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    Yeah, making planeswalker is very difficult. 1 mana is harder.

    I think it's impossible to give 1 mana planeswalker's [+N] ability a good effect. It should be very weak. For example, group hug effect like "[+1]: Each player may scry 1." Or super conditional effect like "[+2]: Exile target Human creature card from your graveyard." *If you have no human creature card in your graveyard, you can't use this ability.

    If you put an effect that's as powerful as 1 mana instant or sorcery to your 1 mana planeswalker, that ability should be super very difficult to repeat. For example, if your planeswalker's starting loyalty is 2 and if you want to put it Shock ability ("____ deals 2 damage to any target."), that ability should cost at least [-2].
  • @Tomigon i've been doing that. Your contest is frustrating the hell out of me. No offense. All I've gotten for my efforts is negative comments. I AM TRYING. I also have to go the extra mile to get to an actual computer to create a planeswalker as I don't have my own computer, and the phone I make cards with it wont let me create planeswalkers on it for some reason. Not to mention you can't edit the blasted things...

    I'll keep at it. Sorry if I am coming off crude my man. This contest is kicking me in the acorns pretty hard. I'm just trying to recover. I even went to the trouble of purging my own cards and favorites I was that frustrated. I have to refavorite the favorite requests from past contests and cards I geniunely enjoy. I wanted my profile to be more, ME, I guess is the best way to put it. Hope you understand. :)
  • @sorinjace
    Oh yeah, we can't make planeswalkers on mobile. Sorry about that.
    I know getting negative comments are not fun but I think everything is constructible if you use them well. I'm sure you'll get better if you keep on trying, and one day you'll make a card that impress them.
  • Thank you for the kind words @Tomigon. I have an idea for a planeswalker here that I am HOPING will work, I almost normally never quit! :) @Dechujoh64 is being kind enough to let me use his laptop to purge my cards and faves and make a planeswalker or two. We hang out quite a bit, I just let him help me clean up my favorites list I had to take a break from it there was so many. I felt bad doing it I geniunely did. But I felt it had to be done. at the end of it all, i discovered there was 24 favorites listed but no cards was favorited, so my favorites list count is off by 24 and my followers list is off by 3. I wish that I can get those to be accurate. I just started to refave cards I really like AND owe favorites to. I actually think other cardsmiths on here would rather me fave the cards I really like and/or owe to them for placing in challenges and contests (yourself included!) It could take me awhile, but it will be caught up, promise.

    On a side note, I think you should list this contest as a challenge, not just for fun. It is too difficult for just for fun I think. But that is just my opinion!

    I deleted quite a few cards and a lot of cardsmith cards I made got caught up in that. I wasn't happy with them. So everyone that I had made one for, I am remaking one for. This includes you @Tomigon. I wanted to make them more serious than playful (im playful at heart what can I say. I have a twisted sense of dry humor.) I am excited to work on them again. When they are made I will post them in the original cardsmith contest I made (well after Kandra127's was mine, then Ranshi's) but you get what I mean I hope. I'm stepping my game up man. Least I feel I am. Thank you for all your support, your awesome as hell.
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    I think purging your card is sometimes good. It's like cleaning your room and would make you feel better.

    But purging favorite cards might not be a very good idea. I have done that too. It was only about 100 cards, but I got messages from people and they were not happy. lol. And they unfavorited my cards.

    The reason this challenge is just for fun is because I don't know how powerful 1 drop planeswalker should be. If you read my first post of this thread, you'll understand my dilemma.
  • @Tomigon im refavoriting the ones i owe right now, dechujoh is helping me. i also once the ones i owe are done, i will favorite the ones i like the most. :)
  • Entry 1:
    I made this card both on MTGCS and MSE because MTGCS doesn't currently have colorless mana symbols for Planeswalkers
    ( @mtgcardsmith or @Corwinnn)
  • @TheCenterOfTheUniverse
    If starting loyalty were 1 I think this would be better. I really like her!
  • @Faiths_Guide thanks for the suggestion!
  • Examples of repeatable effects at rare/mythic for ideas and balance: https://scryfall.com/search?as=grid&order=name&q=(t:artifact+OR+t:enchantment)+cmc=1+f:legacy+(r:r+OR+r:m)

    Try not to make things much better than these. No one wants to see a better Aether Vial.
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    OK here we go. I am praying this one is recieved well. I also created it for @kickash, thank you for the kind words again kickash!

  • @bnew07
    I forgot to say {x} in mana cost is not allowed. So Jace the Illusionist doesn't count. Sorry! I'll edit the rules. Nice card by the way!
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    Submission 2 (3?) for this challenge!
  • @Dirtychorizo
    Your "Kyn, the Blooming Vale (->Kyn, the Consuming Vale) " is a transforming card, so it counts as one :)
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    Which one do you guys like more? @kickash what's your opinion?
  • Might have to try this contest...
  • image
    third submission!
  • image
    Another one
  • @Lujikul that planeswalker is great!
  • @SorinJace I really like this one too. I almost feel like they could be different iterations of the same planewalkers. I felt like the previous one was really unique, and I'm a sucker for planeswalker commanders. But this recent one feels much more like an actual magic card, and that ult is pretty well balanced.
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    I'm glad you liked it, I seriously worked hard on that version, it don't look like much but believe me this contest has really tested me. I needed a break from it. I am back for another take, but man... this was not an easy contest. One of my personal hardest yet. I kept both for you, it's the first time I've ever done that for any card, so if you like both, I will keep both in my collection for you. @kickash
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    Entry #2:

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