Weekly Challenge: A ??? appeared! Week 3! (due Monday the 13th)

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Welcome one and all to my first weekly challenge. The way this contest works is that starting this Friday (10/20/17) you’ll be given a week to create a card to overcome a particular monster or challenge. The most creative, effective, fifand/or, best designed card will win and receive a prize. Then you’ll be given a new encounter and the contest continues. It’s honestly that simple.

1. Only two cards, per card smith, per week.
2. No official cards or cards created prior to the week of the challenge.
3. No custom abilities; but feel free to use any of the more obscure abilities (banding, haunt, explore: go crazy)
4. There is no limitation on card type, color, or spell costs (phyrexian mana or hybrid mana is fine)
5. You may edit your card up until midnight EST on the Friday when a challenge ends.

Helpful hints:
1. You don’t have to kill the creature or directly face the obstacle. Feel free to try alternative ways of overcoming the hazard.
2. Try to be more creative then “Destroy target ???”. Cards can have advantages over the creature or obstacle. For example, “Tap target creature. If target is a ??? it does not tap during its next untap step.” But use your imagination.
3. Good art, good grammar, and good spelling will always help your card out.
4. Have fun and be creative. Flavor and setting should not get in the way of your idea for this contest.

Weekly Winners! (One winner per week (2 favorites) and one honorable mention (1 favorite)
10/20/17 – 10/27/17

Winner: Volatile Landscape by @East2West
Honorable Mention: Miremancer's Gambit by @Brainifyer

10/27/17 – 11/3/17

11/3/17 – 11/10/17
(Potentially more down the line)



  • *virtual thumbs-up*
  • go for it
  • All we need is a monster
  • Challenge accepted
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    Week 1 challenge:

    97,98,99, 100. You check now for the fourth time that you’ve got everything. Hundred gold, a few sets of clothes, a tent, your compass, your fully packed spell book, enough rations to last 5 days, and your grandfather’s old walking stick: you’re set, it’s finally time. You’ve known now for two years, that your old home town couldn’t contain your ambitions and now you’re ready to explore the unknown. A final hug to mom and dad, one you embrace for a tender minute, then the first steps of your journey begins.

    You walk along the path till the sun hits high in the sky and your belly begins to grumble. Sitting alongside a doming willow you unpack some bread, still fresh with the smell of the local bakery, fresh picked berries and grape juice. You’re almost had your fill and decide to check your location, reaching into your satchel to fetch your compass and… the map, where is it?!

    Even a quadruple check clearly wasn’t enough, and you take your frustration out on the sagging willow’s trunk. After a deep breath, you reassure yourself that you’ll be fine. You’ve travelled the roads close to home since childhood and a local town is only another few hours away. Stepping back out into the mid-afternoon sun, you resume your path.

    But a few simple hours has turned into most of the day, you’ve completely lost your way and are now wishing you had simply returned home and tried again fresh. Twilight slowly inches forward and you come now an overbearing choice. A fork in the road, albeit almost resemble a literal fork, greets you now; four paths and all too unassuming of any potential danger. You stroke your chin, and prepare the tried and true method of eenie meenie miny moe, when all of a sudden you feel a chilling presence behind you. You spin around swiftly and.… A SKELETON APPEARS!!!

    You reach for your spell book instinctively, but are beaten to the first syllable. Despite having no lungs or vocal chords this visage of man’s inevitability speaks to you. “You appear to be lost, my young adventurer.” You cautiously respond; hand still gripped tightly to the book’s spine, “Indeed, I have lost my way and seek the nearest town.” Stroking what would be a beard had he been alive, “Well my name is Lord Ashbrace and I’ve known these land before your pappy’s pappy could even crawl, I’d be glad to show you the way.”

    “Of course, what can I get out of this little exchange? Normally my pound of flesh would be a hand or a foot. But tonight I feel generous and only ask for a finger, maybe two.” Taken aback by the strange demand, you swiftly contemplate what to do next…

  • TL;DR Your first challenge is to deal with Lord Ashbrace, and his deal of knowledge of safe passage for some of your flesh.
  • to be fair, I wouldn't counter this one, way to useful xD
  • I would gladly pay 2 life
  • I'm paying 2 life as well.... I mean... Nooo please don't have 4 of these in your deck!
  • Pay 2 lyfe 4 a land.

  • I will pay 2 life
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    Ok, I was going for more flavor then practicality; using the card to visualize what you're facing in the story. But that clearly did not work. So i'm going to change the card and make it more of a threat.

    Edit: I've changed his ability and stats to make him a challenge.
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    Entry No. 1

  • image

    I will let Lord Ashbrace take my land. In fact, because he seems like such a respectable gentleman, I will take control of him and attempt to take him with me on my journey!
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    Entry #1

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    Heres my card :)
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    My card, lord ashbrace is a cheap cast card so a 1 cmc counter seems appropriate.
  • @creepybeagle Lord Ashbrace is a 4cmc card
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    @creepybeagle I changed the first card as it was rather underpowered and people were simply choosing to allow his ability to activate; which I found to be rather anti-climatic and not my intent for this contest.

    Edited in response to @creepybeagle

    All good
  • Whoopsie, still works against him tho.
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/volatile-landscape-2

    I don't know how to make it appear with the picture so does link work?
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    @East2West link works fine. If you want to put an image tho you can check out
    modnations guide to posting images here:
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    You're the best
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