Wholesome Porgnography

WARNING! Minor Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoilers ahead. If you have not seen the movie yet, you have been warned. This won't ruin the experience for you though.

So a few months ago Mark Hamill (The Actor who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars) posted this on twitter:

I started making some Porgs recently, but other than myself and @sorinjace, no one has made any (good) Porgs. So let's make some Porgs! I want to see serious cards that embody what a Porg is. But what is a porg, you may ask? Well, as per wookiepedia:

Porgs were a species of sea-dwelling bird. These hyper-curious, cliff-dwelling creatures were found throughout the islands of the planet Ahch-To. They were capable of performing controlled dives into the sea, where they fetched fish to feed upon or pass on to their otherwise helpless offspring, which were called "Porglets." Porgs exhibited a roosting behavior, and they built nests along the island cliffs. Porgs had strong natural camouflaging abilities. A group of Porgs is called a "murder."


The way I see it, Porgs are base white with a splash of blue. The stand for many of the things white cares about, such as community, and forming literal swarms. They also have the curiousness and sea-dwelling desires of blue. Plus, they fit very well into U/W fliers shells.

Here is my Porg Hub set for inspiration.

If you are stuck on art, I am partial to the works of RonaldFoerster. If you just go onto DeviantArt and search for Porgs, you should be able to find everything you need.

Rules and Regulations
1. Cards must be a Porg, represent a Porg, or be related to Porgs.
2. Creatures must contain the subtype Porg, or have the word "Porg" somewhere in their rules text.
3. Cards should be new.
4. Cards should be serious, but humor can be involved if you wish.
5. Card art should aesthetically look somewhat like real MTG cards, although I am willing to make minor exceptions (don't use pictures from the movie though!)
6. 3 Entries per smith.

Third Place: 1 Favorite
Second Place: 3 Favorites
First Place: 5 Favorites

All winners will get a spot in the Hall of Fame!

Ends January 31st, 2017

May the Force be with you!

Here is a brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid) presented by @Modnation675!


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