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  • @Jonteman93 I cannot currently access my computer to make a planeswalker card or any other cards, but this looks great! I will be joining this :)
  • @arceus8523
    I never knew that I could feel penis envy over card design, but that was before I saw your card
  • I will join eventually, first I have to make the cards, unless we can use a card made by someone else (like from the Cards of Mtg Cardsmiths)?
  • Alex awoke in a small clearing surrounded by trees the size of skyscrapers. He stood up and began to walk into the forest. A little way in he stopped and sniffed the air, then looked to his left to see a deer and its fawn drinking from the river. One moment he was standing a good 20 feet away then the next his blade was sunken deep into the deer's abdomen. The fawn then saw what had become of its mother and quickly ran away. He removed the blade and began to walk away. He didn't know why he had killed the deer and by consequence the fawn, as it would soon starve without its mother. He simply just felt like it.

    He continued to walk through the forest, squishing bugs and killing rodents along the way. He then saw a light out in the distance, as he walked towards the light he began to see the outline of a large city. When he walked out of the forest he stopped dead in his tracks as in front of him was a sheer drop going down about a hundred feet. He looked around him on either side, the cliff stretched on like this on either side for as long he could see. He then looked down and shadows began to form around him swirling and whooshing. Then he jumped. Down the mountain he fell until he stopped at the bottom and the shadows disappeared. Around him was nothing but fields and prairies for miles, he then looked straight ahead and began to walk towards the city.
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    I used the mainframe double-faced template on Magic Set Editor. The mainframe templates are simply the best I've ever seen for making custom magic cards and they are now my go-to when designing.
  • @Arceus8523: totally off topic, but do you know if MSE has the saga frames? I might need to make a saga...
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    It certainly does. You have to download them from an external source, but they work great!

    This goes for anybody: If somebody wants a card done in a frame that can only be achieved with MSE and doesn't have either the resources or time to make it theirself, just let me know and I'd be glad to make it up for you. I feel it's only fair since I used MSE for mine. ^^
  • sorry, the last one was 1 of the commons, here is the uncommon:
  • Yeah the main reason I use is just cuz it has more options for frames and such and also the images come out clearer. (Also my computer is to garbage to run MSE properly.)
  • @bigbadbooknerd could you put your cards that go with the planeswalker in the comment...just edit the comment and add them
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    Aggrol found himself flying toward the ground from what looked like a giant portal in the sky. He hit the ground, and blacked out.

    When Aggrol regained consciousness, he was lying in a crater, probably one made when he fell, in the middle of the forest. (Although his card art may make him look super-enormous, he is actually "only" 7'5".) He groggily looked around, confused as to where he was. He had been all around Degare, and there was nowhere that he could remember that looked like this. He heard a rustling in the bushes near him, and turned to it. He had no idea what dangers lurked in this new world, so he was on his guard. He was ready to create an elemental to protect himself, but as it turned out, there was no need. It was an adolescent hydra, just curious as to what had just fallen out of the sky. It appeared that the hydra had just struck out on it's own. Aggrol decided that having a pet hydra would be very useful in this probably dangerous new world. So he found a recently killed deer and fed it to the hydra to gain it's friendship. And so Aggrol and his hydra left to explore this vast world before them.

    P.S. I will probably make around-about 1 of these story blurbs per day, so if you're interested in Aggrol's story, there should be a new one each day.

    P.P.S. As for the artist on my cards, I can't remember where I found the art for Aggrol and his pet hydra, but you can find the source for the art of the other 2 if you just google search Earth Elemental and go to images.
  • As Alex got closer to the city he noticed the large wall that surrounded it. When he arrived at the wall there appeared to be a checkpoint. As he approached, the guard turned to look at him and gave him a look of confusion.

    "Who goes there stranger." He yelled towards Alex. Alex tuned towards him but then continued to look ahead.

    "Hey!" The guard yelled as he began to jog towards Alex. Alex turned his head toward the guard, clearly annoyed. As he began to unsheathe his weapon the guard stopped in his tracks.

    "Hey, wait, I mean no harm I only wish to know your name and where you come from." Said the guard as he reached into his bag and pulled out a paper. Alex stopped unsheathing his weapon and began to walk towards the man. When he arrived, the man closed his eyes and held out the papers. Alex grabbed the papers and looked over them.

    "Oh wait, here's this." Said the guard as he pulled a pen out of his bag. Alex took the pen and wrote his name down on the paper, but halfway through writing it down he looks up, his eyes wide, he then turns towards the guard and looks directly into his eyes. Then the guard's eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground. Alex's eyes returned to normal and he looked back to the paper, then to the guard, then he looked back up at the wall and then back to the guard. He then knelt down and took the guards bag, put the papers and the pen back inside, closed it and began to form the shadows. Once they had formed he stepped forward and into the wall, one more step deeper, and one more, one more, one more until he arrived at the other side of the wall. He then released the shadows and looked around him. He appeared to be in an alley, cats and and mice scampered around him trying to avoid his gaze. he noticed light on one end and began to walk towards it.
    (To Be Continued.)
  • Bill hadn't noticed the shift, he felt something in his gut, yes, but he had it confused with dread, cause, of course, he was still trapped in the ocean, and when you are so far beneath the ocean everything looks exactly the same. He only knew he needed to reach the surface or else, he'd be needing to down another dose of Fishliver Oil.

    His first clues this wasn't his world, was his encounter with the Merfolk of Clancularius. He had many encounters with the vicious & hatful merfolk of his own plane, back in his home plane, there is a rule 'Once, you're in the ocean, its kill first, ask forgiveness second'

    So at the first sign of merfolk, Bill reached for his harpoon gun, waited for any more signs, and fired the spear at what he believed to be merfolk of his native plane, But this wasn't his native plane and fortunately for himself, he missed.

    Hitting only a boulder, and thankfully these weren't the Merfolk of Djupsjo (His home plane), and while he didn't realize it at the moment, that killing one here, would have spelled real problems later on Bill's arduous journey.

    He noticed the merfolk were smaller, lacked the soulless voids the common ocean dweller possessed, they were unarmed and seemed to have already forgiven the diver for almost skewering of their fellow mer if their calm body language was anything to go by, as they approached the diver. all very un-merfolk characteristics.

    This all confused the diver very much.

    "Now why would such a strange & unique golem be doing so far down here?" One of the merfolk spoke. "I'm not a golem, I'm human"

    Bill, answered back, wanting this conversation and this insane encounter to be over, he ripped his spear out of the boulder and loaded it back into his harpoon gun. They might be friendly right now, but it will be a cold day in hell when he lets a mer catch him by surprise again.

    The merfolk gave him confused looks, clearly not believing his statement, but before they could voice their disbelief, Bill continued "Just show me, the way to the surface. I'll be off your hands."

    "If you needed to reach the surface, why don't you just swim up?" Another of the merfolk questioned, could they have seen his face, then they'd have seen him rolling his eyes "My armor is too heavy"

    "Then, why don't you take it off?" The merfolk's questions seemed to know no bounds, Bill gave a sigh and honestly wished they'd act like merfolk and try to kill him, cause at this point, it was getting far to weird for his liking.

    Eventually, the back and forth went somewhere productive and he was shown the fastest path towards the surface.
  • @Arceus, TRAITOR! Using sites that aren’t Cardsmith! Disgraceful... XD
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    It won't let me edit a comment, so I will just repost all for cards.
  • I am pretty sure that I will make a black-aligned character, but I am toying with being a pyromancer because Ranshi is a japanese word for a severe burn...
  • Here's my second Story Blurb!

    Aggrol kept wandering until he came to a cliff. Past the cliff was a vast desert. He didn't need food or water, but his hydra did. So he created a elemental bird to fly across the desert and bring him back news of what was on the other side. In the meantime, he kept exploring around the surrounding area. Soon, he had found the ruins of a tower. He had to duck his head to get inside, but once he was, he saw that the tower was filled with ancient artifacts. Gold, jewels, you name it. He found the nicest gem and pocketed it, putting it in his bag. (Just because he's a big elemental doesn't mean he doesn't need a place to put things!) Soon he found himself wondering how exactly he got here. He knew that he was just witnessing the destruction that one of his elementals caused, and then was thrown here through a portal in the sky. He knew he had done something to get here, so he began concentrating very hard on getting home. And then, something appeared. It was like a portal to his home world, but when he tried to go through it, some magical force stopped him. (I'm describing this like the MTG Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan story describes it when Huatli becomes a planeswalker but the Immortal Sun won't let her leave.) Well, that was a no-go. But he would find a way home, no matter what.

    The bird returned later the next day. It told him that the desert was twice as long as what he could see, and on the other end was just more forest. OK then, so that was not a path he was going to take. So he began heading west, toward and then past the ancient ruins that he had found. Eventually he came across a small farming village. He figured that they would probably be frightened of a big elemental and a hydra, so he decided to at least leave the hydra. He created a guardian elemental to make sure that the hydra didn't go anywhere, and went towards the city.
  • @Ranshi922 Also there are already 2 black-aligned planeswalkers and no red-aligned ones. So...variety matters!
  • Ok... there's one problem @Aggroman15:

    After having wrote that, I found some nice images that I figured I'd use... So I guess I will look for fire stuff, and decide which I like better...
  • I found some stuff I like for fire. I will still make the black ones but not post them to the contest
  • @Arceus8523 Ok I have been thinking and I think I have come to a fair solution.
    Since half of your card is 3 mana and the other half 5 mana I could count points for that half and then when your planeswalker(s) reached max cmc of 5 I'll include the other half.

    @Ranshi922 You'll be able to increase your color count after a little while.
    Everyone will have the opportunity to become 5 color planeswalkers if they want.
  • @Jonteman93, I meant I had two sets that follow these guidelines; one for monored and one for monoblack.
  • @jonteman93 is it alright if I make some revisions to my planeswalker
  • @Billthesomething Of course! You might make as many changes to your planeswalker as you want whenever you want.
  • @jonteman93 can I change the color of Alluring Light, cause It's been pointed out to me that Blue doesn't do outright destroy effects
  • @Billthesomething You can change the spell but you cannot change the color to anything that is not related to your planeswalker. In this case nothing that is not blue.
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