Mystery Box Challenges



  • Create a hybrid-colored spell that exiles a creature.

    Scintilating Shimmer

    I am here... no wait... now I'm over here, awaiting a new box!
  • I am live on twitch, a rarity for Saturdays!

    Things to discuss

    • The various games we play
    • A Mystery Box FAQ page
    • The Holy Grail Prize
    • More new modes?
    • Thraldom Thursday and future day of the week challenges
    • The next Mystery Box circuit challenge??????
    • The Mystery Box Invitational
    • A New Prize??!!!
  • apparently the mortal kombat trailer is rated r
    can I have a different box
  • Sorry @WarriorCatInAhat
    here is the unrestricted trailer. You'll see immediately there's a caption advertising the R-rated trailer, which is what you must have clicked on.

    This however is appropriate for all ages.
  • ohhh okay thanks
  • Mystery Boxes

    Daily Gambit of Artwork

    After you complete your mystery box and before the next batch is posted, you may submit a card with any and all of the following provided artworks.

    Avian Guardian of Arnakby Yirikus
    Rhin and Zerrosby Vexatiousss
    Flesh weaver by Istrandar
    Highcloud by Silverrocket

    @Suicidal_Deity your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 380 - Daily Gambit (Art) [Activated]
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Leonin creature card.
    @ShadowReign your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a monocolored creature with the raid ability.
      @mmm3creator your mystery box contains:
      • Prize 94 - Thorny Rose Illustration Love GIF by Denyse When you submit your entry, you may have jpastor (favorite -or- destroy) all active creature entries. (destroyed means they won't be judged)
      • A Mystery Challenge: Create an Artifact Creature that uses the Vehicle frame, but isn't a Vehicle.
        @Corwinnn your mystery box contains:
        • A Mystery Challenge: A fitting challenge. Create a troll creature.
        • Can I get a box?
        • edited April 2021
          Mystery Challenge: Create a monocolored creature with the raid ability.

          Trexton summoned all the Dragons on Kkahne to dethrone it's new ruler, Rakdos. In the midst of war a portal opened up and the survivors of Rakdos' wrath came through, and with them the Mystery Box. An epic battle commenced between Rakdos' army and Kkahne's people, but their efforts wasn't enough, Rakdos prevailed. With a broken Mystery Box at his feet, Rakdos barely broke a sweat. Was this the end? Will Rakdos ever be beaten? Will our Dynamic Destroyer's reign continue? Tune in next time to find out. Same MB time. Same MB channel.
        • edited April 2021
          A Mystery Challenge: Create a colorless Sphinx creature card.

          Prize 308 - Kaleidoscope: Choose a color. I will favorite all entries of the chosen color.
          I'll call green on this one.

          Could I get another box?
        • Create a Leonin creature card.

          Leonin Vanguard

          I'll take another box, whenever you get a moment, please and thank you.
        • A fitting challenge. Create a troll creature.

          Rock n Troll Maniac

          And the song that inspired it

          Box! Box! BoxBoxBoxBoxBox!
        • I'd like to get a box.
        • Daily Gambit #1

          Roc of Paradise
        • Daily Gambit #2

        • so I didn't really recognize any of the mortal kombat characters in the trailer
          but at the end one guy said "I am sub zero"
          so I typed in google "mortal kombat sub-zero art"
          apparently he has ice powers
          and here we are
          Sub-Zeros Mastery
          another box please
        • Egg Guardian
          Well, if you wanted a dragon that dealt noncombat damage, here it is.

          I'll take a box!

        • @jpastor I'll take another box!
        • Colossal Rhinosaur
          might be a bit op
        • Will be live for a short duration while I make these boxes!

        • edited April 2021

          Mystery Boxes

          Deadline of Difficulties

          When you request your mystery box this deadline, you may select which difficulty you'd like your mystery challenge to be. Your choices this deadline are:
          • 0/5 - This is a random difficulty from the below options.
          • 1/5 - This is basic, quick, and easy.
          • 2/5 - This is slightly easier than a normal mystery challenge.
          • 3/5 - This is your average run of the mill mystery challenge.
          • 4/5 - This is slightly more difficult than normal mystery challenges.
          • 5/5 - This is pretty difficult, and will likely take a second to figure out the result.
          • 6/5 - This is of variable difficulty, but may require extra work, like watching a video, or doing a quick bit of research, or possible other things may be involved.
          @PandaShoop your mystery box contains:
          • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Legendary Creature with a custom subtype.
          @ShadowReign your mystery box contains:
          • A Mystery Challenge: Create a kill spell that cost 1 generic mana and two colored mana.
          @Jadefire your mystery box contains:
          • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Golgari colored spell that puts +1/+1 counters on more than one creature. 
          @Suicidal_Deity your mystery box contains:
          • A Mystery Challenge: Create a monocolored charm that allows you to choose one of two abilities.
          @Corwinnn your mystery box contains:
          • A Mystery Challenge: Create a rare Elemental creature with no combat abilities.
          @Tomigon your mystery box contains:
          • Prize 143 - Deadline Activator (Difficulty Selection) [Activated]
          • A Mystery Challenge: Create a black, uncommon creature with two or more ability words.
          @WarriorCatInAhat your mystery box contains:
          • Prize 358 - Hugs: Three favorites donated to the cardsmith of your choice + 2 favorites of jpastor's choice for you!
          • A Mystery Challenge: Create a white card that returns something from your graveyard to your hand.
          @TheDukeOfPork your mystery box contains:
          • A Mystery Challenge: Create a permanent with an ability that mentions a color different from its own color(s).
          @LyndonF your mystery box contains:
          • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Human creature with no additional subtypes and interacts with your graveyard.
        • Explanation of the Leaderboards

          Here we have an example of the leaderboards (the top 5 Mystery Boxers all-time)

          Rank Name Inv Entries Prizes Duels Rating Moshpit Deadline Points
          1 AboveAndAbout 112 61 0-7 1753 1 46 26 -1
          2 sorinjace 68 56 0-1 1940 0 47 20
          3 Ranshi 115 61 1-0 2060 0 10 19
          4 TheRacingTurtle 66 38 5-1 1946 2 23 16
          5 JoeMoose 88 49 0-0 2000 0 19 15


          • This is your rank amongst cardsmiths on the Leaderboard. There are currently 150+ ranked cardsmiths on the Mystery Box Leaderboard.


          • This is your cardsmith name.


          • Anyone with an "X" in this column next to their name has qualified for the 2021 Mystery Box Invitational Tournament, a tournament by invite only where cardsmiths will compete for a championship.


          • This is how many cards you've submitted in the Mystery Box discussion thread. Every 10 entries you submit gives you +1 Mystery Box Point.


          • This is how many prizes you've earned or received in mystery boxes. Every 10 prizes you earn/receive gives you +1 Mystery Box Point.


          • Duels are 1-vs-1 battles within the Mystery Box discussion. Each cardsmith submits an entry, and the better card wins the duel. Every 3 duel wins you accumulate gives you +1 Mystery Box Point.


          • This statistic entwines many of the other columns together. This is your competitive rating. Whenever you duel, moshpit, or do a team battle within the Mystery Box discussion, your competitive rating will change based on whether you win or lose, and who you beat or lose. The higher your rating, the better.


          • This is like a duel, but versus two or more other cardsmiths. A free-for-all where the best card wins. Every 1 moshpit win gives you +1 Mystery Box Point.


          • The entirety of the Mystery Box discussion is broken into deadlines, random due dates for entries. The top three cards each deadline win. 1st Place gives you +5 Deadline points. 2nd Place gives you +3 Deadline points. 3rd Place gives you +1 Deadline point. Every 5 Deadline points gives you +1 Mystery Box Point.


          • Your total number of Mystery Box points determines your rank as well as a set order of tiebreakers from column to column.


          • The -N or +N you will see in the far right column is directly associated with your rating. There are ranges of ratings that give a bonus or a penalty. 1800 - 2200 is the starting range and has no penalty or bonus attached to it. Dropping below 1800 will deduct 1 point from your total Mystery Box Points. Going higher than 2200 will add 1 to your total Mystery Box Points. There are more ranges that have not yet been reached, which will result in further bonuses and penalties.

        • Explanation of Mystery Box Prizes and the Various Types

          There are currently 390+ Mystery Box prizes you can earn or receive in a Mystery Box. Among these many prizes are generic prizes, premium prizes, interactive prizes, mode activation prizes, and a few other prizes. There are even some prizes that are parts of a whole - like collect them all and you receive a prize. Below is a brief description of the kinds of prizes you can find and how they typically work.

          With all of the 390+ mystery box prizes, there are slight variations in how they are delivered. For example, sometimes you will resolve or receive your prize "When you submit your entry" or sometimes you will get it immediately. Other times, it may even say "You may," while other times you may have no choice in the matter. All of these are random. With all this said, you could argue that there are nearly 1,000 Mystery Box prizes to receive, depending on the variation you receive of the current 390+ prizes.

          Mystery Box Prize List

          • A prize has a ? next to it if it has not yet been received in a box.
          • Prizes in bold have most recently been discovered (received for the first time).
          • Prizes in (parenthesis) are either modes, premium, or one time effects that impact the Mystery Box discussion. They are marked in parenthesis specifically because there are certain other prizes that allow you to choose prizes. To make things easy, instead of saying choose any prize you want other than blah, blah, blah, blah, and blahblah... I'll say, choose any prize that's not in parenthesis.
          • Because the list is so long, I'll only post it when someone receives a prize that will require them to review the list to choose something. As a result, several pages will go by before you can see the updated list.
          • Due to space, I only post the name of the prize. Never the description. You can find the description of a prize by searching for its name in the forums search bar at the top of any page.

          Generic Prizes

          • Prizes that are for you and only you. Favorites, follows, etc. fall under this category.

          Premium Prizes

          • (Premium) prizes are the ones that cost me money or are extremely wonderful prizes.

          Interactive Prizes

          • These are the fun prizes that allow your participation in this deadline to be more strategic. 
          • There are prizes, such as hugs, that are "light side" prizes and allow you to share your appreciation for other cardsmiths' efforts. 
          • There are also "dark side" prizes, such as bombs, that strategically allow you to eliminate other cardsmiths' entries that might win the deadline. 
          • There are also "neutral side" prizes that strategically allow you to better your chances of winning in the deadline without destroying other entries. One example of this kind of prize would be Scrying Goggles, which allows you to see which card is currently in first place, so you can strive to make a better card than that particular one.
          • Sometimes these prizes are unavoidable. In other words, you have no choice and they will trigger no matter what.

          Mode Activation Prizes

          • Receiving one of these prizes simply activates one of the many mystery modes, such as duels, moshpits, encounters, teams, custom deadlines, etc. There are many, many modes. These are all temporary alterations to the mystery box format. A little slice of the pie would go like this:
          • It's been 3 days since the current deadline started when someone receives the wonderful prize called Mode Activation (Duels - Winner Takes All). With this prize, everyone in the batch of boxes will automatically enter into a 1-vs-1 match with someone else in the batch. All entries submitted still count for the deadline, but also count for the duel. In particular, this dueling mode is winner takes all, so any prize your opponent gets in their mystery box is up for grabs for the winner of the duel. You could walk away with 2 prizes instead of 1 prize.
          • Again there are a multitude of modes and each type of mode has variants within for a good change of pace.
        • If there are questions about any of the information I've posted today, or in general, a good way to ask me is through my twitch feed when I'm live:

          Otherwise, ask away on here, and I will do my best to answer timely.
        • Hi @Jadefire
          the next batch came out, so that entry won't count for the deadline since the daily gambit expired when I posted the most recent batch.
        • do you ever talk on the twitch streams?
          because whenever I go on I can't hear anything
        • Yeah, @jpastor talks during the stream, you probably came in at the wrong time. I would recommend leaving a comment in the chat, letting him know your there.
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