Iron Smith: Battle: Nostalgia!

The time has come once again to answer life's most magical question: Who's smithing reigns supreme. This is Iron Smith!

A delectable Japanese tradition has taken root on MTGcardsmith community forums soil. We have been graced with the establishment of our very own Smithing Stadium, where our nimble chairman has brought together the most pungent card designs of both east and west. It is here, where the best of the best from around the world meet and face the ultimate card design challenge.


So please allow me to introduce a veritable pantheon of cardsmithing giants, your very own Iron smiths MTGCardsmith community forums!

Iron Smith @modnation675!

Iron Smith @Faiths_Guide!

Iron Smith @Mila!

Iron Smith @Gelectrode!


In mere moments, Iron Smith @Gelectrode will be pitted against our challenger, who thirsts to discover our secret ingredient, and enter the heat of battle here in smithing stadium.

Today's challenger is...


@TenebrisNemo likes to create cards from good or bad ideas which come into their mind from time to time. They are sure to be a worthy opponent for the Iron Smith today.

But there is one more ingredient in this battle; a secret ingredient! The theme on which our smiths will offer their succulent Variations. Today's secret ingredient is...

Epic music intensifies



With Masters 25 right around the corner, it is time to re-visit some of the most nostalgic and famous cards of Magic's past. I want you to create 3 cards calling back to some the most nostalgic Magic cards. At least 1 card needs to have a Special Meaning to the Magic Community, and at least one needs to have Special Meaning to You. With your entries, post an image and a link to the card that inspired your design. It can be a linked image, like the ones I used to show off the example cards above.

Smiths, you will have until March 3rd, 2018 at 11:59 P.M. to create your best 3 original, new card designs relating to this theme.

So now MTGCardsmith, with an open heart and an empty deckbox, I say unto you in the words of my uncle: 'Allez Cardsmithing!'


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    It's Nemo's time to take a trip down Memory Lane!
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    My first entry evokes beloved memories of the grossly overpowered Thallids. When me and my former buddies began playing, a friend in particular loved to play mono-green with his signature Thallids. We were understandably awed by the sheer power of the mighty 1/1 for {g} that produced another 1/1 every three turns! My durdly Mono-Red deck always got stomped by the plants, which we found to be crudely ironic

    My friend's monopoly of Thallids didn't last long however. Through trading and swapping, me and my other buddies accumulated our own Thallids to splash in our decks. We spent many nights arguing and cheering over our exploding battlefields as our mushroom men trounced over each other's life totals.

    I never forgot the beloved Thallids as I bounced around the world, away from my friends. When I purchased my first storebought deck (Izzet vs. Golgari), I gutted the Golgari deck of all relevant cards and made it into a Fungus/Saproling/Ooze tribal deck. Eventually, I made a Thallid tribal deck with actual good cards. And Thallids have even inspired me to try and grow my own 'rot' farms consisting of mushrooms and weeds.

    Enjoy my new twist on a Thallid tribal leader!

  • @Gelectrode does she intentionally kill her self?

    Nice story, by the way :)
  • @KrampisZman, as long as you don't use the second ability...
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    Based on hooded hydra from KTK (My favorite block.)

  • @Bobman111 - What? A new challenger is approaching?
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    Behold, a card which captures the spirit of Terminate and twists it into my true nature. One of the first cards which I used to play with when I got into Magic. A fragile life is gone with a snap of two fingers (in this card, three)!

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    My second entry embodies two of the most iconic cards in the Magic: the Gathering community with a time-worn adage to boot. Presenting...

  • @TenebrisNemo
    And with the glory of hydras by my side.
  • Do not forget the current season which we're living in... and MTG's Wall of Frost! This was popular at least among my friends. I still remember the first time when my brother pulled it out and I couldn't get around it with my black/red deck unearth creatures... until I got my hands on destructive spells.

    That didn't help either, because he had counter spells!

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    For this one, I went back to everyone's f a v o r i t e block, Kamigawa. Ideas unbound has always had a soft spot in my heart.

    Potential Unleashed
  • Last but (hopefully) not least, Dirtcowl Wurm! I haven't seen abilities like these in MTG quite often, and I find it rather nostalgic. Even though your guardian spirit has the word "dirt" in its name, it could still be a reliable companion in your life.

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    My final entry pays homage to one of the most iconic creatures in the game, Serra Angel! There was a lot of nostalgia while creating this Vigilance tribal lord.

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    Message me once the prizes need distributing.
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