Do you have any personal uplifting cards you'd like to share? We'd like to see them!

Hello fellow cardsmiths, I've decided to post a polar opposite version of our other thread. (Link to other thread.) This thread will feature positive and uplifting cards that are personal to many of our cardsmiths here.

Since we're not known for hopeful cards, we only have a few examples to share. But hopefully we'll make more as we find the artwork!


Happy smithing everybody!


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    @sorinjace @ManaChrome @Arceus8523
    Just messaging a couple of our buds, to see if they'd help us get the ball rolling.

    No worries if you're not interested, just thought I'd ask.
  • Sweet, we got some entries. We'll try to post another card, if we can get the artwork.
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    image image image

    I actually don't make that many "happy cards" at all, but here's what I scrapped up! With the first and second representing teamwork, and the third one representing my philosophy on my dream of becoming a writer! (Although, to be honest, the second card also kind of ties into my fear of "Why do it myself when everyone else does it better?" So I guess it should be in that parallel contest, but I still see the teamwork philosophy in this card ^-^.)
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    Thanks for the entries, I think our Cat card might be more in the category you speak of. So that's fine!
  • @Bobman111
    Cool, I like how you made the card shiny.
  • Wizards should use these as promos for something.
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    I tend to think about things logically, but being logical is sometimes exhausting and narrows inspirations I can get. So I always tell myself to listen to my instincts too. So this is like a reminder card to me.
  • Check this link out as I have a prize for a participant.
    Share the cards you'd like to update in the future! (w/ Prize.)
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    I'm always optimistic about the future, it's what keeps me going.
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    I feel that anyone can be an Angel. I personally feel I have met some in real life, crazy at that may sound. This is optimistic because it shows that people have the capability to show compassion and sympathy and empathy towards people that may be in need. Additionally, Angels don't stick around for long (at least not out where you can verbally talk to them everyday) so that is also how I came up with the ability to this card. This is one my hidden messages cards @modnation675, but I have several. Some I deleted over time because they was just that sensitive, while others stayed. Guess you would have to go through my collection and look at the cards see for yourself.
  • @Bobman111 those are very cool cards of mtgcardsmith btw.
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    So I can't exactly say I've made cards that are personally uplifting, but throughout my card designs, I've created a few designs that are self-contained in both flavor and mechanics, ideally creating its own little pocket story. In fact, for a while I liked to put at least one of these in every set I made. Now, it's worth noting I wasn't exactly a very experienced (or at least as experienced as I am now) card designer when I made a lot of these, so if things seem weird or poorly-worded, that's probably why.
    There's also this vertical flavor cycle from Blackened Skies I like to think does a pretty good job telling a happy story.

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    You definitely have a thing for good artwork.
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    You think so? Uhh... Thanks! I just use what I can find on goggle images ^^;
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    I think the only card of those twelve I intentionally sought out artwork for was Fabulous! The rest had designs inspired by the art.
  • @Arceus8523 Affectionate Aeronaut's artwork is pretty darn cool.
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    Diplomacy is a custom keyword of mine.
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    Since entries have slowed down for a bit, we're closing this thread.

    May you please close this thread?
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