Corwinnn VS. KrampisZman

Time to Strike by @Krampiszman
Krampis shifted in his throne. The ancient Demon had waited patiently for years to retake his home plane of Krampan. In the age of antiquity, the Bidoof Demon had done battle with the Corwinnn, lord of Acorns after the Squirrel destroyed the Protector of the plane Krampis had created, Ho-Doof. Krampis lost, being bound to the plane in the process. Now, the time for revenge had come.

“My Lord” a young Bidoof told Krampis, “The people await your truth!”

The ancient Demon stood. “It is not truth that matters, but Victory.” Krampis exclaimed. Krampis moved from his throne chamber onto a balcony that overlooked the war camp of his underground castle. His arrival was greeted by the cheers of his underlings.

“For too long has Krampan been ruled over by Corwinnn and his Squirrel army. We must take back our world and Restore Ho-Doof to its rightful place in our world. We have to take action! With our Volatile nature, we can keep the squirrels on their toes, as they will never quite know what our powers might be at an instant, until it is too late. We must stand together. We must retake our world! Bidoofs, Unite!

Time for War by @Corwinnn
A cold wind rustled through the trees. A squirrel sniffed at the breeze and perked it's ears upward. Something was amiss, and others had to know. So the squirrel took off, and raced from branch to branch along the forest canopy until he reached his nest.

"Bidoofs!" He proclaimed.

Heads went up, noses twitched and ears became active.

"Bidoofs are coming!" And he bolted past them. "Must tell the Elders."

Mention of the word "Bidoof" brought to their minds the heinous Demon, Krampis. A demon bent on conquering all of Squirreltopia, and claiming it as his own... creating a terrible, Bidoof infested place.

Only the great Squirrel warrior Corwinnn stood in his way. Corwinnn was able to gather a great and powerful army of Squirrels whose ability to Hoard and Overwhelm the Bidoofs put an end to Krampis' reign of terror. The young scout ran into the circle of elders and told them the news. The council listened in horror to hear the forbidden word:


Corwinnn then spoke. "Long ago I destroyed Krampis' "god" Ho-Doof, and Banished Krampis to the realm of darkness. Now, he seeks to subjugate us again as he had in the ancient times. We must defend our homes! We had thought the terror of Krampis and his Bidoofs was far behind us, but if this news is true, then the Squirrels must prepare for WAR!"

Contest Rules
Hello! Today, you will be (Officially) fighting in the battle between the Bidoofs and the Squirrels. There will be three categories: Squirrel Cards, Bidoof Cards, and Fanart/Fanfiction ETC.

Each faction has it's own mechanic. While it is reccomended you use the mechanics, you certainly do not have too. Make something that is true to your talents as a smith.

Hoard - Whenever a land enters the battlefield, put an acorn counter on this creature.

Volatile - At the beginning of each upkeep, flip a coin. If you win the flip, (Effect). If you lose the flip, (Effect).

Rules and Regulations]
1. Cards have to be new Unless you made them for the Corwinnn's Downfall thread. The same goes for Fanart and Fanfiction.
2. Cards must be Mechanically tied to Squirrels or Bidoofs in some way or must represent a vital point in the war between squirrels and Bidoofs. (For example, you can make a Troll wizard if it is related to Bidoofs or Squirrels, or an Instant if it shows the war between specifically the Bidoofs and the Squirrels)
3. All members making cards for the Squirrels Must use the Squirreltopia set symbol. Premium members making cards for the Bidoofs must use Doof'd, all non-premium members must use pagoda or Mirage when @MTGcardsmith releases it.
4. No "Joke" or Un-cards. I get Squirrels and Bidoofs walk the line of jokes and not jokes, although we would prefer if the cards are semi-realistic.
5. There is no card limit, but please don't spam cards (@biblio4)
6. You are allowed to edit the text on your submissions, but please alert the judges if you do (The Judges are @Corwinnn and @Krampiszman).

Bidoof Examples:
Squirrel Examples:

Contest ends on Sunday, June 11th, 2016. Expect judging to come later.


1st Place Overall: Super secret prize.
1st Place per Faction: 1 like on 5 cards of your choice.
2nd Place per Faction 1 like on 3 cards of your choice
Honorable Mention(s): 1 like on the card of your choice.
Fanfiction/Fanart Winner: Everlasting respect, 1 like on 5 cards of your choice.

1st and 2nd place may choose to receive a follow.

Happy Smithing,



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