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    My entry for Mistery Box Conquerors: the Harmonizer: Create a noncreature spell with Vivien Reid in the flavor text.

  • @Ranshi
    Your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 1003: Contriving Device: You may alter in any way any one mystery challenge I create for another Cardsmith between now and your entry for this mystery box.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Human Soldier that synergizes with artifacts that enter the battlefield under your control.
  • @StuffnSuch
    Your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a rare, green Human Rogue.
  • @jpastor, to be clear, I use the Contriving Device before I submit my card?
  • @jpastor could I get a mystery box?
    • Mystery Challenge: Create an artifact that's Astral.
    Geez, it's been over a month since I got my last box! The Pancakes must be rotten by now (and I've been stumped on ideas for 3 extra cards), so I'll just toss this out there. :sweat_smile:

    One Mystery Box please!

    Astral Borderpost
  • Rare Green Human Rogue as requested:

    Medrica Darkwood Bandit
  • @SpellPiper2213

    Your mystery box contains:
    • Time for a moshpit! Please bet 1 prize (Can be anything that you're willing to offer as a prize to someone else.) The winner gets all prizes except the one they offered. No duplicates. You must provide the prize if you lose.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a white spell that destroys target creature.
  • Ummm... I really don't get the whole prize thing.  I can't think of a single thing I'd give out to any other person on here beside, like, maybe some feedback on a card or designing a card for them or something.  If someone can give me some ideas, I'd be happy to consider other options.

    That being said, here's a white card that destroys a creature:

    Dauntless Strike
  • @jpastor does our entry have to explicitly say "destroy target creature" (with or without conditions attached), or can it have any effect, so long as it can result in targeting & destroying a creature?

    @StuffnSuch those would be perfectly fine as prizes. If you're looking for inspiration, you could flip back 20 pages or so and take a look at some of the old mystery prizes.

    While I think about my own entry, here's the prize I'd like to offer for the moshpit:
    • A commander decklist for the commander/strategy of winner's choice (custom cards ok).
    • Alternatively, a Sculpture (custom card named after the winner) or a card that synergizes with an existing such card.
  • Okay, my offer is to design a card inspired by the card of your choice (official or custom).
  • @cadstar369
    must say destroy target creature in some way
  • @jpastor I’m new here and I’d like to try the mystery box challenge. Can you give me one?

  • @Robo_Kitty
    Your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a burn spell with Mana Cost: Red
  • Burn spell with mana cost of {r}:

  • @jpastor I’d like another mystery box if you please.
  • @Robo_Kitty
    Your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a monowhite instant that costs White.
  • Conquerors Update
    • Harmonizer has been conquered by @balloonnation (Cartouche of Knowledge: I will spotlight the conquering entry at the top of each new Mystery Box discussion page until it receives 10 favorites.)
    • Death Bridge has been conquered by @Jadefire (Cartouche of Ambition: Conqueror gets 1 favorite for each Cardsmith that submitted an entry for The Death Bridge. X = 2 favorites.)
    • The Dross has been conquered by @StuffnSuch (Your 50/50 shot at the MTGCS Sticker landed on "No Sticker."
  • Hey friends, 

    Check out this epic card by @balloonnation. Drop a favorite on it if you enjoy it as much as I do!

  • Thanks @jpastor.  Those favourites can go to whichever cards you like:
  • My entry for “ Create a monowhite instant that costs White.”:

  • Moshpit Mystery Challenge: Create a white spell that destroys target creature.

    Glaring Reprisal
  • Looks like by way of time management, @StuffnSuch
    wins the moshpit.
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    @StuffnSuch which of my two offerings from just below your entry would you like? 

    @jpastor one Mystery Box please.
  • Thanks @jpastor, looks like you went deep to find those two cards.
  • @Jadefire
    yeah i picked random pages and then browsed until i found the ones worthy of the thumbs up
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    Mystery Box Challenges - 5th Anniversary Update

    Each year goes by, and I can't believe how many people have given this a shot. We all seek a little inspiration every now and then. Sometimes, these Mystery Challenges might not tickle you, while sometimes, they are just what you need to get those juices flowing.

    What's New for the 5th Anniversary Update?

    • Mystery Box Ratings: I have a new burning desire to rekindle the competitive side of the Mystery Box world. Mystery Boxers will now earn a Rating by submitting cards for their mystery challenges.
    • Mystery Challenge Variations: Mystery Challenges will be worded in many different ways now. You'll see what I mean.
    • Mystery Duel Boxes: You can now challenge someone to duel you when requesting a Mystery Box. For example, "Hi jpastor, I'd like to open a Mystery Duel Box with @Corwinnn." jpastor: "@Jadefire, @Corwinnn, your mystery duel box contains: ... a prize for the winner ... here's your mystery challenge."
    • Mystery Deadlines with 1-vs-1 Playoffs: Deadlines are back, and they are the method you'll come by your Mystery Box Rating. When a deadline ends, all entries will be shuffled and paired at random with another entry. People with multiple entries in a deadline will always pair up against entries they did not submit. Some entries may pay up with more than one entry.
  • March Mystery Box Featured Card:


    Please select a card you'd like featured! Let @Corwinnn know

    Thanks for giving Mystery Boxes a shot! Hope to see you continue!
  • Does the card have to be a mystery box card?
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