Does anyone know of a good service to actually obtain the custom cards we make here for homebrew?

Does anyone know of a good service to actually obtain the custom cards we make here for homebrew?

I'm slowly playing more and more casual like games and so I would love to take some of my custom cards for a drive, but I dont know any services that can make them for me


  • Save the image of the card, open Microsoft word or google docs, depending on what you use, and then put the image down, with the right dimensions, and either print it on card stock, or print it on normal paper and put it in a card sleeve.
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    If you have the funds, you could use the following service. (Updated to be specific order type you're looking for!)

    Note: Make sure to sign up for a free account to save your order details as you update them over time.

    Edit: They are able to do small scale orders. Changing order options will alter the price for your budget range.
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  • In theory, they aren't really intended to be printed out in a professional manner as to mimic actual MtG Cards... with that being said... I print mine from Microsoft Word (nine to a sheet) and put the cut outs in a sleeve with a basic land as a backer.

    For more information, check this out... it's from @MTGCardsmith himself!
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    That service actively refuses cards that have the same template as official cards.

    They do allow the MTGCardsmith template though, as it's nothing official.
  • @modnation675 - Sweet!
    But I'm too cheap to pay for them!
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    So would they refuse proxies made on MTGCS that use the same art as the originals, keep the MTGCS template and have a different set symbol?
    (Updated to clarify nature. I'd love to make an animar or mimoplasm proxy to use in commander until I got my hands on them.)
  • @Arceus8523
    Can't say. I'm waiting to get our order after we're done merging the rare and common templates for our cards especially. (MTGC ones, not actual.)

    This being because we can't make the reflective marker and we don't like the look either.

    We're also making our own custom packaging because we're gonna keep one minted.
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    Is there any news about possibly re-instating comments prior to the wipe?

    We're going through every one of our cards to redo them. But it would make accessing the artwork easier as we always site our sources.
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    @modnation675 - I'm not in the loop on that, but I'll try to find out more. I have a lot of Mechanix cards to go through if they don't!
  • Okay, thanks. I was just curious if there was any news not mentioned.
  • if you have any simple editing program, the site provides a template

    this is my favorite. You can even sell things that you own and make commission (though don't sell your MTG cards or you'll get in some trouble)
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