Battle of the attrition - commander contest (Closed)

Hello fellow cardsmiths, we're back for two weeks and wanted to host a small contest for those looking to try new more challenging card designs. Today we're hosting a contest with the intention of designing attrition based commanders.

Well you're all probably wondering why "attrition" of all things. What was that again even? Well it's a form of control deck that gives up tempo for value at any cost. Below are three perfect examples of attrition commanders that are very different in scope.

The first is the best example of paying for value, in that it replaces damage for card draw.


The contest due date will be the end of July 26th, 2018. Whereas the entries will be judged within 3 days, but likely sooner. Keep in mind we're lenient in regards to late entries, just leave us a message if possible. (Due date can be extended if wanted!)

Current Prizes:
The top card's creator will get the following...
- 1 month of premium subscription.
- A follow
- 5 favorites of your choice.
B) The next top two card's creators will each get the following...
- A follow
- 3 favorites of your choice.

Rules: (Make sure to glance over these!)
1) Card must be a commander.
2) Card must support the attrition/control archetype.
3) You may make up to three cards.
4) Cards can be edited as long as the due date hasn't passed.
5) Cards can be switched out as long as the due date hasn't passed.
6) Cards can't be made before the 26th of July.
7) Make sure to credit the creator of the artwork on your cards.

For help on posting images/links, look at this guide!
Brief guide to uploading linked pictures/images in comments! (W/ Visual Aid)
Please post linked images if possible? (Not required.)


  • I’ll get to this one eventually. You host good contests! ^^
  • @Arceus8523
    Thanks, I was scared that the subject matter was less interesting to people. I usually like bumping with content but I haven't been able to make another attrition card yet.

    They are quite challenging which is another reason I was worried.
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    Note: The commanders can be based around being attrition themselves or requiring an attrition setup like Arcades, the Strategist.
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    I believe this is a cool concept to build around, but the drawback (hence, attrition) is the creatures that you run in the core of the deck have to be creatures with no abilities to gain anything from this creature, otherwise you have a nice 3 drop commander with partner ability. I hope this qualifies for your contest @modnation675! (btw, welcome back in case you didn't see my welcome back before)
  • Thanks for the entry @sorinjace. You're the first to enter, woohoo!

    I'll try to enter your contest later, but I have to do some quick research on MTG Rats to be sure.
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    Cool, ok, thanks @modnation675. This is the lowdown on my contest(s)"

    Awe Rats! ends July 29th
    Savor the Flavor Text ends July 29th
    Go Fetch! (circuit challenge contest) ends August 13th
    Summer Cartoons Challenge ends last day of August, 1 week break period for judging, then the playoffs for top 10 contestants will take place until the end of September.

    Thats what my contests schedule looks like. Hope you get time to check any of them out! :)
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  • @KalamMekhar
    Sadly it would require another ability to allow it to be a commander. Most commanders are creatures. Others require special rules
  • Nice entries everyone. Sorry for not posing anything today, I was out shopping and doing returns.
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    @modnation675: ah shoot, I didn't see that this was an attrition commanders contest! Sorry!
  • @KalamMekhar
    No worries, I'll update the name of the contest.
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    Two more examples of attrition commanders, I made using lashing and study.


    --- Abilities Explanation ---
    (This creature assigns its combat damage to each creature blocking or blocked by it separately.)

    Study 3 (If this would be put into a graveyard, its owner may exile the bottom card of their library. If they do, they put this card into their library three or more cards from the top of their library.)
    --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
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    While a standard approach to an attrition deck comes through card draw, black often prefers to get its card advantage through reducing, reusing, and reanimating. Anlovain wants to be a chump blocker/early threat so he can get recycled onto the battlefield as often as possible, gnawing away at an opponent with each return. Because of his cheap base cost, ETB ability, and self-recursion he's designed to be a commander you'd rather send to the graveyard than the command zone. He's designed to enable attrition decks by providing the finisher for a deck that only cares about holding off the opponent until he can do so.


    Because, why not? Went looking for a way to do mono-red control/attrition enabling commander... because that's totally a normal thing to do in red, right? Definitely got a card with red abilities that sends players in an unusual direction.
  • Updating Astotle, the Mortal Savior in the morning!
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    Is this control enough?

  • Yep, that is controlly enough.
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    Ezikyll needs some updates due to a minor lack of foresight. Will do so by this evening!
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    @modnation675 Is this also controlly enough?

  • I will cram this tonight probs
  • So I can’t photo this bc I am on a phone and there is no WiFi here for free so no computer... sadness...

    Here is the link:

    I am going to post my thoughts in the comments on the card feel free to post yours
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    Maelstrom Obliterator is a callback to Hostility, converting your damage into...more damage, essentially. Although Maelstrom Obliterator doesn't actually do more damage, the many spells it will generate certainly will, adding to the snowball effect. I would greatly appreciate feedback as always!

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    Batman is a double sided commander.
  • @Temurzoa
    Posted some feedback on your card's page. It's a really cool attrition card!
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  • In a couple weeks I will be hosting with several other judges a great contest and hope you all could join! It is a secret!

    But I do have a contest called Chain of Commander that sorta died off if anyone wants to hit it up!
  • @DoctorFro
    Make sure to join the thread I linked if you'd like prizes to award the contestants. There's a good chance to win!
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