Mystery Box Challenges



  • @cadstar369 I'd love to be a card.  Make me a Sculpture!
  • @Robo_Kitty no any card in your collection
  • aren't I supposes to sculpture someone @Jadefire
    I believe it was the next person in line to get or submit a box... I think it was @cadstar369
    Any insight?
  • Thank you very much for this opportunity, for the March Mystery Box Featured Card, I would love for it to be this one:
  • @jpastor If you're referring to this prize I claimed way back, yes there's an outstanding sculpture to be made.

    It was originally given to 12SidedGuy but you pointed out that you had already made Twelve-Sided Crab, so I gave the statue to whoever posted the next Mystery Box card, which was cadstar369 for Dreamgorge Baku.
  • @jpastor could I get a mystery box?
  • @Robo_Kitty
    Your mystery box contains:
    • Spin the Wheel: Spin the wheel by selecting a time from 1:00 - 12:00 to earn a prize.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a card that represents your favorite animal. Think about the characteristics of your favorite animal and how you can translate them into card mechanics. For example, if your favorite animal is a lion, you could create a card that has abilities related to strength, leadership, or bravery. Be creative and have fun!
  • May I also have a box?
  • @cadstar369
    First - here's your sculpture long overdue. 
    Cadstars Chronomaster
    Cadstar's Chronomaster by jpastor | MTG Cardsmith
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    Your mystery box contains:
    • Spin the Wheel: 1:00 - 12:00, which do you select?
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a card that can fit into the modern format and has an interesting, unique ability that hasn't been seen before. Good luck!
  • Oof, Modern-viable (and not horribly broken)? Challenge accepted! :sweat_smile: 
    I’ll spin the wheel at 3:00.
  • Sure @cadstar369
    3:00 = A review of a card of your choice. 
  • @jpastor I’ll spin the wheel at 9:00
  • @Robo_Kitty Select you may review a card of mine in exchange for 3 favorites
  • What do you mean by “review a card of yours”?
  • Here is my card for "Create a card that represents your favorite animal"
  • @Robo_Kitty
    for review a card, I mean you can give me your thoughts on one of my cards
  • @jpastor I’d like another mystery box if you please.
  • @Robo_Kitty

    but first - check out this card if you havent already and leave a like if you enjoy it

     @balloonnation. Drop a favorite on it if you enjoy it as much as I do!

  • Pirate attack



    Arr matey, here's a challenge for ye to create a card like a true swashbuckler:

    Hoist the Jolly Roger and create a legendary artifact that can manipulate time itself! Ye need to give this treasure a name that'll make all them landlubbers tremble, and its ability must be as clever as a pirate's trickery. Ye can use any o' the colors, but make sure that the ability fits the flavor of the artifact. Now, get to work, ye scallywag, and have some fun with it!

  • Aye aye Captain! I’ll create a treasure fit for a pirate lord!
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    Mystery Challenge: Create a card that can fit into the modern format and has an interesting, unique ability that hasn't been seen before. Good luck!

    Stuff and Such Scallywags

    This also doubles as my Sculpture for @StuffnSuch.

    I'd like to request a review of Fleshwarp for the 3:00 prize. One Mystery Box please!
  • @cadstar369 I love it!  Thanks!
  • @cadstar369

    Overall, the card seems well-balanced and has a creative ability that interacts with the number of cards in each player's hand. The cost of UBB is appropriately high for a rare instant that has the potential to significantly impact the board state.

    One thing to consider with the card's ability is the potential for it to be a "win-more" card, meaning that it's only really useful in a situation where the player is already ahead on the board or has a large number of cards in their hand. To mitigate this, you may want to consider adding an additional clause to the card's ability, such as "Each player draws a card" or "Each player discards a card," to balance out the potential advantage that the card could provide.

    Overall, the card seems well-designed and could be a useful addition to a deck with a focus on controlling the board state. Good job!

    Pirate Cove


    Arrr, hear ye hear ye, me hearty! 

    I challenge ye to create a card that be fit for a pirate's treasure chest! But here be the twist, it must have an ability that involves ye "scurvy dogs" or "scallywags". Ye best be ready to pillage and plunder, or ye'll be walkin' the plank!

  • YARRRHH! This is me treasure! A legendary artifact that can manipulate time itself!

  • Also @jpastor, for the 9:00 prize, review a card of yours in exchange for 3 favorites, is there a specific card you want me to review, or should I just pick one?
  • @Robo_Kitty
    Whichever you desire
  • @jpastor, for my 9:00 prize I decided to review your card “Warmhearted Infuriation”
    first of all, I would just like to say, brilliant card. I love the design and the flavor of the card. First thing I noticed, is that it could be re-worded a bit. Firstly on the card it says “when this enters the battlefield” but I think it might sound more realistic if it said “When Warmhearted Infuriation enters the battlefield”. Secondly you card states “At the beginning of target opponent’s upkeep” but to avoid confusion, I think it should say “At the beginning of chosen player’s upkeep”. Other than the wording I could not find anything else wrong with the card, I honestly really like it. I think it is balanced well for an uncommon, but I think it could work as a rare as well. Overall, I really enjoy the card.

    As for the favorites, I really don’t have any specific cards in mind, just favorite any of the cards you think deserve it.
  • I'd like me own mystery box me maties
  • @jpastor
    Your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a creature for someone quoted or mentioned in the flavour text of a card that isn't already represented by an existing card.
    (I'm not sure how prizes are determined these days, but I approached it the old way and it came up no prize.)
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