New Mechanic Idea: Unavowed

Hello everyone! I'm currently making a set that deals with political shenanigans, and I'm brainstorming mechanics that would fit with the set. The one I've got right now is called Unavowed, and I'm trying to figure out if it's a.) a good mechanic b.) too complex c.) how to word it.

Basically, the idea is that Unavowed stops abilities from triggering based off of that creature. So if you have a creature that says "Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature", when a creature with Unavowed enters, that ability won't trigger. Or If something says, whenever a creature dies, it wouldn't trigger when a creature with Unavowed dies.

I just can't figure out how to word that and the extensiveness that should go. I originally had "Abilities that would trigger based on this creature don't trigger", but I think that's way too vague and doesn't work. I then changed it to "Abilities that would trigger when this creature enters the battlefield, leaves the battlefield, or dies don't trigger when this creature enters the battlefield, leaves the battlefield, or dies." But that sounded a little unclear, and I also didn't really want to limit it to just three interactions.

Any feedback or advice would be much appreciated :)


  • Take a look at the last part of Psychic Battle. "Changing targets this way doesn't trigger abilities of permanents named Psychic Battle."

    There's rules precedent for "X doesn't trigger abilities of Y."

    So I'd word it as "Unavowed (this card doesn't trigger the abilities of permanents)."

    I don't think there's a simple and elegant way to not trigger stuff that isn't the abilities of permanents, so I think you'll have to make do with this?
  • That's an really good point and way to put it! Thank you!
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    ^ This. I think that's the cleanest wording to get what you're looking for. Alternately, I'd try this as a replacement effect:
    Unavowed (If this permanent/spell/card would cause a triggered ability to trigger, instead it doesn't.)

    Be aware that this ability can be complicated to keep track of on board. Also, while triggered abilities aren't the most prevalent thing you end up hosing some portion of your own set to create an ability like this.
  • No problem, glad to help!
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    Yeah, it's a very set based mechanic. In the set, there are two major faction that are black/red and white/blue. The Empress of the black/red faction has an ability that triggers whenever a creature attacks her controller:

    However, if you attack her with certain agents from the white/blue faction, that ability may not trigger at all. For example:
    This card wouldn't trigger Nari's ability, and Nari wouldn't get a vengeance counter.

    Even though in the storyline, the two factions aren't really even at war, flavorfully, this is the reason they actually choose to be somewhat friends. They know they cancel each others' tactics, and they know that a fight between them would just end in massive bloodshed. So they just kind of ignore whatever the other one is doing and there's general peace between the factions (in fact, there's generally more discord within the faction itself).

    Anyways, thanks to both of you, @DomriKade and @ShadowKnight1224
    This has really helped the set out!
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