Flavor Text Debacle

Am I the only one who honestly doesnt like the new flavor text format that WoC is using? Bc whenever I make cards, most of the time, I am trying to make them as realistic as possible, but now they have that stupid line there and if I want flavor text, which I almost always do, I need to reduce one of the precious lines of space that I am trying to cram my card onto! Is there a petition or something I can sign to lobby for WoC to remove that line?


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    Nope. Ain't gonna happen. Too many people wanted it in the first place. Now it's been on 2 sets. Gonna be on commander 2018.

    There is a website that has the line thing taken care of and @mtgcardsmith needs to find a way to duplicate it.
  • Along with other text wrapping issues
  • @dechujoh64 what's the website?

    I find that text wrapping issues only occurs when using large text, so I almost always use small text now. Gives lots of room for flavor text.
  • @fiskerton @Ranshi922 here is the webiste that Iwould like @mtgcardsmith to work with...

  • Tried it out quickly. The text size and spacing are definitely much better even without the customizable size. My only issue is that it seems you can't move the art, so you need to crop the art and host it somewhere yourself outside of the site.
  • I just checked it out and it does seem pretty good in that it’s very versatile. I would really like it if @mtgcardsmith would be able to somehow merge them in an make that a format to make cards with.
  • For the text warping, just put about 7-9 spaces before the word(s). That is, assuming you're talking about how words will sometimes bleed through the border instead of going to the next line in the box.
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