number of cards in your hand.)

    Designed for ramp/control decks.

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