My Cards; Thoughts, Criticisms, Improvements?
My cards don't really have any specific themes, I've just made random ones that popped into my head.

Also, here's another card I was thinking of making, although I can't find any art for it:

(Not sure of the name either) {4}
If a nonland permanent you control becomes tapped, you may pay {3} or 5 life to untap it. This ability does not enter the stack, and resolves immediately


  • Regarding the artifact, You may pay {3} or 5 life to do what? Stop it from being tapped?

    Since it drains life perhaps it's some kind of vampiric weapon or artifact.
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    What is the end result of you paying the life or 3 colorless for, to stop a Nonland permanent from being tapped? This feels more like a curse enchantment the way it's written thus far.
  • It's not necessary to have a theme. And sometimes you can find a theme later on. I will give you criticisms of your cards as they come to me in the comments sections of the card pages.
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    @MittoMan Overall, your cards explore design space that hasn't been mined out. That's good. I think enchantment tokens is unique, am I right?

    They are also, on the whole, far too complicated. There are too many things going on in each one. This is not universally true but on balance they are just too busy!

    This is also a good thing though - by simplifying them, you can produce a greater number of cards, each with a simpler and powerful ability.
  • Whoops. I didn't realise I hadn't finished that. It's fixed now, though
  • Also, @Scott_Anderson, regarding that enchantment, can you think of a better way to phrase it?
  • I don’t want you to think I’m blowing you off but I’m in bedtime mode. I will try to remember to consider it and suggest a template tomorrow
  • I made the card, it's called Mana Well
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