Drunken Sailor?

Hi folks. New here.

Earlier today I made about 15 pirate-themed card concepts, and published them to a new set I called Pirate Ideas. One card is a 3/1 token called DRUNKEN SAILORS, who lives in the flavorful pirate universe. (And will be spawned by other cards and actions I have in mind.) However, I notice the card recently disappeared entirely from both my set and my account.

Is it possible the mods/admins sent it to a blackhole, intentionally? Is there a rule against the word or concept of drunk? Otherwise, I guess I must have deleted it by accident.

I'm hoping to end up with a mix of 2/2, 1/3 and 3/1 pirate-themed creatures and tokens. So would like to figure out what happened here today before spending time making (and losing) more cards.

Appreciate your tutelage-- and all the sweet custom card concepts.



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    Here's the set:


    That link work for you non-me people?
  • Occasionally cards fall into the Pit of 404. Nudity, Language, Drugs and Alcohol are typically the most common cards that fall into the pit.
    MTGCardsmith doesn't limit the kinds of cards you can make, but some break the Terms of Use and get removed. However, if you want to make a card for your own personal set, MTGCardsmith has the Download feature, so you can make all the cards you want.
  • Thanks Corwinnn.

    When a card gets blackholed for site policy reasons, is there any "artifact" of that occuring-- a comment, warning, notification etc? That could help me (and other newbies or unknowing-scofflaws) learn from their mistake. Or do I need to deduce what silently happened?

    You're a mod, right? (Not sure.) If so, would appreciate an informal/personal "ruling" in this case: is the mere card name DRUNKEN SAILORS enough to trigger Pit of 404? Is it the drunk word or alcohol idea that's objectionable? Because, I have some casks of rum visible in my card art; so concerned to avoid a moral card-holocaust down the road.

    I'm still not sure what happened in this case. I may have just accidentally deleted that token card. I did that for sure with another card yesterday trying to find the card-edit mode in the deck-edit screen... which I now understand doesn't exist unless I pay to upgrade. :-)

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