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  • @Zaheer_The_Grim I know you said we don’t have to say anything, but out of respect for the forum I’ll do it anyway.

    The card seems balanced enough, and I think the repeatable take vengeance effect works well with with its cost and stats.
    I’d imagine your conspire mechanic would create some interesting  player interactions, though holding the player accountable (IE writing the chosen opponent on a piece of paper) could become tedious.
    Conspire is also the name mechanic that was introduced in Shadowmoor.

    Here’s mine:

    This was my entry in this year’s Artful August. While I like it’s general design, I’m not sure I utilized it well. I’d appreciate any feedback

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    Actually seems fine to me. It's a hasty 4/4 when you play it and, on each of your upkeeps, you find out if it gets bigger or smaller. It feels weird that he gets bigger when you "lose," but I suppose there is upside either way. The wording is slightly off because it needs to specify that Gorvul is the source of the damage (ie. ...flip, put a -1/-1 counter on Gorvul and he deals 2 damage to any target). You'll notice that you don't need to spell out Legendary creature's full names after the first instance in the rules text and that WotC has actually started using "he" and/or "she" to denote legendary permanents "doing things."

    The art looks distinctly digital and not overly detailed, but that's a preference thing.

    Next Up:

    Favorite and/or comment on my card then post up to two of your own!
  • hey yall probably havent seen me before but heres my idea for the guy on the curse cards he is a planeswalker with no known name except the unluckiest but some call him murphy because of the murphy law anyhoo plz tell me what yall think cuz nothing ever goes his way the way he wants it to go.


    ik the exile the top 10 cards is broken but look an opponent chooses 5 of them to play for free before you and then you dont play the other for free but they go onto the battlefield under your control so if the opponent leaves you like 3 lands it won't matter but for them they can only grab 1 land. i think its an interesting concept to say the least.
  • @Titanium000
    The character itself is a fun concept (it personally reminds of Rincewind, the Ill-fated wizard from the Discworld novels), though it’s a tricky one to put into card form. You need to find the balance between the risk and reward. At the moment the card seems to me to be more trouble than it’s worth (I understand that might be what you were going for, but it doesn’t seem playable to me at this point).

    Here’s my suggestion: rework the abilities to be more themed toward opponent selection.
    This should keep the flavor of misfortune, while still technically helping you.

     +2 “Target opponent looks at the top two cards of your library, and chooses one. Put the chosen card into your hand and the other into your graveyard.”

    -1 “Target opponent choose a card from your graveyard. Return that card to your hand.”

    I’m rather stumped on how I’d rework the final ability, but as is I believe it would almost solely benefit the opponent. 

    I also think the CMC is a bit to high. I’d suggest one colorless, one red.

     I hope this helps!

    Here’s mine:

  • Phew it's been awhile since I've done this!

    @Globert-the-Martian Commented!

    My card:

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    @shadow123 I can second that, its been a long time for me as well!

    First of all, Thornheart Prince is such a lovely title, and flavorfully appropriate with the life payment/life lost abilities. My only issue with the card is purely formatting the text. I think it would have been better without the space at the top as its kinda squished at the bottom over the p/t box. Overall, very nice card, with an interesting multiplayer aspect as well. I gave it a favorite.

    first card in awhile here. Exert tribal anyone?

  • @Rayne-Lord
    Hm, I think your card could be cheaper as a commander. In the current meta nowadays where removals are super cheap, probably cheating your jackal guy into play with Elvish Piper for example would be a better line of play.

    Maybe adding haste onto it would make it better surely, but hey you're already playing in red and green anyway. I'm not a professional still so take it with a grain of salt.

    Any thoughts on this card? Probably it's just too simple but whatever.
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    Oath seems totally fine as a spinoff of Toxic Deluge with additional functionality. However, as a Legendary rare enchantment that's second half does nothing unless an opponent plays and uses a specific card type, I think this wouldn't see a whole lot of play. Toxic Deluge just feels better giving -X/-X and being a single color (though having it countered stinks a lot more).

    Well, since @Titanium000 ignored the rules and skipped over my card in my own discussion thread, I'll post the full two cards instead of just one.

    Next Up:

    Favorite and/or comment on at least one of my cards then post up to two of your own!
  • @Faiths_Guide favorited. Nice job! I like the designs of both, and your artwork is incredible!

  • @Globert-the-Martian certainly should take the time to properly credit the artist of Dormant Champions. Also want a shuffle clause with the tutor effect.

  • @Temurzoa Very well-designed and interesting card! Good job including the "and graveyard" clause necessary for the exile effect. I'm still not 100% sure it'd fully work as intended within the rules, since the exile is a replacement effect, there's some strangeness going on there. 

    Speaking of strangeness and things probably not working in the rules, my apology in advance to whoever's next
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    I really like the Idea behind your card, but I feel like it is simply to complicated. I fell like with a card like this in play it would put the game on pause way too long and would require a lot of mental gymnastics and looking through rules with many interactions. Cool idea. It may be better to have it say "Whenever a spell you control would deal damage to a target, you may instead destroy an artifact with a converted mana cost less then or equal to the amount of damage that would have been dealt."
  • @zizick123, artist is Felipe Escobar :)

    As always, nonland and noncreature don't have any dashes in-between. 

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    @Temurzoa looks great! I really like the scary synergy. I can’t find anything I’d change.

    here’s mine:
    I’m going to remake this one anyway, since I forgot to credit the artist. Should I downgrade it to a sorcery, or is it fine as is? Any other critiques is appreciated.

  • @Globert-the-Martian ahh yes ill rework it soon and post it to sum like that but i still like the ult but ill probably rework it or sum also i love the doomerang card that is such a cool idea but thx for the feedback but i say he should stay the colors but ill probably mix them up you see what i mean later again thx for the feedback 
  • herei s another card it is related to the morph/manifest ability and is like secret plans except in black green also it would be cool so whaddya think?

    i personally really like morph (its my fav mechanic in the game tbh and my fav commander is kadena.) and really wish they would go back to tarkir or make a expansion set like the core sets but with morph cards in it too.
  • @Globert-the-Martian i like the goblin genuity card but maybe t should say draw a card then discard a card
  • @Faiths_Guide my bad i never knew their were rules i was just posting as the name says mb i am sory
  • @Titanium000 I don't know if I'm the best judge, but I feel like it might be slightly undercosted. I'd say playing a morph is easier than flipping one and is a lot more consistent, so I'd add one generic to the CMC if it were me, but I can understand if you'd want to keep it at 2 to mirror secret plans completely.
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    @LeBateauIvre I really like this one! 
    Starting  at its basic stats, a four mana 2/5 with menace and deathtouch seems like a great investment, as it will likely trigger a two for one, or at the very least a significant removal spell to deal with it. For its second ability, it seems unlikely that the alternate win condition is achievable, but it synergizes well with its third ability, and it adds just an extra drop of personality. The third ability is just some added fun to coin flips, providing both risk and reward.

    all of this culminates into a very flavorful representation of this character, conveying the image of a cocky swindler. I know exactly nil about fire emblem, but at the risk of making a fool of myself I can say I feel as if I fully know this character.

    my only real critique is that I’m not a fan of the term “bad-luck counter”

    Here’s mine: ( I decided to change it, I hope that’s okay)
  • @Globert-the-Martian Cool card! I'm not a big fan of skulk, but I think this card makes good use of it. The decision of whether or not to use a buff spell on this guy, gaining extra advantage from double strike, but opening it up to being blocked would definitely lead to some memorable gameplay puzzles. The only potential issue I see with this card is in its use of hybrid mana. Hybrid cards shouldn't do anything that monocolored cards of each of their colors can't do, and I'm not sure mono-black is allowed this much repeated direct damage.

    My card:

  • @Faiths_Guide Pretty sure this is my first time here. So I guess I'll just start: Descendant of Deception was a card that I had made some time ago, and is one of my favorite cards I have ever made, and has gotten some good praise. The exile ability is very much inspired by Jhoira of the Ghitu, and the cast ability was added for an extra bonus, and maybe something to build around.

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  • @ShadowReign I like your card. All of its effects fit really well to card color and creature type. It looks like a Kamigawan who ended up in Ravnica :smiley:

    Okay guys I need some balancing help for my two cards which don't have an Artwork yet. I'm not sure if the wording is correct and I need help with how much the mana cost should be:

    Frozen Shifter
    10 mana
    Snow Artifact

    You may pay SSSSSSSS (8 Snow mana) instead of paying this cards mana cost.
    (T), 10: Shuffle target Land back into its owners library. You can activate this ability any time you could activate an instant.

    (this card is either removing enemy lands or saving yours) And then this:

    Illusionary Island
    (T): 1 blue Mana
    (T): Illusionary Island phases out. (is this too strong for A land with no drawbacks or okay?)

  • @pokespriter
    Hmm… a repeatable land removal effect would be quite powerful, so it would need some hefty balancing. But at turn 10 it probably wouldn’t be worth it for 10 mana each. I think if you removed the mana for the activation cost, and maybe lowered the cmc a bit, so that it could be played at turn seven (or maybe even six) it would be okay. 

    Illusionary Island should have some sort of drawback, so that it isn’t just a strictly better basic island. I’d recommend either making it enter tapped, or making it legendary.

    that’s my unprofessional opinion 

    Both are interesting concepts, and I hope you can find artwork that fits them (which I know can be difficult)

    here’s mine:
    Is this too powerful?

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    @Globert-the-Martian I feel like the costs of the abilities are a little off. I think "{2}{B}{B}: Destroy target Warlock or enchantment." and maybe "{B}, Discard a card: Target creature becomes a Warlock until end of turn.", might work out nicely. I just feel that for 4 and a discard is overly compensating for a simple change of creature type, and a tap to destroy just doesn't feel right to me. But that's all personal preference.

    I wanted to do something that has hexproof and indestructible; a commander that extremely hard to get rid of, but is still (hopefully) well balanced. Also, the art is fantastic in my opinion.

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    @shadowreign hmm. It's strong but expensive which is good. The one fear is how quick it grows and how easy it is to give trample in green. I'd maybe get rid of the draw portion on the card. At eight mana three taxed continually isn't too much, especially since it can ramp so maybe it doesn't need to give you cards. 

     Can the next person please give FangQuill's cards some feedback, I don't see any for them.
  • @LeBateauIvre Yeah that was supposed to me. I didn't know the rules had changed since I didn't feel like going through over 100 pages. Sorry about that.
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    @FangQuil I'm not a huge fan of the whole Night/Day thing, but I see what your going for, and it seems very interesting. ?

    This is a pretty old card if mine, and to this day I can't help but smile when I see it. Let me know what you think. Also, please excuse the reminder text for Suspend, it's supposed to say two time counters, rather than three.

  • @ShadowReign Hey nice to see you on here, its been a while for me on ther forums as well. Prinae is a fun red card, and explores a slice of reds ability to mess with the opponents lands that doesnt see much design anymore. So I gave it a favorite. Also, what’s the phonetics on that name?

    I present, a Tutor Lord, inspired by Panglacial Wurm of all things ( the first ability is lifted directly from it.) Curious what we think of the balancing here, as well as if the second ability was worded correctly. I purposely didn’t include a shuffle clause since this ability occurs while you’re already searching, I’d assume the original effect would have a shuffle clause, hence why I didn’t include one here as it’d be redundant. Idk if thats the correct move, but it did save space.

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