New keyword for multiplayer cards. Feedback welcome on my first cardsmith card.


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    Lol! ifff you want it to be more realistic, my wording suggestion is:

    Team effort (You may spend mana in your team mates' mana pools as though they were in your mana pool to cast this spell.)
    Each team chooses a player in that team. The chosen player chooses one-
    *The chosen player sacrifices a planeswalker.
    *The chosen player loses the game. For each permanent that player controlled, that player's team mate may create a token that's a copy of it.

    But I'm really not sure:p
  • You could always try this one...

    Cooperate [cost] ([cost], Reveal this card from your hand : Lands target player controls have "{t} : Add {1} to the revealed card's owner's mana pool." until end of turn.)
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    Oh yeah, we can use new wording for that.

    Cooperate [cost] ([cost], Reveal this card from your hand: Until end of turn, lands target player controls have "{t}: The revealed card's owner may add {c}.")

    @JPA66 Cooperate is a custom mechanic we made for a collaboration set. It's focused on multiplayer. The reason it needs to reveal the card is that the player you cooperate with is not always your team mate.
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