Change a Letter Game (not my idea)

(Please note that this is a blatant copy of @pstmdrn Change a Letter Game. As such he can ask to have it taken down.)

I want you to create a new Magic card by changing one letter in the name of an existing card.

Here is my Example:
image becomes... image

Bonus points if your new card references the original card!

I will also judge entries from the original contest, but Smiths who entered that contest can still submit new entries to this contest and replace their original entries.

Ends July 14th

1st place gets 5 favorites of the winner's choice and a follow.
2nd place gets 4 favorites of my choice.
3rd place gets 3 favorites of my choice and the privilege to choose an honourable mention.
I will choose an additional Honourable Mention, and each of them get 2 favorites.

Three entries per player.


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