Planeswalker's Journey



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    Color: blue
    Niche: Artifacts

    Thedure's Home plane is Kaladesh. Hence the Artifact theme.





    Going with a Blue Artifact Steampunk theme.
  • It was Thedure's third inventors fair. He spent weeks on this design. It was a magnificent and delicate kinetic sculpture. This was one of many that he had worked on for the past year and this was, in his opinion, the best. The sculpture generated it's own shield to prevent it from smashing. Theodore had a remote that could turn off the shield. We waddled over to the judging stand and before him stood Saheeli, Dovin, and Tezzeret. Tezzeret was not bothering to look at him or the other judges. Theodore placed the sculpture on the table. Only then did Tezzeret turn to face him and stare directly at Thedure. At that moment Thedure felt like the rest of the world dissolved except for Tezzeret. He felt constricted then he felt himself being ripped away from reality. Then he was emerged in darkness and at last a jungle formed around him and he was thrown into a clearing.

    Thedure looked up through the hole in the roof of the forest and saw in the distance an enormous tower. It was so tall it surpassed the clouds. There was a faint glow at the top of the tower. Then a bloodcurling roar-like scream came from far behind him...
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  • @TheEnderDragon Not to say that you're character isn't cool, but I don't think that there are penguin people on Kaladesh.
  • It is a robotic penguin...problem solved...animatronic and u never know wizards doesnt know everything
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    Here is fix I found some time to make a quick one the txt is a lot but it is very quite simple
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    II. Investigation

    Kyoniq soared over the island's lush jungles, admiring its beauty. He followed a large bird swooping between some rocky crags. He got closer and suddenly the bird turned into a deer and dropped into the forest. Intrigued, Kyoniq followed, diving into the canopy. He lost sight of the deer, but saw deer prints that suddenly became a tiger's. He followed the tiger prints through the dark undergrowth until they stopped suddenly, but Kyoniq knew that the turtle on the log was the same creature. He drew mana from the land, preparing to cast a spell.
    The creature was a fluidform (called a shapeshifter by others). Such beings were of immense value to Kyoniq's trade of animal manipulation. Knowing it was cornered, the fluidform changed into a chimera shape and allowed Kyoniq to subdue it. The aven was pleased. He looked at all the shapes the fluidform could take and learned about the island's ecosystem. With the fluidform at his side, Kyoniq roamed from beach to peak, observing the life with a scientific eye.


    Finally, Kyoniq ventured down to a settlement on the lagoon. The inhabitants lived in huts and wore little clothing in the warm weather, and seemed to have a prosperous fishing and trading industry. Swift sailboats whisked around the harbor, bearing crates of cargo.


    With the fluidform perched on his shoulder in a bird shape, Kyoniq walked into the village. Townsfolk gawked at him and whispered to each other as he passed. He was soon approached by what seemed to be a village elder, adorned in jade and amber beads, feathers, and shells.
    "Who are you, bird man?" asked the elder. "You have entered the port of Nyaaki. What do you wish?"
    "I am simply a traveller seeking information about this island," responded Kyoniq.
    "Nyaaki is a great village. Accompany me to my home and I shall have my storyteller sing for you. If you try to betray me you will regret it," said the elder, and the two walked further into the village.

    The elder's house was a large hall lit with torches and windows. The storyteller sang and played for the elder's many guests as they enjoyed a delicious meal. Kyoniq learned that Nyaaki was a smaller of many prosperous port city-states scattered across the mainland coast.
    "What do you know about the dark tower on the horizon?" Kyoniq later asked the elder.
    His face turned stony. "We do not speak of that here. If you seek forbidden knowledge, go to the Jugiha Temple in the heart of the island." The door to the hall-house swung open. "Goodbye, bird man Kyoniq," said the elder. Kyoniq flew into the night, pondering all he had learned.
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    Wizards doesn’t know everything... about their own game?
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    Also, just saying, all my cards are old style text.
  • @AxeNoodle Nice use of my story in the flavor text! That’s pretty cool!
  • Here goes!

    The lush, vibrant jungles were like nothing Demetrius had ever seen in his life. It was strange sight to see the vast amount of bizarre plant life, filled with more color than he had ever hoped to imagine. It was a beautiful display of the foreign plane, especially on top of the thick treetops Demetrius flew over. Even though it had been three days since his arrival, Demetrius was already astonished by the land's gorgeous wildlife. But he was not here for sightseeing. Demetrius was lost, longing to escape. However, in order for that to happen, he needed food. He needed information. He needed allies.

    They would not be an easy task, but Demetrius could handle it. If he was able to fight the horrors that desecrated his home, then finding the right necessities would be a doable feat. So he kept a vigilant watch, searching for anything of interest, until he spotted a odd looking creature.

    It was an aven, but not like any aven Demetrius had ever seen. Rather than flying gracefully through the bright sky, that specific aven waddled awkwardly on the ground, moving at an unsteady pace. Right next to the aven was a small contraption walking beside it, potentially being a servo of crude design. It seemed to have sentience, Demetrius realized, and was not waddling toward, but rather away, from something in the distance. Curious, Demetrius swooped below the treetops and asked the strange aven one simple question:

    "Who are you?"


    @TheEnderDragon, my character, Demetrius, is asking your character Thedure who he is. Will he respond?
  • I am Thedure a skilled invetor from Kaladesh. You?
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    “I am Demetrius, Grand Wizard of the Mistral Isles. Or at least I used to be. I presume you have the goal of escaping this plane? I propose we form an alliance to better our chances of leaving successfully. Don’t you agree?”

    @TheEnderDragon, Demetrius is asking Thedure if they will band together. What does your character choose?
  • Oooooh, I can’t wait for the next challenge @jonteman93!
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    @Jonteman93 I suggest to create a map for the world via a fantasy map generator or whatever it is.

    People are constantly making lores without real directions right here.

    For example, my character is currently stalking outside the city of Vinheim, a typical medieval european fortressed city like the King's Landing from Game of Thrones but located near a thick forest instead of a shore.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos - Can't wait for the part when your character transforms into a pony.
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    My Little Planeswalker confirmed.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos I like that idea, although @jonteman93 hasn’t specified exactly where we start in the plane. I think we make that part up for ourselves.
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  • @TheEnderDragon I made a little card to represent our deal.


    Note: This card is not meant to be judged, it's just a fun thing I decided to make.
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    @aggroman15 Thanks! (You tagged a nonexistent account in ;) )

    Challenges in 2hrs 24 mins
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    @TenebrisNemo I have no clue, stranger.
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    @MonkeyPirate2002 The idea is meant to bring the people together so it can be a decent story with interconnecting characters that can seem believable and enjoyable to read.

    But hey, it's just a suggestion.
  • The deadline for the first elimination has arrived. No more players will be able to join and the cards that has already been submitted may not be changed from her on out.
    I will post the first elimination somewhat soon. The next challenge will begin sometime this day when I get a little free time.

    The world is supposed to be made of your own interpretations so a map would just be out of theme.
    Also the size of the world is huge, like earth huge so the journey to the tower is expected to take many months if not closer to a year.
    It is supposed to be a journey after all.
    Also the size gives you all the opportunity to use any societal structure and culture you want like real life world had Nordic, european, middle eastern, japanese, chinese, indian, african, Aztec, Maya, Russian nomadic, mongolian etc. all at the same time.

  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos - As interconnecting and believable as the Tourach adventure you wrote in Tournament of Champions 2?
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