Out Of This World

Hello fellow cardsmiths. I present to you a challenge that is out of this world!



I want to see your best work as of yet folks. Choose a side, and get to winning!

Here is the sides in this war:

Invader Aliens:
blue, black, red

These guys are the ones at war with us. They are trying to take Earth, and use it for their own race to survive!

Ally Aliens:
green, white, blue

These guys are the aliens our own people have hid from the public that have aided us in countless wars, never selfish in wanting any credit for their selfless devotion to Earth and its inhabitants. These are the guys that want life to flourish on Earth and survive the coming invasion!

Earth Humans:
All colors

As humans, we don't want to lose our only home, EARTH, to some outer space scum, so lets band together and protect the planes known as EARTH! The military around the world, NASA, our great leaders, etc. etc. all of us have one joint cause: to eliminate the invading aliens by any means necessary!

Outer Space Humans:
All colors

These guys are the astronauts that are helping our alien allies try to take out the invading aliens. They use vehicles like space shuttles to help maintain that goal.

So here is the rules!

1.)You may choose one or more groups you want to create cards for: 1)Invader Aliens, 2)Ally Aliens, 3)Earth Humans or 4)Outer Space Humans
2.)Whichever group you choose please stick to the colors of the group that are shown here for that group. They can be monocolored or multicolored or hybrid, or colorless, be creative! You can make any type of card for each group.
3.)Specify which group your entry is for each time you submit a card please, because it could get confusing if you don't!
4.)No limit to how many entries you submit.
5.) You can edit cards any time up until the due date.
6.) Due date for all submissions is APRIL 2ND 2018 2PM eastern standard time, USA

Good Luck and Happy Cardsmithing!

Here is the prizes:
3rd place will get 3 favorites of their choice from me to favorite.
2nd place will get 4 favorites of their choice from me to favorite.
1st place will get 5 favorites of their choice from me to favorite,
And... they will also recieve a gift premium account courtesy of @modnation675 and their awesome group hug contest support! (If they choose to not accept the gift, they can contact @modnation675 and tell them who they would like the award to be gifted to.)

I will be favoriting my favorite entries as the contest goes along as well, I got sick of not favoriting during my previous contests until they where over, so keep them coming guys, if I like them I will favorite them!

How this contest all comes out is really based on your collective minds and creativeness. I know you are all a creative lot, so lets get to fighting some Alien scum! Happy cardsmithing!

Stay tuned here for more updates!

Example cards:

The theme mechanic for this month, I had to use it here!












In addition, this contest is also Spotlight Friendly!

Here is a good example of that, this card is made by cardsmith @SRufer:



If you guys like SRufer's card, please go and favorite it and check out more cards on @SRufer's account!


  • I mean earth humans
  • Will add to the group hug list shortly,
  • I will start my cards and lore soon
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    The Forerunners are a rebellion in a city on Earth after it is taken over by aliens. The population of the city is about 100,000 humans and about 3,000 aliens. Only about 2,000 of the population of humans are uncooperative and working with the Forerunners. Forerunner assassins specialize in the art of stealth and sneaking around broken buildings to kill or wound Aliens
  • image

    The Forerunners are led and were created by the ministers of the Forerunners. Sloan was one of the first rebels. She honed her skills as an assassin and started bringing together a group of skilled individuals that later became the ministers. There are 5 ministers currently
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    Great contest idea, SJ! Ill make some cards as soon as I can.
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    Walhavia, Passionate Leader
  • Oh boy! This is perfect, because I'm actually designing a set around this general theme of humans vs aliens. I am definatly going to be on team earth humans, and you can expect my entries very soon.
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    Yes! I was hoping someone would catch on to the ally hint! Thank you @MagicalMagic
    @ThyMaster thanks for the compliment, can't wait to see your submissions :) you too @Tbeast430!
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    Infiltrators are rogues skilled in the art of sneaking in bases and either causing power shortages and blowing things up
  • image

    The Forerunner Safeguard are the most equipped Forerunners tasked with the protection of humans in the city
  • @pjbear2005 whats Forerunner Safeguard's converted mana cost?
  • image

    The Safeguard initiation process is a winding road of training and preperation
  • There you go
  • image

    Hacking is one of the most renowned areas in the Forerunners because of how they can almost effortlessly cripple an army
  • This is my first entry
    It is a Flip card.

    Zalikar is an Invader alien that was sent to earth to take it over by any means necessary.
    But the longer he stayed on earth the more he came to love our culture. SO much so that he resented his own home planet species. He knew that his home world was big enough to hold all of his kind. So in return he is helping us to save our world.
    (this is a Grixis to Bant flip)[the next card will be a Bant card of him.]

  • @dechujoh64, ah.... Invader Zim fan :)
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    Here is a card for SPAAAAAAAAACE HUMANS!!!
    Fighting their battles on other planets!

    And here is one for us earth humans, gearing up to prepare for an invasion on a global scale!
  • @Tbeast430 are these cards on mtgcardsmith as well so I can favor them? these are great!
  • @sorinjace
    Not yet, but I'll message you as soon as they are.
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    Some Earth human heavy weaponry
    "Giv'em bobble-head greenskins some taste of the good stuff ! Fill'em with lead !"
  • image

    The Forerunner underground is a district of crime rings and criminals with illegal sales and enslaved aliens
  • image

    Aliens are kept as slaves in the underground. These Aliens are forced to do work and will be killed for their life force to power weapons and technology.
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