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  • @Sweda yes, it is. But when someone is using it against black, red, or blue player, they are playing with fire. They could destroy it at moment, return it to the owner's hand, or worse. That way, owner could lost all of that life and the effort is wasted.
  • @Sweda Is it a bit better if I get rid of the lifelink?
  • @Ashdust

    I think that would be fair
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    @Ashdust You can but I think lifelink fits well with the colours. You can make it so you can't target it for untap during your second combat so you can't double it again.  You will need to do something else to untap it if you want to get those huge numbers, it still would be an 8/8 flying gain 4 life in almost all attacks.  It's still pretty strong though if you run other lifelinking creatures since it's free life, maybe make it so it only double attack so player can at least have a chance to block and kill the creature.
    @FireOfGolden Sure, things "dies to removal" but to be able to deal 24 damage with out any other support cards to one player in one turn is very easy for this creature since it is flying, that's lethal if it isn't dealt with the moment it drops and ultimately can be seen as unfair if you don't have a solution right then and there.
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    • Having 60 - 100 cards is a lot better than it was before, but playing commander with less than a full deck feels super weird, and I think that ability shouldn't exist.
    • Being able to simply tap it to create a copy of any card in your hand is super, super strong. You exile it, tap ink, copy the exiled card (essentially playing it for free, which that by itself is already strong), and put the card back into your hand, only to do it God knows how many more times (probably a couple more times in the same turn for that matter with a handful of cards that can untap Ink).
    • Having Devoid and changing Ink to a color, isn't too impactful outside of cards that care about what color a card is, and probably won't matter too much in Commander.
    • The reminder text doesn't make much since, because reminder text is used to clarify how something works, and not changing how something works. Nonetheless, how it reads is that you copy instants and sorceries, but nothing else, was that the intent? If so, why not just make instant and sorcery a requirement to exile?
    • Ink has some potential, but requires a lot of fixing to become a well rounded, fully functioning card in my opinion.
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    Thanks for checking out!

    Reasons why I made it lower to between 60 to 100 was making room for any cards was made from Ink. The maximum is 100 and no any cards can be made more than that. Able to make a copy of the card to the hand but requires you to cast it for its mana cost keeps it fair. Reminder text is used to let user know that copied card are not token, therefore, doesn't cease from existence when it leaves the battlefield to the hand. They meant to last for rest of game.

    Meaning, you can cast copied creature onto the battlefield as if they are not token.
  • @FireOfGolden Okay, I get now what the card is doing, but why put a copy into hand? It just over complicates things. Why not just be able to cast copies of the card that's exiled?
  • @FireOfGolden So the way I'm reading this is Ink will make a copy of a exiled card and put into your hand, that you then still need to cast.  Not possible in paper Magic, how will this work?  You scribble the card name on a proxy, sleeve it and put it in your hand?  I think the wording should be similar to Elite Arcanist
    {t}: Copy a card in exile you own with an Ink counter on it. Until end of turn you may cast the copy by paying it mana cost.
    There is no need of putting copies into one's hand unless that is important.
  • So, here's what happened;

    At beginning of the turn. The controller will exile one of his or her hand with an ink counter on it. That way, controller can tap Ink to make a copy of the exiled card. When that happens, game see it as token as if it is copy token, but it's not token. As result, deck numbers is increased by 1 (60 goes to 61 or 76 goes to 77). According to commander rule, deck cannot be greater than 100 cards unless card says otherwise. Since Ink allows owner to have between 60 and 100 cards in deck, Owner cannot make new card of the exiled card more than 100 cards in the deck.

    Therefore, owner is able to make a copy of the exiled creature or enchantment then put it in the hand then casts for its mana cost onto the battlefield and game will see it as normal card rather than token that will cease from the existence when left the battlefield.

    They meant to last for rest of the game. Once game ends, they ceases from the existence until is recreated.

    Do you understand what am I trying to say?
  • @ShadowReign It's way to keep the game fair. Putting into the hand requires the owner to cast it for its mana cost.
  • @Sweda That's exactly what I am thinking. Is it wrong?
  • @FireOfGolden You still have to pay to cast copies when they say "You may cast a copy" rather than "Copy that spell".
  • @ShadowReign Ahh, am I about to cross the silver line?

    No, it's like drawing a new card from the exiled card with ink counter on it as if it's copy of that card.

    Then owner can put it in the hand and until he or she needed it, he or she can cast it from the hand.

    That way just requires owner to pay for its mana cost. Otherwise it stays in the hand until discarded or exiled.
  • @FireOfGolden The only way to add physical copies of cards into your hand that can be destroyed, put in graveyard and hands and all that is this
    {t}: Choose a card you own in exile with an ink counter on it, put a card you own from outside the game with the same name as the chosen card and put it into your hand.
    Course for this to work you will need real physical copies of these cards and matching sleeves to prevent cheating. 
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    @Sweda "Outside the game" refers to the sideboard, something that Commander doesn't have.

    @FireOfGolden Adding a copy of a card to hand defeats the purpose of... you know... a "card", which is why copies become tokens, or fizzle from existence after their cast. Puting copies into hand over complicates things. Keeping track of what cards are actually copies, and what they're a copy of can be very tedious. Whereas casting a copy of it from exile can be done, has been done, and isn't borderline madness. It can be done in Arena, because it's a video game, not paper Magic.
  • @Sweda Ohhh, I see. Thanks for advice!
  • Now I shall leave this card here and be off.
  • @FireOfGolden i see where your going but it wont be aloowed the original that is cuz the 60-100 would cause ink to be banned kinda like yorion being banned as a companion cuz he increases the deck size but i kinda like  where you where going but then that last version is bonkers... completely bonkers just a unfair golos at that point

    anywhoo here my card.

    so pierce here is a heroic tribal commander which doesnt have any commander that even can help it unless you use like kykar or sum.
    so i know heroic is a pretty small seen mechanic only a few creatures but pierce here doesnt care he gives them all heroic.

    What im asking is what do yall think of the design, do yall think it busted or weak? and most importantly would yall play or play against it?

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    @FireOfGolden Bomber - So 3CMC for a 2/1 haste that if blocked blows up to deal 4.  Playing through a typical scenario is you attack, they have 2 choices, block and take 4 or don't block and take 2, then Bomber dies to it's own ability and you take 4, isn't the obvious choice to make is not block it?  I'm not sure what At beginning of your end step, put a -1/-1 counter on each forgot creature you control unless you discarded a or more cards this turn. Clearly there is something missing but regardless this is a negative ability as it looks like you need to go down in card advantage to make sure your creatures don't get -1/-1.  This should be {r} unless I'm missing something it kinda can boil down to deal 2 damage to target player, at the end of your turn sacrifice bomber and it deals 4 damage to you unless you discarded a card or something like that.
    @Titanium000 Pierce - I like it and I think it has a lot of potential build arounds.  Pumping your board like this already exist with Hero of the Pride, Hero of the Games, Hero of the Nyxborn and a few others. Anax and Cymede is most similar 3/2 first strike and can pump your board at 3CMC.  I'm a fan of getting multiple triggers out of one spell and this card can get a lot of unique triggers if you have the right heroic creatures in play so there are many creative ideas and synergies that can happen.  I don't think it's busted, it's a sweet extra bonus if you can get a board that can trigger real heroic creatures. I think it would be rare in commander since there just isn't that many heroic cards but if you can get several in play it'd be cool to see them all pop off.
    Here is mine, a character from Elden Ring and Dark Souls game

    Is 3 life too much? You do give them a treasure but there is risk of even more life loss since you can have a sac or discard outlet and get the life loss as a payoff.
  • Hmm. I think 2 life is fairer. And maybe make it each opponent? These are just my opinions though. I love this card, it's actually really cool. This can be abused in so many ways, but not by itself. Good job.

  • @Sweda

    It's hard to explain, but

    I want to make forgot creature by default have a -1/-1 counter on themselves unless its controller discarded a or more this turn. This ability activates only when it's beginning of controller's end step.

    If that doesn't work out for ya, then I think I should replace that reminder text with Decay. Every forgot creature always have them, it just works exactly same as the reminder text.
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    @Ashdust normally you wait until someone posts their own card (so you can give feedback on that before making your own request), but I'll just do both of your recent cards here:
    Hröndaayl, Forest's Fury
    • This is basically Karador, Ghost Chieftain turned up past 11, and super abusable in all sorts of ways, especially considering how easy it is to get them onto the battlefield.
    • For example, any 1-mana creature + a token generator that makes creatures of the same color + a sac outlet (if necessary) = infinite ETB/LTB triggers => Infinite life drain via Blood Artist effects, infinite card draw via Dark Prophecy effects, infinite mana via Blood Pet, Phyrexian Altar, etc. (The token generator can be foregone in the last case if you don't need the infinite mana, since there's no clause specifying that you have to cast the creature spells in your graveyard via convoke.)
    • Wording notes: The third ability should read "creature cards in your hand and graveyard have convoke," (see Satoru Umezawa, Tectonic Reformation), and the last ability "You may cast creature spells with convoke from your graveyard," (see Abandoned Sarcophagus, Karador, Lurrus of the Dream-Den, etc.)
    Ejiek, Deadly Stalker
    • This is pretty interesting. My main complaint is that black & green have plenty of ways to gain life when creatures enter/die, so you can burn through your library at will with a sac outlet. Perhaps you could increase the life cost to get the manifest, or restrict to either creature tokens or face-up creatures (the latter is reminiscent of Whisperwood Elemental). This would both make it more difficult to churn through your library as well as encourage triggering the last ability.
    • You might also consider doing something else with the second ability, that way it's not just "creature dies => free replacement, plus the occasional deathtoucher if you flip the replacement face up." As it is now, there's basically no incentive to flip your manifests unless you're in a fairly desperate situation (or playing something like Fynn), since your creatures already turn into more creatures.
    I'd appreciate feedback on this Elden Ring-flavored MDFC:
    Lichdragon FortissaxGolden Death Lightning

    For some context, Lichdragon Fortissax is one of the many optional/secret bosses in Elden Ring. The three modes of the attack trigger represent fire breath, red lightning spears, and death lightning, respectively. Death Lightning is one of the two spells you can receive by trading in the Remembrance of the Lichdragon (which you receive for slaying Fortissax). The reason it doesn't place -1/-1 counters like Fortissax's third mode does is because the Death Blight status effect only works on Tarnished (which the player is one of), so most of the time it's just golden lightning. (I.e., the player can suffer from Death Blight while fighting Fortissax, but most enemies won't when the player casts Death Lightning, so it was simpler to just make it do damage.)
  • @cadstar369 That's my bad, sorry. 
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    I've never played Elden Ring, so I'll focus only on the cards themselves.

    Lichdragon Fortissax: I like this card. I'd personally use the last ability more often than not. For some wild reason, my brain thinks that 1 damage is too little, but 2 damage would be too much. I think you made the right choice though. I have little issue with the card, I think it's well balanced. 
    Golden Death Lighting: I am a sucker for kicker cards, and really like this one. I just like their flexibility, I think. It has the ability to get rid of most tokens, at least, whilst unkicked, but can function as a sort of board wipe when you pay extra. Cost seems appropriate, and all in all, it seems well-rounded. Good job. 

    Veliora Wandering Hag

    My main concern with this card is that the activated ability is too cheap for what it does. 
  • But you do have to tap it, I guess.
  • @Ashdust ;
    I agree, Veliora’s activated ability does feel a bit cheap for it’s power. It might be fine if it was raised to 5 mana. For formatting activating abilities, remember to put a comma between the mana cost and tapped symbol. Also, I personally think the warlock subtype would fit better than Wizard,  it that’s more of a preference thing. The rest of the card appears fine.

    here’s mine:
    Since making this, I’ve been made aware of several combos that could create infinite loops of Willem. Should I prevent these, by making it so that it exiles itself when it dies, or should I just embrace the jank and leave it as is?

  • @Globert-the-Martian Thank you for the feedback! I'm still new to this, and your critique is really helpful. Formatting help is especially useful. I agree with you on the mana thing, but the reason I used "Wizard" is because most witches are classified as wizards (I think..)
  • @Ashdust no problem, we’re all learning here.
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