Wanna Play a Game?

What these are
- Players are bracketed off to compete in 1 vs 1 single elimination playoffs over 3 total rounds.
- Each round, a challenge will be revealed
- Challenges come in four types, selected at random:
1) Mystery Box Challenges: Each player gets a different challenge for the round and a 50/50 shot at a mystery prize.
2) Standard Challenge: Every player gets the same challenge. Each player who submits a card for this challenge has a 50/50 shot at getting a mystery prize.
3) Each pairing gets a different challenge: Each player who submits a card has a 50/50 shot at an additional prize.
4) Challenge Draft: I will post an amount of challenges to choose from equal to the number of players. Each player will claim a challenge on a first come, first serve basis.
- One winner per round per pairing. The winners advance to the next round.
- Spotlight friendly.

- One card entry per round.
- You can edit until the final submission has been made.
- You have 24 hours to submit a card upon the revealing of that round's challenge.
- New cards only unless specified otherwise.

Prizes (Additional prizes possible)
- 1 favorite of choice for 1st round winners, 3 for 2nd round winners, 5 for champion.

Player record shown as Wins-Losses/Forfeits (W-L)


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    Playoffs 5
    The championship round of this playoffs holds 2 gifted premium memberships. More details to come. Good luck

    Round 1 Challenge: Create a hybrid-colored Aura card.

    Round 1 Pairings:

    Bracket A
    @icyyou (3-0)
    vs @DoctorFro (5-3)
    @KrampisZman (0-0) vs @ManaChrome (0-0)

    Bracket B
    @TigerFang8 (0-0)
    vs @shadow123 (2-2)
    @pjbear2005 (1-2) vs @Dechujoh64 (0-2)
  • @Gelectrode I put you first on the list for the next game! Spot Count (1/8)
  • Always count me in :)

    And color identity or mana cost?
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    Round 1 example card. Your card can be any hybrid colors and mana cost. . .

    From the new movie The Titan
  • @sorinjace Got you for the next game Spot Count (2/8)
  • @jpastor can you get me in?
  • Spot Count (3/8)
  • image

    Here's my entry! Not really a fan of hybrid cards because of the border, so I made two versions of it lol XD.

    When I first started playing MTG, I thought I was going to be a Selesnya player, but it turns out I just really like Simic, Dimir, Izzet, Azorius, and just blue in general XD
  • Heres my entry.

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  • image

    For my card, I wanted to take a more simplistic approach. Hybrid mana is all about playing with space to which both of the card's colors have access. With Green and Blue, the natural fit seemed to be the Maro Mechanic. Since both colors are allowed to Maro, and they're the colors that most frequently Maro, I thought that it was a perfect fit.
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  • Playoffs 5
    The championship round of this playoffs holds 2 gifted premium memberships. More details to come. Good luck

    Round 2 Challenge: Create a green non-Aura enchantment.

    Round 2 Pairings:

    Bracket A
    @icyyou (4-0)
    vs @ManaChrome (1-0)

    Bracket B
    @shadow123 (3-2) has a bye.
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    alright here it is. I like making mine after my opponent made his to compare but i guess the dead line is coming. i leave you this leasure ^^ @ManaChrome. good luck. Hopefully I get to reach finals and see @Shadow123.

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    Cool bros. Spot Count for next game is 3/8
  • image

    Here's my entry! I got this idea from a class in DnD where you were basically a fungus mage using fungi to reanimate corpses except they were really fragile XD. Good luck to you too @icyyou!
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    Playoffs 5
    Championship Round Pairings:

    @icyyou (5-0) vs @shadow123 (3-2)

    Judged by: @modnation675 and @jpastor

    There are 2 Challenges in the final round; you must complete both for a chance to win a premium membership:

    Challenge 1: Spotlight a cardsmith with 3 or less followers. Follow the link to see the spotlighting rules. Spotlight one of his or her cards.

    Challenge 2: Create a card that has synergy with the spotlighted card.

    - Post both cards side-by-side in one entry.
    - Judges will not judge the spotlighted card. Instead, judges will view the entire collection of the spotlighted player. The spotlighted cardsmith with the best overall card collection will receive a premium membership.
    - The winner of challenge 2 will also receive a premium membership.
    - You have until Friday at 11:59pm Central Time to submit.
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    I wanted to spotlight @AutumnLeaf but im like 90% sure they haven't made an account on this forum. (ill go in the comment of this spotlight card and try to get them to look at this). Heres the link to their card smith profile https://mtgcardsmith.com/user/AutumnLeaf

    The card is Alena and Hal of Ulvenwald.

    (Funny thing is i didn't know those character were ACTUAL character from wizards so i made them into sister originally and came up with a small back-story where one of them is dead killed by eldrich tragedy. BUT ... turn out .. they are actually lovers canonically so i edited the cards to be lovers instead but didn't change my made up back-story since the cards were already done)

    I made 2 cards to fit (i figured they were 2 so ... why not) but feel free to judge Alena, Sorrowful Lover only if you feel 2 cards is cheating.

    image image

  • Me and @modnation675 are working diligently in private to determine the winners.
  • Thank you!
  • by the way i already have preemium so i wanted to give my reward (if any) to @AutumnLeaf if they want it. I have preemium and i can afford it but i know lots of smith decide not to invest the couple bucks for premium so i wanted to give it to them to encourage them to invest themselve into the cardsmith community ^^
  • My premium came from @pjbear2005 contest and it expires soon.
  • @jpastor Could I be in the next one? I would like to try again.
  • Yes. Spot Count 4/8
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