Werewolf 'Walkers!

Hello again! Arlinn Kord is everybody's new favorite werewolf planeswalker; because she is the only one! For this contest, I would like you all to design a new werewolf planeswalker. It doesn't have to transform, but that is strongly encouraged. Any lore will get you up to 2 extra points, based on complexity. Here is how the normal judging will work:

3 points - Balance
2 points - Overall werewolf/wolf synergies
1 point - Color accuracy (Werewolves are typically red or green. As long as the 'walker is one of those colors, you're good).

No joke cards, and help your fellow Smithers with edit suggestions. Each person is allowed 2 entries. Judging will be in one week, unless I get <10 entries. The winners will get the following:

1st Place - 6 favorites and a follow.
2nd Place - 4 favorites and a follow.
3rd Place - 2 favorites and a follow.

If you have any questions, comment using @LordWolffeIII. Happy Smithing and good luck!


  • This sounds promising
    Though I am not familiar with werewolf synergies.
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    Here is my first entry.

    No transformation for him, but in the lore (coming soon) it will be explained.

    Quickly filling lore in:

    Woce was one of the wulfir, the werewolves affiliated with avacyn. He was one of her most trusted guardians, but with eldrazi entering Inistrad and all he believed and fought for going down the drain, he returned to a more feral state of his lycantrophy. WIth him going further into despair, he started to ralley werewolves of all kinds to fight down the eldrazi. With emrakul coming down into his plane, he felt a rage like never before and his spark became active.
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    Rentak was a little kid when he was abandoned by his family. He was always strange at nights when the moon was especially bright, and always played in the forest by himself, exploring and taking notes. A deep hatred for humans grew inside of him. One night when there was a full moon, he was attacked by a wolf in the forest where he lived by himself. At the same time, midnight struck and his spark ignited. He knew he wasn't himself, and he had turned into a monster. Just like the wolf that had attacked him. He went on a rampage in his home town, killing everyone except his family. Somehow his parents recognized him and he decided to spare their lives. He ran off into the forest and didn't show up until days later when the military had came to search the town for the monster they had heard of. In their search, they came across Rentak's parents and came to the conclusion that they had caused the damage since they were the only ones left. They were executed. Rentak had finally returned to human form days later and went to visit his family. He saw their dead bodies on the floor, and bullets holes in their clothes. This was the day he swore revenge on every human that lived. Being a human by day, and a werewolf at night, he hid in the shadows and the mist waiting for the time to strike.

    Hope you like it!
  • I just noticed I completely messed up on the first planeswalker, as his type should be "Rentak" not human researcher. Oops!
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    @BradXmagic That is fine, no points will be deducted for typos.
  • @BradXmagic OMG that story is sad (:
  • @Ranshi922 Werewolf synergies mostly include buffing other werewolves with abilities or counters.
  • So only one entry?
  • @TenebirsNemo
    Well, this contest has only been up for a day...
  • Meet Tarruk:
    Quick Lore: Tarruk and his two close friends Evaile and Jareen were all unwilling Werewolves trying to live a normal life in Thraben. But, Then Evaile and Jareen's secret lives as Werewolves were revealed and they were to be executed. Being a town member in Thraben, Tarruk's attendance to the execution was mandatory. Watching his friends killed before his eyes ignited Tarruk's planeswalker spark. As the the moon rose above Thraben, he transformed. With 8 men dead to his hand, Tarruk fled to Kessig, where he would spend his time in the forests of Ulvenwald. Now not only accepting his darker side, but embracing it.
  • @KJMartin I meant that is only 1 Werewolf Planeswalker entry allowed for each participant?
  • @TenebrisNemo @KJMartin Each person is allowed 2 entries.
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    @LordWolffeIII Is 1 Werewolf Planeswalker with abilities in "both sides" considered as 1 entry or as 2 entries?
  • I'd like to submit if Ulrich went from a legendary creature to a planeswalker:
    image image
  • @TenebrisNemo A double sided 'walker counts as a single entry.
  • imageimage

    Vizar was a vicious and stupid man, his true nature one of brutality and violence. One night, in a drunken stupor, he was thrown from his horse in the middle of a dark forest. The form of dryad came to him, offering aid and shelter. Vizar struck the sprite and spat in her face, claiming he was capable enough to fend for himself. The dryad swelled with outrage but maintained a cool visage. "Of course, my strong courageous hero. What I offered was merely a token of hospitality, an elixir from which you shall be even stronger and swifter. But more than this, you grow claim an alluring form, irresistible to mortals. You shall be cunning and shrewd, wholly perceptive and intuitive." Vizar could not resist the goading and unwittingly unleashed the cursed revenge of the dryad. The elixir was her own blood that he had spilled, and by drinking it he relinquished his soul to her. By day the dryad controlled his from known as Vivian, and by night the brutal Vizar reigned. But the odd mixture of their bloods created a vile tranformation. Vivian was corrupted by Vizar's dark soul, and Vizar was rendered utterly primal by the ancient powers of Vivian's race. And so they are linked by soul and by curse, neither able to escape the other.
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    Set symbols are supposed to be Innistrad, the home of the Vildin Howlpack.
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    Sediran Amoux lived in a town where he worked as a guard, watching the streets of his home at night and keeping the townspeople safe from the predators of the night. He lived with his wife, Linda and their daughter, Emma. He had a close friend named Emeric in the guard duty, who went missing one night.

    Few months after the disappearance of his brother in arms, a werewolf attacked the town during the night. Sediran and the guards fought against the cursed predator under the light of a full moon until Sediran saw something shimmering on the werewolf. The werewolf had a medallion which was given to Emeric by Sediran when Emeric first started his guard duty.

    Sediran realized that his friend had now become a werewolf. He didn't want to kill him or let the other guards slay their former brother in arms, so he decided to lure the beast away from the town instead. Sediran took the nearest horse he found in the town and gained the werewolf's attention. The werewolf chased Sediran into the forest, where he outplayed the predator and trapped it into an old pit. He couldn't get out of there, so Sediran just watched as the morning sun rose and the predator transformed back to human form.

    It really was Emeric. He had become a werewolf. Sediran's duty is to protect the town from savage creatures but he didn't want to kill his friend either. Emeric asks forgiveness for becoming a werewolf. He tells that he has settled in an abandoned house which is located deep within the wilderness, far away from the town. Sediran helped Emeric out from the pit and brought him back to his new home with the horse.

    Sediran told Emeric to move farther away from the town so that he wouldn't return as a werewolf ever again. Then Sediran rode off with the horse without looking back.

    When he was getting close to the town, he saw as the other guards awaited him with the guard captain Radolf at the town gates. Sediran jumped from the horse's back and before he could say anything, the guards knocked him out.

    When Sediran regained consciousness, he was in chains before the guards and the mayor of the town, Blavier. Mayor Blavier told Sediran how some of the guards went after Sediran the night he lured Emeric in his werewolf form out of the town and saw them going deeper into the wilds with Emeric in his human form at morning. Even though Sediran tried to explain, the guards, captain Radolf and mayor Blavier came to the conclusion that Sediran is helping the wolf packs which have been tormenting the town for many years and decided to throw Sediran into prison and then hang him when the morning comes.

    During the midnight, Sediran' wife, Linda, helped him escape from the prison. Linda stole the key from the guards, for she didn't want them to kill Sediran. She told that the townspeople are sure that Sediran is helping the werewolves because he is one of their packs, just like Emeric. Then she told him that Emma is safe in the capital, and once they've escaped from the town they can live there, away from the people of the town who wants to kill Sediran. So Sediran and Linda packed, took their horse from their home and escaped from the town.

    But they didn't get far. Guard captain Radolf caught them with his guards at the outskirts of the town. They killed Linda's and Sediran's steed with an arrow and then they chased them deeper into the woods. Sediran tried to protect his wife but the guards shot arrows at him. He fell on the ground bleeding and watched as they killed Linda right before his eyes with swords.

    Sediran was sure he will die there with his wife, but then he heard the howl of the werewolves. Savage predators attacked the guards. Some of them got mauled while others rode back to the town with guard captain Radolf. When the battle was over, Sediran saw as the other werewolves chased the guards except one, Emeric. Emeric quietly watched as his old friend was dying right before him. Sediran crawled to Linda's side, watching her deceased body through bloody tears. Sediran whispered to Emeric that he wished he was strong enough to protect himself and everyone he loved.

    Then Emeric bit Sediran's arm. He felt great pain as his old friend's cursed blood was now in his veins. The full moon was above and Sediran's sadness turned into burning rage. His wounds didn't hurt so much anymore; new kind of power is keeping him alive. He has turned into a werewolf. He held Linda's body in his arms and howled with sadness and rage.

    The two friend followed the other werewolves into the town, where the guards tried to kill them with silver arrows. Sediran and Emeric slaughtered the guards, then started to maul other town members. Then Sediran tracked down Radolf, who was protecting Blavier with only a few guards at the center of the town.

    The guards shot arrows at Sediran, but he slaughtered the guards, ripping apart their bodies in anger. Radolf tried to stab Sediran into the heart with his sword, but he wasn't fast enough. The new werewolf crushed Radolf's head on the ground and then watched as Blavier was running away. He chased him down and mauled him.

    Sediran was covered in the blood of the guards and the townspeople. He looked around as bodies were lying everywhere. Everyone in his hometown was dead. On that moment his planeswalker spark ignited. He howled and planeswalked into the plane of Innistrad.

    In the forests of Kessig he found other werewolves and they accepted him as one of their packs. Sediran accepted his new fate, embraced it, living with the other werewolves and animals in the wilds. He vowed that once he is strong enough to control his powers, he will return to his home plane to find his daughter, Emma.
  • Great job with the entries guys! If you enjoy the lore writing, check out my other contest: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/2557/lore-building-competition#latest
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    This is my second entry. Background- Jerl is a Serf that used to live with his wife and children. One night his entire village was attacked by a Giant Werewolf and somehow he was the only one that survived. The grief that his entire village was destroyed caused his spark to ignite internally. However, he isn't cognizant that he's a werewolf, let alone a planeswalker. Nowadays, Jerl wanders around trying to find clues as to what Monster did it. Wherever Jerl goes, the Monster seems to follow him and haunt him by destroying everything near him but keeping him safe.
  • Hurry up and get in those last-minute entries! Judging will get in in 2 days (3 if you count today)!
  • Sorry, I meant to make this a mythic rare, but forgot.
  • http://mtgcardsmith.com/view/ryder-pack-alpha
    I kept running into the character limit on the last ability for this. Sorry if you can't read some.
  • @All Judging begins today. I won't judge any entries after this point.
  • @theimmortaldeath there can only be 'walkersin this contest
  • 'walkers in*
  • just filled in the lore, if you dont want to include it im fine with it, just wanted to mention it.
  • @Cruben I will include the lore in the final judging.
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