• I'll think of some ideas and post them. Then you may put them in as options if you'd like.
  • I'll be able to make more cards this weekend
  • Great artwork if someone wants to use it
  • @ThyMaster



    It's your account, after all, and these types of things die off if they're not supported by their creator.
  • @everybody should like this!
  • @Undella2 I'm very sorry about my contribution. The past couple of weeks have been overly hectic and now I have finals coming. But I will still be making cards when I can!
  • I thought we could have a new subtype, Guardian. Protector could also work. It is meant for creature that protect the Mage Rings. Sounds ok?
  • @ThyMaster
    I might want to join.
  • @ThyMaster Maybe Guardian could be an ability where when a Mage Ring artifact is destroyed, sacrifice the Guardian, and prevent the destruction.
  • Didn't we say we also had an enchantment theme?
  • @dhaken I like it!
    @Undella2 Yes
    @Everyone I will be buying another month of premium for the account soon.
  • Could we make a mythic white Guardian Angel sort of character that would have synergy with enchantments?
  • @ThyMaster
    That sounds like a good idea.
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  • Ok so I sifted through the pages, and from what I can gather, there is kind of a nebula of ideas floating around. I'm gonna kind of blow through my ideas on what I see.
    >Mechanics--Opportunity seems to be something you're attached too, but the relatively free mechanic seems used a little too liberally to me.
    *Love the Cloaked Card. I don't think it fits the flavor unless there Separtists are stealthy which isn't shown in Voidmage's art.
    *People are definitely thinking about counterspells
    *From the account, looks like you guys want a guardian tribal theme and from here, it seems you guys want W/G Enchantress Going. I would say pick one to avoid straining how important they are too much. I favor artifacts which align with blue which seems like it would be theme of Vryn, but the Blue seems to be most fleshed out so far so Maybe the enchantress thing could be important.
    *You guys are toying with the idea of resource management in several ways, which is something I played with in a few cards on my account but with a different flavor.

    SOO now that what I see is there, here is what I would recommend. I think Vryn should be the blue philosophy. To me, having played the game 6 or 7 years, I don't think blue decks should be about counter bounce and counter at the core. I think Blue is a color that is looking to outmaneuver the other decks, not outpunch or outlast or outstab. I think of Blue as Odysseus finding stratagems to escape doom. That being said, I think the flavor text of Ampryn Tactician would be an amazing direction to take this idea. Have the war seem like a game. Represent that with effects that require you to think to beat. Have cards that literally feel like minigames in themselves. This idea can be carried over to the other colors and to other concepts. So I recommend while making cards for Vryn think, "How can I make a card that adds an extra game to the game? How can I add layers to the rings?"

  • @brcien
    I'm the opportunity making guy. I'm only going to use the opportunity mechanic until I reach 15 opportunity cards in the set. Don't worry, it isn't going to be on any more cards after that. Other than that, you'll have to write something to ThyMaster.
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    Here friend!! Card bump and red version of the philosophy rant I went on.
  • @brcien
    Someone besides me did something...
    A good card, but it's a shame I can't add it to the set, because the set isn't premium anymore. :(
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