Very Minor Forum Issue: The Hyphen in a Name

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I had a minor issue with the forums a bit ago. When I went to @ mention Baron-777, it treated the -777 of their name as something completely different, and has instead treated it as if I @ mentioned a user named Baron! Does anyone know of a workaround for this?


  • I'm not sure, but I was contemplating this just a few days ago.
  • Looks like I'm not alone :D
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    I don't know a work around that works for the referencing part without consulting Disqus.

    It's mostly an issue of how the Disqus service reads special characters. Which are dependent on how they program the service. Essentially characters that can break formatting in text and HTML. (Similar to how hashtag comments have limitations.)

    Usually most sites just don't allow those characters in usernames to prevent possible issues.
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