Reactivation Challenge #47- Mirrored Pairs (Awarding prizes)

Let me share alittle story for you all.......

"Years ago a smith created an amazing contest, then another and another. Each new contest more amazing than the last. Eventually someone made what many deemed, the greatest contest OF ALL TIME!! Countless Entries were made, so it would take months to judge... or so it seemed. The community patiently waited for an answer that would never come as it's creator vanished mysteriously without a trace from the pages of history. It was then that Tomigon joined forced with Corwinnnn and they formed the cardwatch. The merry Band of Misfits vowed never again would this happen, and thus the Reactivation Challenge was born! "

I got selected due to a loophole or a dare something to host the next Reactivation Challenge.(and boy are they paying for it, as am I.) I knew whatever it was I needed a contest that wasn't currently happening or too close to something happening to not step on the toes of other contests. (Granted probably going allow some crossover still.) It needed to be a contest I easily made the max number of entries for myself. (No, I not rebooting Mechanix 29 where I made 12 entries.) So I thought I will pick Mirrored Pairs that @TezzeretofCarmot21 / @Tomigon hosted.

Original contest:

So the rules from the original with some minor tweaks.... (I highlighted the important stuff)

a) Two cards that are functionally identical except the colors are reversed. Ex. Red Elemental Blast / Blue Elemental Blast. White Knight / Black Knight.
b) Two cards that have the same mana costs but opposite abilities. Ex. Chief of the Edge / Chief of the Scale. Veteran Swordsmith / Veteran Armorsmith.
Guidelines for this contest:
1. ten mirrored pairs per user incase anyone wants to do a cycle of some sort. (Twenty cards total.)
2. WORD YOUR CARDS PROPERLY. If you're not sure how to word your cards, find a card close to the card you want to make on Gatherer.
3. For type a mirrored pairs, they should be in different colors, preferably enemy colors but anything goes. For type b, they should be in exactly the same colors.
4. Keep the art and names appropriate. I'd prefer not to be existing Magic card art.
5. I will automatically disqualify any card that I deem has inappropriate art, names, or flavor text, or terrible wording.(I am pretty lax judge but it's there.)
6. Cards made after May 20th are allowed. All card types are allowed! Long it's a pairing that makes sense and fits.

7. The deadline is June 15th though could be extended if requested.

*Special additional rule*
In the event you make Planeswalker or creatures, I will strongly encourage you to use the new partner mechanic from Battlebond for those creatures.You can leave off the reminder text if you are need space, unless you change the way it functions.

As Examples

image image

Planeswalker Twins
image image

You can tweak the idea to your liking, but needs stay with in the concept. This not required, but I'd like to see it used. if you can come up with a way use it for Noncreature spells that makes sense, more power to you. I encourage people take risks since you got a couple entries to make. I want to give you room to show me what you got. I don't however expect you to have art that connects, but if you can do that sort of thing, that's just gravy.You can leave off the reminder text if you are need space, unless you change the way it functions.

*Rewards for putting up with Lastjustice and entertaining his Madness.....*

- 1st Winner gets a free month of Premium, whether for themselves or to donate to someone else if you opt to, courtesy of @Lastjustice and 5 Favorites.

- 2nd place gets 4 favs

- 3rd gets 3 favs.

- Honorable Mentions will each get 1, and I will decide at the time of the judging how many I will extend that to based on number of entries. Will be atleast 2.

If you have any other questions or concerns you can post them in the contest, or message me as I will happily clear up things. Let the games begin! -Lastjustice

I think @Lastjustice forgot to read the disclaimer in RC#46 and picked a challenge that's already resolved lol. But the disclaimer doesn't change. 1 participant selected by @Lastjustice becomes the host of RC#48, so please read this if you enter. -@Tomigon

*Reactivation Disclaimer:
1 ) An inactive challenge is chosen to be reactivated, it gets posted for new submissions with a new deadline.
2 ) The new judge cannot choose his or her own submissions as the winner.
3 ) After the winners are declared, the judge selects one participant as the next host (must be an active member).
4 ) The chosen participant chooses the next challenge that has been inactive for over 2 months. He or she hosts it as the reactivation judge.
5 ) The reactivation judge starts this process all over from step 1.
6 ) New discussion is opened for each reactivated challenge. A link to the original challenge is put there.
7 ) The alternate judge must type original judge's name after "@" to notice that his or her challenge is reactivated by the alternate judge.
8 ) The original judge has a right to take over their original challenge or to ask for it to remain open and unresolved at any time prior to a winner being declared and posted.

( ^ @NextJudge Copy this disclaimer and the Intro story to your new challenge thread.

Too long, didn't read version: Give a contest that is left hanging closure and give credit to the previous host and a chance reclaim control of their contest.




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    Thanks @Lastjustice !

    That prize is sweet!
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  • YAY! Another Chance at Mirrored Pairs!
  • Don't we normally pick contests that weren't previously judged though?
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  • @Faiths_Guide - Yes, but in this case @Tomigon let it slide, and we will resume our regularly scheduled programming on the next one.

    "I think @Lastjustice forgot to read the disclaimer in RC#46 and picked a challenge that's already resolved lol. But the disclaimer doesn't change. 1 participant selected by @Lastjustice becomes the host of RC#48, so please read this if you enter." -@Tomigon
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    Wasn't just letting it slide...this morning. I got called to the office in big oak in the forest and sat down.

    Lastjustice: "Why am I here?"
    @Corwinnn: "To see my new rug."
    LJ:" It's really nice, really pulls the room together"
    C" No, but thanks you dope! I am tired of you and your maverick tendencies jeopardizing this department's well being. Your brand of Justice is thru!"
    @Tomigon" Yeah you created the wrong kind of contest for this challenge. This a serious offense."
    LJ:"I am doing a sting operation to lure out the Dark Card smiths, they are real I swear. I have to break protocal."
    C: "I have enough of your conspiracy theories. The dark smiths aren't real. I have the Commisioner FluffyBottom all over me right! You know what Card Captain... I am busting you back down to Cardsmith First Class! Turn in your badge and gun! You will be on Un-sets commons for rest of your career."
    T: "When did we start giving out guns?!?"
    C" It was an AustinSmith contest, it shoots laser though."
    T: "And that makes it better how?"
    C: "Doesn't matter because he doesn't have one."
    LJ: "That's it, I will do this my way! I don't need your support!"
    C: "You know what his favorite Mechanic is?"
    C "Out-Last!" Get out of my office right now!"
    LJ storms out!
    C" I catch you putting any more stunts like this you will be going to Walter's F.U.N.N.H.A.U.S.!...That's an Acronym...and you do not want to find out what it stands for!"
    T: "What a disaster!"

    It was something like that anyways...may be was at work not here. You know what you have so many 80s/90s cop turn in your badge and gun demotions storm outs they start to run together when you're the Poe Dameron of the internet.

    Anyways nice to see someone on the board! We are under way!

  • I remember saying something about making someone do the "Phil Kessel run in under 12 parsecs"... but that may have been Alexander Ovechkin and I... it was a busy day.
  • lol yeah that's exactly what happened.
  • F.U.N.N.H.A.U.S

    Freakishly Unnatural Nominative Nowhere House of Alligators of Unusual Size
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    So to avoid further demotions back to Card Cadet, and a trip to Walter's F.U.N.N.H.A.U.S. I am going need this contest to be a success..or atleast salvagable. So to kick this off I am going include on a couple days leading to the 15th a theme of the day. Best pairing that embodies that theme wins 3 favorites of their choosing.

    So today's theme is Beauty and Beast !!!!

    Make two cards as a pair that work with those two ideas however you may.

    Clock is ticking till friday whenever I call it for this subtheme.

  • imageimage

    Well heres my first entry hopefully i understood the rules clearly enough
  • You got it @Djayhero , and you're on the board!
  • imageimage

    Well heres my second entry. Man it really kills me knowing im probably not gonna find any art like those planeswalkers in the example lol
  • So no taker for the theme of the day...I will give someone till Sunday night to score on that.

    @Djayhero you're doing good, you have 3 more potential entries, but you're first person post more than 1.
  • @Lastjustice Here you go. Beauty and Beast I guess..
    They don't look like a mirrored pair so much. I couldn't make them the same size.
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    I don't know if it works for the over all challenge, but definitely works for my theme of the day! You are in the lead there @DeepSky as I extended it to sunday. I will reveal subtheme two once I decide the winner of the first one.
  • How can i put in my "Cards & ideas" ? ? ?
  • @Lasse89
    <a href="Page URL"><img src="Picture URL" width="35%"></a>
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    For option (b), and for the special additional rule, I present:

    image image

    Soulbond with [subtype] (You may pair this creature with another unpaired [subtype] creature when either enters the battlefield. They remain paired for as long as you control both of them.)

    Makes me think of this old set.
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    I really would like that premium. Well, here goes.

    Edit: Are these cards qualified for the challenge?
    Edit edit: Oops, just realized a punctuation error occurred in Incendrix's text box!
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    yeah, you're good @MonkeyPirate2002. Those definitely count.
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    and THE BEAST

    they wasnt made with this contest in mind but just now seeing your theme i thought maybe it could slide? Oh and yeah, its literally a beast. I figured youd enjoy the pun @Lastjustice :)
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    It works for the theme of the day,doesn't meet the overall contest standard, but you're in the running for Sunday Favorites @Sorinjace.
  • Option A (forgot to mention that sorry!)
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    Ok, we a re wrapping up the subtheme, and the Winner is @Deepsky!

    You get 3 favorites of your choice.

    @Sorinjace, I will favorite both cards for playing.

    Next subtheme is... Day and Knight!

    This an easier one, and some cards might already fit this them. I came up with these ahead of time BTW as I have a list of 5 pairing I am going to create. This pairing actually exists already for me , the other four are still in design phase as I am looking for art and cooking up names.

    Again this concept can be handle however you want to work it. Either as Knight (Which @Faiths_Guide works toward) or Night. (which @Aryanf has a pairing that works toward that.)

    My own Day and Knight pairing.
    image image

    Final note, I'd like to see @TezzeretofCarmot21 get in on this.
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    image image

    The names might seem counterintuitive for those who know the usages from which they are derived (snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and vice versa), but I thought it would look odd, especially to non-native speakers, if the card that gave you 'victory' had the word defeat on it. These two cards are kind of opposites of each other, and one can counter the other (depending upon who acted first). They are great if you can get the cost reduction and are perfectly playable otherwise (especially Jaws of Victory). I initially had them down as commons, but felt the cost reduction condition was too complex for a common. Apologies for the inappropriate art on Jaws of Defeat, but I simply couldn't find anything more, well, appropriate (strangely enough). Let me know if this meets the requirements of your challenge. I'll find something for the daily subtheme as well, if I have the time.

    Edit: made Jaws of Defeat less narrow while still having an inverted effect to Jaws of Victory.

    Edit: I feel compelled to state that I quite like how the combination of the title and the art forgoes the need for flavour text or any sort of explanation of the effects.
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