Tournament of Champions 2 (The game has begun)



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    Titles: The Mischevious One, The Trickster

    Tai’s Stregnths:
    -Very Quick
    -Effective in Stressful Situations
    -Able to adjust very well


    -Not very good at sword fighting with her rose
    -Not the best flyer
    -Not very convincing
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    Name: Sylva Vran
    Titles: Airship Repairer, Aspiring Aeronaut
    Friends: Tai and Nya so far.
    - Tinkerer
    She can use her hammer to build something using scrap from a bag she keeps on her at all times. She usually makes some sort of shield or other form of protection, but she can make a weapon if necessary.
    - Acrobatics
    Sylva taught herself fairly basic parkour when she was on the streets of her home town. She later taught herself some more complex parkour while working on the massive airships back home.
    -She is as comfortable in the air as she is on the water.
    -She is has extremely good reflexes that help her avoid danger.
    -She is quick on her feet and can sprint pretty fast for semi-long distances.
    -She is stealthy and quiet when moving.
    -A couple that are sent to @TenebrisNemo for during the matches or to be later revealed in her stories with Tai and Nya.
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    Name: Whistler
    Title: Clockwork Caster
    Whistler is an automaton. as such, he doesn't need food, drink or oxygen. However, he does run on an internal power supply fueled by colorless mana. He has separate red and blue mana reserves that he uses for spellcasting.
    Whistler's main method of combat is spell-slinging. While he is charging a spell, the mana escaping his body makes a high-pitched whistling noise, hence his name. His four arms allow him to prepare a spell as he is casting another. Assuming that he is in good repair, Whistler can unleash a barrage of spells at about twice the speed of a normal wizard. Electromancy is his magic of choice.
    -Magic Sense
    Using a special system of gears in his chest, Whistler is able to determine, albeit vaguely, the magical abilities of his opponents. In his current form, he can determine the color of mana used by his opponent.
    -Logical Mind
    Whistler is an artificial being. He is unemotional, and thinks with absolute logic. When spellcasting, he plans at least 1 or 2 steps ahead of his current action.
    -Armored shell
    Whistler's enire body is covered in plate armor, to protect his delicate inner workings. This means he can take a few hits before going down.
    -Backup power supply:
    If an opponent manages to damage whistler's main fuel reserve, He carries a backup power supply in the form of 4 Sol Rings, worn on each of his hands.
    Though he is a powerful spellcaster, Whistler is nearly defenseless in hand-to-hand combat.
    His clockwork legs are stiff, and he is not very agile. Stealth is basically impossible for him.
    Whistler is afraid of water, as prolonged exposure can cause him to rust.
    While his armor is tough, hitting him forcefully and repeatedly will destroy him.

    Fun Facts:
    -Whistler was built by a planeswalker (who will remain nameless for now).
    -He was entered in the tournament so his master could test his abilities.
  • Name: Pele
    Titles: None.
    - Fire
    Pele can create fire
    -Water cancels out abilty
    -Has a temper

    Good with friendship
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    Name: Virayush "Vir" Azmani
    Titles: The 14th Steward of Stahlthrone
    Former Title: Grand Magus, Department of Wizardry, School of Arcane Sciences, University of Stahlthrone
    Species: Human

    1. As a former academic (he received a WzD in Spell Theory, and was the recipient of the 133rd Sevall Prize for his contributions to spell optimization and magical heuristics), Vir is immensely intelligent, although more in the vein of Niv-Mizzet than, say, Nicol Bolas. His mind operates quicker than most, and he always seems to have the right spell for the right time. His understanding of spell-time dynamics allows him to land spells much quicker than normal. Although he has forgotten a lot thanks to disuse, his mind is a veritable library of spells, many of which are his modifications/improvements of more famous, classical spells.
    2. As an advisor and diplomat, Vir is adept at defusing situations and talking his way out of tricky scenarios. Although he doesn't enjoy it, he has much experience dealing with people.

    1. More of a theoretician than a battle mage, Vir is probably not the kind of mage you would want in, say, an army. His mantra is more of, magic for magic's sake, and he doesn't exactly have a lot of 'field experience', except for a rebellious period in his youth.
    2. As a 100+ year old former professor, Vir doesn't have much in the way of physical strength or combat ability.
    3. Tends to have a fairly negative view of things; not very happy

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    @shadow123 you right

    Name: Nya
    Titles: Child of the Leaves
    Friends: Tai, Sylva
    Powers/Abilities/Strengths: Strong plant based abilities, white powers lean more towards the destructive powers of white. Druid staff. Konus is also helpful. Agile. Can use her vines as armor.

    Weaknesses: Can be overconfident. Very little amounts of healing magic.
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    Name: Coltras Drasonkai
    Titles: Drasonkai means "Chosen by Dragons"
    -Defense magic
    Skilled at counterspells and unsummoning. Can effectively counter most magic enemies throw at him.
    The staff boosts his magic. He is decent at using it in melee combat. As he casts spells, his staff becomes charged with draconic energy which he can use to deliver a final blow once his opponent is weakened.
    -Knowledge manipulation
    Has limited foresight (a few seconds at most). He is able to read thoughts, though this can be blocked through force of will.
    -He is vulnerable without his staff, as losing it weakens his magic as well as leaving him weaponless.
    -It is hard for him to defend against rapid or physical attacks.

    II. The Gunslinger and the Lich
    An hour later, Coltras walked out of Jahalion's room. He hoped he could be friends with the charismatic ethereal without giving up too much information. He passed a clanking automaton as he entered the main room.
    Coltras approached a tall man sitting at the bar nursing a drink and sat down next to him. This man had felt different from the first time Coltras had seen him. The man turned to look at him aloofly with cold blue eyes. "My name is Coltras. What's yours?"
    "I am known as Roland the Gunslinger," said the man.
    "I was just wondering, what are those contraptions?" asked Coltras, gesturing to the two L-shaped pieces of metal in sleeves at Roland's waist.
    "This?" laughed Roland, pulling out one of the contraptions. "This is my gun."
    "But what does it do?"
    Roland sighed at Coltras's ignorance, losing his attitude. "Well, it's a weapon that causes an explosion which shoots a small piece of metal called a bullet out of the end at high speed."
    "Seems like a waste of energy. Why do you use that instead of just summoning a lightning bolt or something?"
    Roland's coldness returned. "You ask too many questions."
    Coltras said nothing, just looked into Roland's hard eyes with his inquisitive ones and tugged on some leylines. Roland sighed, and his voice softened.
    "Let's just say that I've been through a lot. A lot of my friends have given their lives for me to be here." Coltras stopped his magical prompting, but Roland continued. "My home is called Mid-World, a world fraying at the seems. I was seeking the Dark Tower, the nexus of all universes, but when I found it my memory of the journey was erased and I had to start over. I've made the journey countless times until for some reason it sent me here."
    Inwardly, Coltras's mind was whirling: Was Mid-World even in this multiverse?! but these were questions for when he had gained more of Roland's trust. Instead, he said "Thank you," and shook hands with Roland, realizing with a start that he had no defense whatsoever against Roland's guns if they had to fight. Then Coltras got up.

    Just then, a figure in a dark robe burst through the doors, muttering. Coltras, intrigued, strained his ears to hear: "Blasted etherals meddling again…foiling my ritual! I can't let this happen again…"
    Coltras had only seconds before the figure entered the doors to the apartments. He used his mind reading while the figure was distracted and wouldn't notice. Information flooded his mind. He pulled out a few key points:
    -The figure was a female lich named Tourach.
    -She had converted a guard and many townsfolk to her "Order of the Ebon Hand," but her two rituals had been foiled, the second by the tournament officials.
    -She planned to convert more people in a smaller town out of sight.
    -She blamed Jahalion for tipping off the guards, as he knew about her first conversion.
    Coltras's staff glowed red from the spell. Coltras stopped the spell, and the glow slowly faded. Definitely worth investigating, thought Coltras as he left the tavern.
  • @TenebrisNemo I forgot to mention earlier that I wouldn't mind doing a 32-man tournament. It seems like everyone else supports that idea, too.
  • Yea...that would be awesome I might have some irl friends that might be interested.
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    @HATMAN (Somebody should help that guy, seems to be a bit overwhelming for just one person lol.)
  • @ShaperKyon nice story including my character, Roland. You wrote him well.
  • @sanjaya666 if @TenebrisNemo asks for help then someone should help but otherwise we should stay out of it most likely, and he will do fine I bet!

    We believe in Tenebris
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    What I meant was that I wouldn't mind having 32 champions in this contest. Tenebris had mentioned it earlier and I just wanted to show my support for the idea.
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    I wouldn’t mind 32.

    Tai went outside and went to the abandoned battlefield. On the meadow, she found Nya and Sylva battling someone else. Who was it? There was a scream of pain from Nya but she recovered with the little bit of healing magic she had. Tai was confused. This didn’t sound like training.

    “Help!” Sylva shouted as she battled of an attacker. Nya’s vines were barely holding. Tai was good at mischief, she found a rose bush and hid in there, as people passed, she simply sent them to sleep. It was going well until a lady came up to the bush. Trying to see through the dense leaves, she couldn’t make out who it was.

    “Come out Tai,” she whispered.



    There was an attack aimed for them. Tai clouded the battlefield with a red dust storm and they quickly went away.

    “Who were they?”

    “We couldn’t get a good look, all we knew is that they were attackers.”

    “You couldn’t recognize them?” Tai asked.

    Nya groaned. Tai sprinkled her powder on top of Nya and waited. Nya got better and left.

    They walked back to their rooms together.

    “Whoever they are, they’re up to something all right,” Sylva commented, “Regular grounds tomorrow!”

    “Bye!” Tai said.

    After they left, she immediately grabbed her book of the Tournaments and tried to figure out what was happening.
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    Tourach could feel it.

    Someone just recently pried her mind.

    An adept blue mage. And she couldn't do anything to prevent it.


    'How could I forget about it.' She frowned while was observing the outside world through the window of her room.

    'Such greed for power always blinds anyone, even I myself.' Another sarcastic smirk was plastered again.

    There was no time to lose.

    The lich then decided to casually walk again through the hall and to the front door.

    She stood for a while in front of the tavern.

    'That magus who conversated with that person with that gun contraption has left the room.' She frowned again. It was the only person that out of place among the other contenders and civilians in the room that could be identified as a professional magus anyway.

    Hurriedly she walked at a faster pace towards the forest, then she transformed into her black mist form towards an abandoned building where her first servant's physical body was killed.

    Good thing that nobody was in her sight.

    Until the sun was set, she was still scouring the building for a trinket that could be used for her cause.

    Nothing. There was not a single thing that good enough to store half of her dark soul.

    But then a stray cat just happened to be lurking around. A black cat to be precise.

    'A little unorthodox, but it should be working fine.' This time she had a genuine smirk.

    The lich then used the soul domination process and stared intensely at the cat, beckoning it and then she started the process the zombification carefully so that the cat would be still appeared to be a living one.

    The cat then floated in front of her with a dark and purplish aura was still enveloping it.

    A piece of Tourach's soul slowly went inside the cat.

    Then it ended with an abrupt 'fwoosh', and the cat would always be following its master anytime, but only at a certain distance.

    And her new phylactery was now having a pair of faintly glowing purple eyes.


    It also just sat there and stared at the lich.

    'Now come the unsavory part.'

    The lich focused her mind and magic again, and finally did it.

    Her eyes were aglow with faint purple light again, and this time she performed a memory erasure spell towards herself about the process of creating the phylactery to prevent the leak of the secret anchor of her dark soul to that world from the prying minds of the mages with the ability to read her minds. Oh and she also erased the part where she was aware about a certain magus who was in the tavern before.

    The lich fell gracefully to her knees, and clutched her forehead.

    "What just happened..." Muttered the female undead to particularly no one.

    Her vision was blurred, but she forced herself to stood and to observe her surroundings.

    The lich just confused about 'why was she in there?' and opted to left the abandoned place by using her dark mist form towards the city.

    Unbeknownst to her, a certain immortal black cat with glowing purple eyes was also following its master's presence who was currently moving away towards a certain bustling port-city.
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    (A small info for everyone.

    A correct gender term for wizards in the world of magics should be:

    Mage: female wizard.
    Magus: male wizard.

    The moar you know.)
  • ( @Lujikul - Yes, it will be chaotic and will require more work from me, but if everyone wants it, then they'll get it.

    @DoctorFro - Thanks. I've handled contests with an enormous amount of entries before, I think I can handle this one as well unless I get hit by a truck or something. )


    ( It seems like we're going to hold a 32 champions' tournament if the number of competitors reaches number 32 or greater. Otherwise, it's gonna be a 16 champions' tournament, just like the previous one was. The number of contenders is still 26.

    There is exactly one week left until 1st of May. If you haven't posted your champion here or written anything about your character, then I would advice you to do so before time runs out. It could go a long way even if you write a few little things about your champion. )
  • Pele enjoys watching people train
  • Name: Jaholion
    Titles: Surge of Gods, 5th Tier Ethereal God (Upranking pending)
    Friends: In good relations with all champions, but no real friends so far :(
    Love Interest: Amihiyela, Lady of the Surge
    - Ethereal Tinkerer
    Can summon a construct machine... thing from the air at any time. It can be anything from a thopter to an iron golem. Uses up a lot of energy.
    - Electromancy
    As his title suggests, he is quite proficient in electric magic. Uses it to power his constructs.
    -He is of strong will, so no mind-bending tricks work on him.
    -He has a certain amount of charisma and skills in deal-making.
    -Can fly (but more like fall with style) for very short amounts of time. This ability will be further explored in future metamorphosises.
    -He is very stealthy. He even picked up some invisibilities from his girlfriend (who specialises in that sort of thing), but not much.
    -They will be revealed in private mail to our host, @TenebrisNemo

    This is Katha Zomol's signature spell
  • The doors blast open sending a cold wind through the tavern standing in the middle of the storm is Katha Zomol, as she makes her way towards the back of the tavern the tavern maids scurry out of her way after she signs her name on the sheet she takes a seat at the back of the tavern by herself.
  • @sanjaya666 So let me get this straight - Tourach has put part of her soul in a cat (and erased her memory of Coltras). How does this effect someone trying to read her mind? And how does it effect Tourach's own mental processes/memory/life?
    By the way, Coltras usually can't read someone's mind if they are actively trying to block him.
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    @ShaperKyon (She was just aware about something: that she was very vulnerable. It's not only about mind reading anymore. If anyone like Jaholion ol Coltras can easily get past her defenses, what chanche does she has in the tournament then? So in conclusion, if her mind get erased entirely or if she dies, she would still has another chance to live again and regain her memories from the cat that is always observing her actions as her own contingency plan. Oh and nobody also aware about the cat due to she wiped her own memory about it.

    After all, she is still vulnerable to mental attacks anyway.)
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  • Well is te freeze cost an additional cost or a seonbdary cost
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    @Jaxtheduck (Dude, for example, you can simultaneously control 4 Blightsteel Colossuses of your opponents then also sacrificing them afterwards for only just 4 friggin mana at instant speed.)
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    freeze cost {6}{u}{w}.
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