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  • @TenebrisNemo
    so close - red was the correct color because of the card "Infuriate"
  • @StuffnSuch
    Your shared mystery box contains:
    • Rattlesnake Skin: First to submit for this box gets 1 favorite. Second gets 2 favorites if it's better than the first.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a card that has the word FUNKY somewhere on it but isn't silver bordered.
  • Create a piece of Equipment that can destroy the creature it's equipped to.

    Helm of Agony

    i would like another box
  • @jpastor - Oh, I thought the card had to be infuriating for the opponent, not for the creature it targets. If I asked any player what color infuriates them the most, most of the time they would say blue, regardless of the fact that red has majority of cards named after rage terms.

    Well, challenges with subjective requirements were never my forte, since I'm not a mind reader.
  • Engraved Tablet: You’ll receive lyrics for a song. Create a card based on the lyrics and receive a favorite on the entry.
    Yavid – Teethmarks on my Glok
    He got them dark forces in him
    Behold that pale horse in him
    Racin like Porsches in him
    Boy forget it
    I’m a die hard Flintstone second ward soldier
    I do not know retreat
    I do not accept defeat

  • @jpastor ; Sorry that I am late to this.  I wasn't sure if you meant a boardwipe that didn't hit creatures or a boardwipe that wasn't done via a creature's ability so I combined a non-creature boardwipe spell with a creature boardwipe spell.
  • Use the word funky?  Okay, here goes...

    Tugla Funky Monkey

    And, fyi, there are 23 apes with a mono-green color identity, so, an ape lord needed to happen.
  • @Aggroman15
    Your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 31: Raincheck.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Wizard that can switch/exchange two numerical values other than the power and toughness of the same creature.
    Your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 45: Raincheck.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a card that can make more than one creature indestructible.
    • Prize 39: Raincheck.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a permanent with a replacement effect that adjusts how much life players gain.
  • @Aggroman15
    Rain Check Prizes - A favorite on the first card in your collection and the most recent card
  • Avacyns Protection

    Challenge: Create a card that can make more than one creature indestructible.

    Could I get another mystery box?
  • @SpellPiper2213
    Despite her aloofness, nice!


    - PRIZE 1000 -  PASS THE BATON: When you post your entry for this box, tag a cardsmith to post a variation of your card. For example: Your card = Transmogrify Tagged cardsmith's card = Transmogrify
    or can use different artwork of course!

    - A MYSTERY CHALLENGE: Create a Legendary Creature that's black and green.
  • @TenebrisNemo
    how do convince a cardsmith to never participate in mystery boxes again.....

    "give them an enigma"

    am i right or am i right  :#
  • @jpastor - It does feel like a rug was pulled from under your feet when the challenge asked to use a color identity that infuriates opponents, but blue wasn't the answer just because there's a red card named Infuriate. Not to mention that Infuriate only targets creatures, not opponents. If the challenge said that the color identity infuriates the creature, it would have made more sense to make the entry a red card. I showed the challenge requirements to two other people and they also believed that the entry had to be a blue card.

    And I'm sure it may not seem like it, but I actually put a lot of thought into each card I make, especially these days when I'm too busy dealing with everyday life unlike before. I work for the Tournament each day when I get a break, writing its story and designing its upcoming cards. When I saw you had given me a mystery box even though I didn't ask for one, I decided to create and entry for it anyway since I've been a long time player here. I read the challenge many times and I was dead certain it's a blue spell. It took me days to find fitting artwork for a blue combat trick, even with the help of another cardsmith.
    With all those hours wasted onto a meager card which nobody liked and didn't even meet challenge requirements, makes me ask "Why bother?" Why participate anymore in random challenges with uncertain prizes when I could instead use that time into something I'm actually passionate about, that takes much more work but has even more satisfying results?
  • Here's a permanent with a replacement effect that adjusts how much life players gain.

    Balance of Renewal
  • Hiii could I get another challenge?
  • Kay Ambitious Crusader

    Mystery Challenge: Create a Legendary Creature that's black and green.

    Pass the Baton: @StuffnSuch when and if you're up to it, create a variation of this card (for example, different art).

    @jpastor could I get another box?
  • @balloonnation and @SpellPiper2213
    Your mystery box contains:
    - Prize 1001: DISCARD ZONE: You may submit an old card you've created that matches this prompt. If you do, you get a fave.
    - A Mystery Challenge: Create a Goat creature card.
  • Hii, my submission for the mistery box challenge: Create a Goat creature card is Herd's Elder.

    About the prize "Discard Zone" I must say I didn't get how it works hahah. If I'm not dumb, I think it means I can submit an old card that matches the challenge's prompt, so a Goat creature. My only other Goat creature card is the sweet Obstinate Goat:

    A very caprine tuesday indeed.
  • @SpellPiper2213 I really loved the art you picked, so I found a digital rendering of it, but kept it otherwise the same, and made it full art.  And I added some flavor text.  Hope you enjoy!

  • @StuffnSuch I do enjoy it! Glad you enjoyed the art. Thanks!
  • It's Time for Conquerors!

    In Mystery Box Conquerors, a list of mystery challenges will be given with corresponding prizes. You can submit an entry for as many as you'd like. The best entry for a given mystery challenge will receive the corresponding prize. This event will end when I say so.

    The Dross

    • Create an artifact creature with more than 4 legs.
    • Cartouche of Zeal: The conqueror has a 50/50 Shot of receiving the MTGCS Rare Set Sticker - 3"
    The Heroscape
    • Create a creature that's a Heroscape character.
    • Cartouche of Strength: The conqueror gets The Mystery Box Avatar
    The Harmonizer
    • Create a noncreature spell with Vivien Reid in the flavor text.
    • Cartouche of Knowledge: I will spotlight the conquering entry at the top of each new Mystery Box discussion page until it receives 10 favorites.
    The Death Bridge
    • Create a common Shaman creature.
    • Cartouche of Ambition: Conqueror gets 1 favorite for each Cardsmith that submitted an entry for The Death Bridge.
    The Fortune of Lord Unfin
    • Create an Attraction card without lights, using MTGCS.
    • Cartouche of Solidarity: The conqueror's entry will get featured as the February Mystery Feature.
  • Coinhorn Leaper
     Mystery Challenge: Create a Goat creature card.

    Pyre Watcher
    Discard zone: This is the only other goat I have, so... Anyhow.

    @jpastor could I get another Mystery Box?
  • @SpellPiper2213
    Your mystery box contains:
    Prize 1002: You may create a challenge to give to the next mystery box other than your own.
    - A Mystery Challenge: I'm not sure if you've ever played Magic Duels, but there were spells that dealt direct damage to creatures or players, like Lightning Bolt or Searing Spear, for example. Some of those spells were fire oriented and the sound effect when you played them was like an ember. While some of those spells, like Sparkmage's Gambit, had an electrical "lightning-like" sound effect. Enough of the background. Create a damage spell that's electricity themed.
  • The Death Bridge
    • Create a common Shaman creature.

  • Overcharge

    Mystery Challenge: Create a damage spell that's electricity-based.

    Prize 1002: Mystery Challenge: Create a legendary creature that is a Mouse.
  • I could take a box.
  • The Harmonizer
    • Create a noncreature spell with Vivien Reid in the flavor text.

  • @StuffnSuch there are five open mystery challenges happening right now for Mystery Box Conquerors, make some cards for those.
  • @jpastor, could I have a box, preferably one that isn't too contrived? (I need some inspiration)
  • Oh, cool, here are a couple, then.

    A common Shaman:

    Caller of Nights Frost

    And an Artifact Creature with plenty of legs:

    Specimen Collector
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