Tournament of Champions 2 (The game has begun)



  • Name: Ding Mettir
    Ding is a title, his name is mettir
    Titles: Ding, Of the broken coast
    Friends: ?
    - Telepathy
    If relaxed, (like not in combat), can read thoughts, but cannot alter minds.
    - speed
    Strengths:quick and nimble
    -They will be revealed in private mail to our host, @TenebrisNemo
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    (The flip is the whole weakness secrecy thing lol. If @TenebrisNemo decides that your character loses, no matter how strong your character is, then it would be still lose lol.

    You can even put a real god like Progenitus or goddamn Emrakul with no in-story weaknesses or whatever as your champion. But if the card sucks, then it would be just simply lose lol.)
  • ok
    weaknesses: Can be given a mental overload. also isn't that powerful
  • @DangMatt that in my opinion is completely busted like flashthy end of turn three then just get some free combats off
  • ( I do not mind if you want to keep your champion's information a secret from other cardsmiths or not, but I think it would be interesting for them to figure out what is each champion's weakness. The whole point of telling more about your champions is just to give me a clarification about how your champions would act and/or fight in their story segments/matches.

    As for winning matches, it's determined through many different factors. Card design has a majority of those factors, but no one shouldn't forget character influence. Nobody likes a slug with no flavor, strengths or any character. And neither does anyone like an all-powerful god who is capable to do everything and has no weaknesses. Both are boring concepts with no quality in them. )
  • ( @DangMatt - Didn't you already post a champion? Valbiru, Card Caster?

    The limit is 1 champion per cardsmith unless you want to switch Valbiru to Esme. )
  • @TenebrisNemo Yeah I am trading it out
  • This is all of Katha's information and backstory

    Name Katha Zomol
    Title Elemental warrior
    Friends none yet She usually does things by herself because she wont let anyone get close to her
    Powers kryokinesis (ice/snow powers)
    strengths can unnerve others with her quiet composure and calm expressions
    weaknesses fire and salt (and anything else that can melt ice)
  • sorry I forgot to put her backstory with it

    when she was a young child just learning to control her powers her village was attacked by an evil being with power over death, it came to kill all of the villagers and it would have gotten Katha too if her mother wasn't a seer so she told her to run. Three days later She returned to the village "Mama" she called but there was no answer. She vowed that day not to get close to anyone else because she knew they would be taken from her as well.
  • I won't put much, I feel like Zintius won't make it.
  • @TenebrisNemo

    By "unkillable god", do you mean my character? Just tell me - I promise I won't gripe! I always appreciate criticism.
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    ( @12258290 - Are you a new person here or someone's 2nd account?

    @baryonyx69 - You can remake your card if you believe it has flaws. If you don't believe in yourself, then believe in TenebrisNemo who believes in you!

    @HeroKP - I think Johalion has been good so far. All of his actions have been logical and he is an interesting character. As long as it won't go down to Jahanacicus' path like it did in the previous tournament, you have nothing to fear. )
  • @TenebrisNemo My recommendation if you proceed to go with 32 contestants is to either post very short fight stories or none at all. It takes a very long time to write and make it feel natural, specially when there are so many different characters with different personalities and fighting styles.
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    Here's a brief guide to my champion:

    Name: Karnax
    Titles: his main title is Lord Karnax, the Devourer, although he has many many title.

    -Fire breathing+pyromancy
    he is capable of spewing pillars of flame from his jaws and can use his pyromancy to shape this fire.
    his thick scales give him a resistance to most physical attacks and make him near impervious to fire and heat based attacks.
    -Death magic
    he is an expert in death magic.
    Karnax's raw strength is very high, allowing him to smash stone and pierce thick armour with his claws.
    he knows basic necromancy and summoning magics, these magic give him the capability to raise the dead and to summon small weak elementals made of stone or plant matter.

    cold based attacks temporarily nullify his ability the breath fire and weaken him slightly.
    because of his large size he is not very agile, even while flying, allowing smaller faster opponents to dodge his attacks.
    -Mana hungry
    he needs to consume large amounts of mana to prevent himself from dying. this means that in extended strenuous situations he may have to stop casting spells so that he can regain the lost mana in his body. this fact does mean he doesn't need normal food or water to live.

    @TenebrisNemo I think it would be cool to go with 32 competitors. The more the merrier! Although if it means no fight stories like Jonteman93 said I think it would be better if you stuck with 16.
  • @TenebrisNemo I'm a riddle wrapped in an enigma coated in mystery

    I am new here but I saw this contest and I wanted my first card to be for it
  • ( @Jonteman93 - That's what I have been thinking as well. But I would like to write at least something within each match, and I'm sure other people want that as well.

    @12258290 - Allllllllrighty then! )
  • @HeroKP

    Pele saw Jaholion working on some type of metal thingy that looked interesting so she decided to check it out.

    She walked over there and said "What are you building?"

    After a detailed response and much confusion later
    "Can I help?"
  • Kift, of the Efreeti of Tarkir is a well known form changer. He dwells among his own and the Kaisham wanderers, a school of tricksters that originate from Qadat, the Fire Rim. By ever-increasing repetition Kift has become capable of mimicking any species or race and uses the gift to deceive his own and others. The Efreeti that follow the Jeskai way become outcasts of Qadat, but Kift has managed to study them in guise, coming and going from Qadat undetected. He has learned some of the Jeskai studies, which, combined with he knowledge of the Kaisham's school of tricksters, has honed his abilities. Among those who know him, faster than eye can follow, he has seemingly vanished as he takes on another visage.
  • @shadow123 @pakashara @Bobman111

    Pele was bored so she went out to the training grounds and saw Sylva Tai and Nya training.
    After walking towards them she asked "Can I join?"
  • @bubbasnickey I might tone down the dragons powers a little bc for a fire breathing fire giant dragon some of those one seem lit of place two seem way too much
  • @shadow123 imma let you handle this
  • Uncertain Fate of Contenders - Part I

    It was midday. Sun shined brightly in the light blue sky above Eternstor. Humans, elves, dwarves, merfolk, and orcs were working within the busy docks. Some ships arrived to the seaport while others were beginning to leave it. People who were on piers or boats were fishing. Cargo was put from ships into storehouses or vice versa. A seagull flock could be seen whenever somebody looked up into the sky. The buildings outside downtown weren't quiet either. Lots of people were within the tavern, the training fields, and the mayor's mansion.


    Inside one of the tavern's room was the ethereal named as Jaholion. Flashes of blue light came from the room's windows as he was busy working on some of his apparatuses. Sometimes he took a break and thought about Jahanacicus and Amihiyela. Whenever he did, he returned to work with even more ambition.

    Within the main hall of the tavern, the elf druid Jazhara was sitting at the table next to a window while enjoying yet another cup of Hyrotian tea. Whenever she heard a sound coming from Jaholion's room, she turned her head each time, hoping to see him opening the door and walking out from the room. But the ehtereal artificer was firmly focused on his projects.

    The vampire contender, Zintius, was lying on a wooden log, which was supporting the ceiling of the tavern. Only a few people in the whole tavern have noticed the seemingly sleeping contender above them. Zintius avoided sunlight and hadn't done much else during the week. He had somehow quenched his thirst for blood during his trance.

    Angel contender Caphria was spending time sitting at the table and chattering with her companions whom she met yesterday. They talked about tournament rules, about other contenders, and about last year's champion.

    Whistler, the wizard automaton, was standing motionless with its four hands crossed over its chest in the corner of the tavern's hall next to a guard. The male guardsman was tired but also unable to fall asleep due to the sounds Whistler's engine made.

    The most foreign looking contender, Roland, was leaning against the counter and drinking strong beverage from a small glass, which was refilled time after time by a tavern maid. The mysterious gunslinger patiently awaited for the bloody tournament's start.

    Ice elf named as Katha was sitting alone at a corner table and gave a cold look for everyone who got close to her, making them back off. She resisted the urge to freeze Ronnie's tongue, who was telling about the big orc's death to some tavern drunks for the umpteenth time. Ding Mettir's murmurs were also rather annoying for her, even though the merfolk was sitting a few tables away from her.

    The imp, Sunex, was within his own room, holding the still beating heart in his right hand while he was silently sitting on a slightly burned chair. Only a faint light of Sunex's flames lit the room, for he had closed the curtains of the windows. The secluded contender hadn't left the room since when he entered it the day he arrived to Eternstor.

    A room next to it was the blue wizard Vir Azmani's room. He was sitting at the table while reading an old spellbook of his wizarding days. The sound of seagulls, which came from the open window, had been annoying him for an hour. But he kept reading, for he didn't remember how to cast his old silencing spell.

    Tourach was sitting on a chair next to the window of her room, thinking about how she ended up in the abandoned building earlier. A certain black cat was lying on a branch of a tree, where it could easily see into the room of the lich mistress.

    Tai, Sylva, and Nya were training in a field behind the buildings of the main street. Their radiance was brilliant, and even the Coltras Drasonkai knew it as he was watching the young contenders getting better. Pele, some guards, and a few kids were also watching the three strangers in action.

    Great black dragon Karnax was lying on the ground next to the tavern. It had just been sleeping through the week, awaiting the day when it's finally facing an opponent. On that day, it shall unleash its burning wrath.

    Threndal, the smaller dragon of a gladiator, hadn't been lazy unlike the other dragon contender. It had hunted within the wilderness and flown above the city. People have watched and pointed up in the sky as the dragon had roared while doing aerial maneuvers during the whole week. The fierce dragon's skills won't rust as long as it kept performing them, it thought for itself.

    Koorir the minotaur was walking and looking around the "human town". He didn't think of any logical reasons why a demonic shade was within the dark alley on the other day, but he was just happy for having such a good battle after leaving his home valley. The older people who were walking on the streets of Eternstor avoided the brute minotaur, who was being followed by the curious children. They tried to stay out of sight and kept following Koorir while keeping a small distance from the peculiar contender.

    Nobody else except Koorir had seen Kift the efreet after the day when he silently arrived to the tavern and wrote his name in the registration list. But little did the whole population of Eternstor know that Kift had been exploring the city and its outskirts in another forms during the week, such as an old man or as an unnoticeable hound.

    A young man walked through the town gates onto the forest road. Then he looked at the small path, which led to the area, where he had taught Gyar, the wurm contender for the tournament. He beckoned at the wurm hatchling, which followed its handler through the gates. Then it dug beneath the ground next to the stone road, so it wouldn't get damaged. The handler smiled and walked down the path while he could faintly hear the wurm burrowing underground.

    Callum and the white wolf Lupa were wandering within the green forest next to the port town. The tiny goblin Lobberknot was sitting on a forest hill nearby while sharpening his trusty potato peeler. Hukong, the Monkey Warrior was jumping from tree to tree above the two other contenders while honing his skills with the rod.

    People of Eternstorn had already begun speculating which one of these contenders may be destined to become the 17th tournament champion. Some argued that specific person hadn't even arrived yet. Judge Gaspar scoffed this nonsense within the mayor's mansion. He walked out from the crowded building and headed to the harbor's direction with two guards.

    Once this week is over, I will choose the finest contenders to fight in the 17th tournament. I swear this in Friyena's name.
  • I think that I will have a friend under the name of Eldritch Evil join. :)
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    @pjbear2005 @Bobman111 @pakashra

    “Oh! Pele!” Tai said as she arrived on the battlefield.

    “Can I train with you?” She asked.

    Nya looked into her eyes and said, “I’ll beat you easy.”

    “So that’s a yes,” Pele said, “Thanks.”

    “We will have simultaneous battles, it will be quicker.” Tai said.

    Pele threw fireballs at Nya while Nya absorbed them with her staff on the side, Tai was dodging relentless attacks from Sylva.

    “You really think that your fire will beat me?” Nya said and launched her vine spell.

    The vines erupted from the ground, knocking Pele off balance. A vine swung at her but she dodged. The next came from above and Pele ran from it and found herself in front of a thick green vine. It curled around her like a snake with its prey and it squeezed her tight.

    “No.. No one s... said i... it would b... be this dangerous,” Pele shouted while the vines choked her.

    Nya just laughed and made the vines thicker and stronger. One of the flasks of powder Tai gave her exploded, she lit the flask, powder, and vines on fire.

    “You destroyed my...” Pele tried to get the rest out but the vines dropping her to the ground hurt her too much. Nya sent another wave of vines to finish Pele off. She gave Pele her winner smile. Pele literally exploded. The vines recoiled and Nya was knocked back, her staff burned, but just s little. Then, Nya fainted.

    Meanwhile, Sylva was surprised by the heat resistant powder and not being able to resist it either. Pele smiled at Tai knowing this was over. Tai clouded herself with black powder so nobody but Sylva could see her. She struck Sylva with her rose and she fell to the ground as well. Tai quickly hid the rose as the smoke faded.

    “Nice,” Pele said, “How did you knock her out?”

    “Its my sleeping powder,” Tai lied.

    Tai healed Sylva and Nya and they all headed back to their rooms together.
  • @TenebrisNemo it's not so much flaws in the card, as it is the awesomeness of some other cards.
  • @Everyone please don’t overwhelm our training group. Feel free to try your own!
  • Anyone want to start one @shadow123 you got it!
    I will help pull attention away by forming one
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