Mystery Box Challenges



  • The cards, what are they for?
  • My last box:
    @AboveAndAbout your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 80 - A Broken Wand Shocked Star Wars GIF by Nickelodeon Target cardsmith of your choice cannon edit their entries this deadline. Any post with an entry that's been edited by them after which you've targeted them will be destroyed.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a non-Werewolf creature that transforms during combat. [Submit its transformed version for an additional entry!
  • Oh, I see.
  • @jpastor your mystery box contains...
    • A Reverse Mystery Challenge: Create a legendary, nonblack, monocolored Demon, with cumulative upkeep.
    My mystery box contained...
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create an Aura you wouldn't want to enchant one of your own creatures.
    Track in the Winter

    Now I'm just gonna look around here for a box of some sort.
  • A noncreature card with a creature that's standing or swimming in water but isn't a sea creature

  • Does anyone play If so, let's get a game?
  • Nice entries everyone
  • May I have another box please?
  • I'm probably streaming right now:
    Things to discuss:
    • I have things to discuss - wbu?
    • Getting to these boxes might take a sec
  • Could I have another box, please?
  • Can I have one too please?
  • Hi everyone, how is everyone doing ?
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    Doing good, trying to get some info from reddit.
  • I'm also doing pretty good, I got my first job a week ago and I am really enjoying it. Thanks for asking, @jpastor!

    How's your day been?
  • it's been a long one - I tell ya
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    Will get to these boxes tomorrow at some point - hopefully! Cheers! and have a good night
  • I just finished a long week of new work hours, but I got two days off now!
  • Mystery Boxes

    Deadline of Art

    Your challenges this deadline will include an artwork that you must use for your card.

    @Suicidal_Deity your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 344 - Deadline (Art) [Activated]
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a spell with X in the ability text, where X is N + something. Scent Of A Dream artwork by ST3DOOM
    @ShadowReign your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 384 - Daily Gambit (Thoughts) [Activated]
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a creature with an ability you can only activate at sorcery speed. Cave artwork by Cyoclon
    @Corwinnn your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create an colorless card with an activated ability that costs colored mana. An encounter artwork by primepalindrome
    @OhWyrm your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 410 - Returning User Bonus: In your next box, you will receive 4 favorites of your choice.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create an Elder + [Subtype] Legendary Creature card. All That is Gold artwork by Blubirdz
    @Obidiah your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a card with a multikicker. Sea Titan artwork by Entropcian
    @AboveAndAbout your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a creature with power 0 and mana cost 0Galaxy Dragon artwork by LittleBluebird123

    Daily Gambit (Thoughts)

    Until the next batch of boxes is released, you may PM me your vote for which entry submitted thus far this deadline is the best. When the next batch is posted, I'll reveal the results, and the winner will receive 1 favorite for each vote + you get 1 favorite of choice if you voted for the winning card.

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    @Obidiah here is that Legendary Mercenary with partner
    Pelphatrix the Witcher
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    Iaoic the Abyss

    here is a bizarre... Legendary and non-black monocolored Demon with cumulative upkeep

    pronounced "YOW-ICK"
  • hello I'm live for a bit:

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    Mystery Challenge: Create a card with a multikicker.
    Xarictus Eternities Mutation

    I like the card you made, @jpastor!
  • A Mystery Challenge: Create a colorless card with an activated ability that costs colored mana.

    Eldrazi Molting

    "I'm molting! I'm moltiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Oh and can I get another box?"
  • It feels like it's been an eternity... @jpastor, can I have a box?
  • I decided that with the art I was given it made the most sense to make them an Elder Kirin from Kamigawa, so here they are!

  • @Ranshi WHAT IS UP! Back to claim your throne as 1st Place?

    Here's the last challenge I gave you, not sure if I see an entry for it: 

    A Mystery Challenge: Create a spell that allows you to choose one of two options... using the following artwork by Otterbird
    Commission Revenge in the Rain
  • Okay, I've a ton of research, posted on reddit, posted on YouTube, commented on YouTube, and have received 0 answers. Does anyone know anything about Mafia: Definitive Edition?
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