Legendary Flavor Text - *Circuit Challenge*

Have you ever read the flavor text on the cards in your collection, I mean really read it? have you ever noticed how they often mention characters who have never had a card? I think you guys could make some cards for these cardless characters. Keep in mind that you should have a link that leads to the original flavor text. Your entries can be any legendary permanent or Planeswalker. You are limited to three entries.

1st place: 5 favorites, a follow, and a trophy.
2nd place: 4 Favorites, a follow
3rd place: 3 Favorites and the privilege to choose an honourable mention.
All honourable mentions get 1 favorite.

Ends March 1st

Please note that it is ok to make Fblthp. @TrippleBoggey3 can call dibs if no one else has done it. (Just kidding.)
@TrippleBoggey3 has generously given up his dibs

@Faiths_Guide I've highlighted the important bits for you.

*Now a part of the Circuit Challenge
1st Place will garner 1 point
2nd Place will garner 3/4 point
3rd Place will garner 1/2 point



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