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As a huge fan of most things fantasy, I really enjoy medieval settings. I actually listened to medieval history lectures instead of music on my morning commutes one year (great way to learn, try it.) As such I created a mechanic that I think could work well with every color: Noble.

Rule Text:
If you control more than one noble creature, each noble you control gets +1/-1 for each other noble you control.
Noble is both a keyword ability that a creature has and an identity that a creature is.
There are other examples in my Amerlan set as well.

For this contest the challenge is simple, smith a creature card with noble.
Make a creature card with noble.
If your multiple entries play off each other's abilities, brownie points. (Not to be confused with bonus points.)
If you make a card that also has homage-another ability that can be found in my set linked above- then extra extra brownie points. (Again, not bonus points.)
5 entries per smith.
Judging on the 16th, so over two weeks.
Prizes: 1st - 10 favs, 2nd - 5, 3rd - 2, and an honorable mention for 1.

Hopefully you guys think this is cool because I really liked coming up with this ability.


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    If you're putting reminder text for one of the keywords that are on the same line, you want to do the following. (Confirmed this as being true, although with few references!)

    Flash; convoke (Your creatures can help cast this spell. Each creature you tap while casting this spell pays for 1 or one mana of that creature's color.)


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    never noticed the semi colon, thanks for the heads up
  • No problem, we forgot about it for ages. Especially since WotC rarely uses it as they have more flexibility with card text.
  • @modnation675 @nsm91

    Modnation isn't correct here...
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    Okay, but may you show a reference so we're sure?

    Edit: Keep in mind that flying is on a separate line to distinguish the keywords involved with casting versus as a combat mechanic
  • @modnation675 @nsm91
    I'm trying to check this to make sure I'm not just flat out wrong. Validation is hard to find apparently.
  • I thought the ";" on AofS was because those two casting modifiers would normally be on different lines.
  • @Faiths_Guide
    Yes, I don't remember a single other example. But WotC has more room for flexibility of card text size/spacing.

    Updated prior comment by the way!
  • @modnation675 @nsm91
    On second thought, let's assume Modnation is correct. I'm not sure, sorry.
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    No problem, I'll keep looking up on this subject as these obscure cases are always confusing! XD

    Update/Confirmation: As further explanation, Faiths_Guide is right about the ";" being because they'd normally be on separate lines. But didn't realize it's used to designate which keyword has the reminder text.

    As for flying being on a separate line, WotC still wanted normal keywords to be separate from keywords regarding casting. They've demonstrated this as precedent on cards such as Vendilion Clique. (Casting keywords being above normal keywords!)
  • So, @nsm91, would Nobles need to be Legendary Creatures?
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    Not necessarily, I have one in my set that isn't

    and a note on the semicolon ( @modnation675 )
    if you do a gatherer search for all cards that contain a ";" it is the oracle text on any multi-keyword line with reminder text, which seems to back up modnation's claims
  • Based on a gatherer search I just did, I'd say that @modnation675 is correct, but it's a very rare thing. Most of the time it's only used in errata that add reminder text to cards that already had the keyword abilities without it, such as Dust Elemental. There are three instances that I could find where the semicolon is being used as modnation675 describes and is printed on the actual card. Those would be Angel of Salvation, Bayou Dragonfly, and the remarkably terrible Teeka's Dragon.

    Also, sidenote: 'distinctify' isn't a word. I believe you're thinking of 'distinguish'.
  • @modnation675 @nsm91 @Platypusburger
    Sweet, OK. Modnation's awesome as presumed, semicolon it is!

    Alright, @nsm91. I'll try to get an entry soon.
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  • An entry! Huzzah!
  • @pstmdrn
    No reminder text, no semicolons. XD
  • @nsm91 I did notice you used this in the month of contests as a monowhite mechanic and I thought: why not counter it in a way (of which you possibly already thought) by making the Ignoble mechanic which has the same effect, but with a reverse boost. So while the mono-white goes for +1/-1 (and effectively you could wipe out your own army of creatures if you have too many nobles) you could say for mono black it goes -1/+1 with the Ignoble scenario (effectively creating a bunch of defenders)
  • @Credius
    That's an interesting take. Originally I created the noble mechanic to embody the escalating, and often fatal, rivalries as these nobles vie for power. The only reason I made it monowhite was because that's my favorite color, but I could easily see the noble mechanic taking on any color, especially red.

    But if you feel inclined to create ignoble creatures, that is cool too.
  • Alright got 4 entries coming this way, first 2 here.

    image image</img

    Designed to work together, these sisters hold comradery toward each other and unlock their full potential when they collaborate.
  • Next two of my entries:

    image image

    Quienni: Avalon's Herald descends on high, bringing a warning to cease hostilities between kings and lords. But what threat requires urgent peace between the kingdoms of men?
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