Faction war(Of MtgCardsmith.)



  • @Bobman111 I need more time. I've got a lot going on now between work and school and I'm just simply not going to have my stuff together for at least another couple of days. I've already got my story ~halfway done and my cards mostly designed (I still need to find art for most of them, and a couple need some work, but... they're mostly finished). I don't want to have to forfeit the match too, frankly, subpar designs, due to a set of time constraints that I have no control over.

    For reference, I'm literally having to skip the prerelease this weekend, and I have been looking forward to that longer than some of the people commenting here have even been active members of the site.

    Can I have until the 23rd? I understand if I can't, but I don't want to see what I have already done go to waste.
  • I also vote until the 23rd. I do not have an excuse, but I would really appreciatea little more time.
  • It was the day of the battle. Some hadn't shown face and then a noxious cloud creeped over the battlefield and made everyone loopy they partied and danced and then decided to fight another day. The 23rd or so is what they agreed and they all went home.
  • I wait with anxious anticipation to see who wins this war of... 3 absurd and 1 not-so-absurd factions.

    And before you ask @TigerFang8, it's not your potatoes who I think aren't absurd. They are probably the most-absurd and feebleminded faction here.
  • Ah, the mysterious @Letstalkaboutthis has graced this humble thread with his presence
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    The Lyords were the first to get to battle. They were led by their omniscient goddes, Eleanora.

    The mysterious "council" stirred up dark magic with a mystical artefact. Marksmen warmed up their arrows of magic. And of course, there were battle mages. Whoever wanted to attack the Lyords, they had to be mad.
  • @HeroKP *Whisperdy whisperdy* just wanted to let you now that the factions were already decided before you arrived and that as cool as your entries are none of them will count towards anything in this contest, however there will be another. *Whisperdy whisperdy*
  • @Bobman111

    Oh, that's a shame. Well, no matter, I'm the patient type.

    The Lyords will then just spectate the battle and laugh at the genocide (because Lyords have some... anti-social issues)
  • (Ominous breathing)
    All will fall to the armies of new phyrexia! Mwahahahaha hahahaha ha ha
  • @kandra127

    Oh no, now we've got the Phyrexians to deal with... Wanna join the alliance? The Lyords are dark and creepy too!
  • no! the potatoes and hamsters will die!
  • I'll have my entry up later today/tonight. I'll edit this comment when I'm done.
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    @kandra127 The Hamsters and Potatoes will not fall! We shall stand in the face of fear, cause fear itself to fear us, and our endless ranks will not waver in threat of war! United we shall stand!
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    Not Again!!
    Another Original Story by @Krampiszman, P.H.D!

    "Sire!" A young Bidoof courier shouted, running into Krampis's chambers. "Another set of stupid armies has risen up! They want to take your rightful position of Dark Lord of Doofness for themselves"

    "Ugggghhhhh," Krampis sighed. "I really don't want to fight this retarded fight anymore. How many times do I need to grind them to a fine dust before they realize that it's a bad idea to fight me?"

    "No idea, my liege!" The Courier replied. "Can't you just use the wunderspel like last time?"

    "The wunderspel, as cool and effective as it may seem, is not something that can be used often. The sheer amount of mana required to cast the thing has the potential to destroy the world by draining it of magic completely. It can only be used in moderation."

    "Should I mobilize troops, my lord?"

    "No. I don't want any Bidoof to die fighting this stupid battle. I think..."

    "You think what?"

    "I think we need to outsource. Grab my phonebook!"

    Krampis and the courier searched for many hours to find an appropriate evil army for hire. Some of the groups they considered included, but were not limited too: The People's Liberation Army, The Gatewatch, Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, Plankton's Army, and the Salvation Army. Eventually, Krampis decided that the best course of action was to give the contract to Dr. Edgar Zomboss of Zomboss Mech Labs. Dr. Zomboss is one of the greatest...

    Breaks 4th Wall

    "You know what, this is stupid!" Exclaimed Krampis. "This whole story is just dumb. Sorry, but it is."

    "What do you mean, sire?"

    "There's just no reason for me to actually, you know, let this stuff actually be a part of my lore. I really don't want my first set to have to include Potatoes and Axolotls. At it's core, my story has always been about the eternal struggle between Squirrels and Bidoofs. There is no reason to dumb it down (while ramping up complexity) with stuff that doesn't matter!"

    "But what about the cards you've already made and the ones you've designed (but haven't posted) for this contest? Wouldn't those all go to waste?"

    "No. All I need to do is shake up where they occur in the timeline. It's not like I need to throw out everything. And the Zomboss stuff can just be shifted to somewhere else!"

    "Sire, didn't you say you had already written most of the story?"

    "I had, but there's not really a reason for me to finish it. I wasn't happy with the direction it was going... and frankly, having to purposely include stuff just to destroy a faction I find retarded is... well, not good writing. The reason I kept my last story so vague was because I wanted that to be the end of it, hence the title The End of it All. Beyond that, my non-reprint 300th unique card is literally one card away. The next card I make is my 299th. I simply can't do everything I wanted to originally without making my 300th something weird. I want it to be special."

    "So what you're saying is that you're okay with throwing away a bunch of work so that... you can clean up your timeline and post a "special" 300th card?"

    "Pretty much! Don't worry, I can just add the stuff I didn't use to the Expanded Universe!

    "But the potatoes literally put the head of a Bidoof on a pike! Shouldn't you, you know, get revenge for that?"

    "First off, the guy who made that clearly doesn't know what a Bidoof is, since he used the big, stupid brother of Bidoof, Bibarel, in his art. So technically, he actually did nothing to harm my magesty. Second off, I can just relegate it to the same space as The Christmas Special"

    **Courier goes off and watches Christmas special**

    "That was horrible. Why would anyone even make that?"

    "Because some people have no class. Heck, the only reason people even remember it is because edgy teens (and some Trekers) like to constantly remind us adults that it exists."

    "So... the Potato thing is the Star Wars Christmas Special?"

    "Pretty much."

    "So, what are you going to do now?"

    "Well, since I'm basically god and can do whatever the heck I want with my story... I think I'll start by giving you a name... How about Jeffery?"

    "I like that name very much!" Replied Jeffery. "But what are you going to do from here?"

    "Simple!" Krampis said. "I'm just going to remove this entire faction war, including you, from the canon!"



    The End
    I win <3
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    *Sees that you said something, Reads the whole thing, Jaw drops 47 ft.* The winner is decided, The Ferrets!

    JK definitely Bidoofs.

    2nd: Axolotls



    1st Dragonfly Axolotl
    2nd Assasinolotl
    3rd Noncannonize
    HM Anatomy of the Porg

  • That was some extra crispy memes
  • @Bobman111 Everyone needs a bit more Star Wars holiday special in their life <3
  • Dm me for faves
  • P.H.D. stands for Potato Hatin' Dude
  • @KrampisZman

    *Axolotls start to worship bidoofs as their eternal overlords*
  • the phyrexians and kookies will be back!

    great Yawgmoth will destroy krampis!
  • @pjbear2005 As they should <3

    @kandra127 Yawgmoth has been dead for a few thousand years...
  • he is back!
  • The lyords gather their forces. This is gonna be fun.
  • mwahahaha
  • The next one will be held in a few days I'm just kinda busy now.
  • Wow. Um. I dont knlw what to say.
  • @KrampisZman Can the axolotls work under you as your technology and production departments
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