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Who here has a character dnd, pathfinder, or some other rpg. Who's giving WotC extra money for D&D? Show of hands. I'm going to go ahead and assume that you raised your hand, based on the popularity of rpg contests here.

For those of you who have characters, I have a proposition for you. What if we made magic cards that portray our rpg characters? You would have a chance to make a really fun card, and we would get to see your secret identity.

For this contest, I want you to make a card based of your rpg character. This card can be a planeswalker, creature, or any other type you have to think suits them better. There is a limit of three entries, which you can swap out and edit until the contest is over. Old cards are ok if you have them. Please describe your character when you enter.


1st place: 5 favorites, a follow, and a trophy
2nd place: 4 Favorites
3rd place: 3 Favorites and the privilege to choose one honorable mention.
Honourable Mentions: 1 favorite

Ends Nov. 1st



  • Okay, my Orc Bard is gonna require a lot of explanation...


    Urglan Snothead is a accomplished bard, renowned for his stunning finger work (with his remaining six fingers), his chilling and inspiring tone quality (nobody can replicate a Turgatian Death Rattle better than he can!), and stellar ratings from judges worldwide (because he is quick to beat the crud out of those who say otherwise with his instrument).

    Although he can be described as 'cuddly' and 'austere' by his fellow adventurers, Urglan is quick to rouse and quicker to smash heads together. His instrument, the terror-inspiring Contrabassoon, is also useful as club, battering ram, boat oar, and javelin. Tragically, his instrument breaks often, and Urglan spends much of his gold he gathers replacing it.

    One of Urglan's greatest ambitions is to perform worldwide, spreading the infectious gospel of Contrabassoon music. His other great ambition, is to 'drink the still-warm blood of my foes'.

  • @Gelectrode

    “Is also useful as [a]. . . Boat oar. . .”

    I feel like there’s a story behind this.
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    @gelectrode What a great character! I'm questioning the rowing capabilities of a bassoon though.
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    I don't "rpg"... Where's @Mila?
  • Hey, who you calling a bassoon!?
  • @IanLowenthal I actually wanted to make a card for each PC in one of our campaigns, but I couldn't find fitting art for everyone.
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/gildom-nedron

    I play D&D, and my character is a gnome ranger. I use two shortswords and have a pet wolf that I can ride. I also have a magical "Sword of Luck" that allows me to roll 2d12 rather than 1d20 to hit a target.
  • @Gelectrode, is Urglan a half-orc or did you use the variant orc racial stats in Volo's Guide?
  • This contest is over. I am not judging it as I need at least three entries to judge.
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