Kerjold, the Monocolor block

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I have created a new plane called Kerjold, a plane with a diverse landscape ruled by 6 dragons.

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This set has a monocolor theme, hence why each of the dragons are only one color and Kerjold (the dragon) lets you search for only monocolored stuff and then kills all monocolored stuff. If you could help me by making some cards for this set, that would be much appreciated!

Please make the cards BALANCED! I don't want anything that is TOO overpowered. Some might argue that the 6 big dragons are overpowered, but they are supposed to be. So please make balanced cards! Good luck!


  • The closest to monocolored matters are devotion from Theros and some obscure cards from the beginning of magic. Devotion implies religion is highly important which it shouldn't be if you don't want to be a khans of tarkir clone. For the same reason, you should avoid morph.
    Your version of eruption goes infinite with itself, and surprise attack looks slower than casting it normally and isn't very surprising.
  • I will participate gladly! But I have a note on Pine, Queen of the Forest. The term landfall (and any other keywords that vary from card to card) should be italicized.
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    @brcien OK! I will make sure to keep that in mind. Any suggestions on how to make Surprise Attack better, and if not, could you suggest a mechanic that has something to do with the desert? And I also didn't realize that Eruption goes infinite. I will fix that.

    @Ranshi922 I will be sure to remember that for future cards!
  • My pleasure to help out! :)

    (If you look at some of my earliest cards you will see that I used to be so ****ty when it came to capitalization and italicizing...)
  • Eruption itself doesn't go infinite, but "deal extra damage when you deal noncombat damage" triggers itself after it deals damage so it does it over and over again. You fixed it~

    The desert itself isn't enough to know what kinds of cards to make. From Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation, and Arabian Nights, we see a couple of ways to show desert effects. The question is why are you in a desert? Is it for the scarcity of resources? Perhaps the vastness of space where there is nothing? Exhausting heat but hidden jewels? A few abilities to consider would be Dash which is a playable version of your mechanic, phasing which could show how things hide and reappear, or Outlast to show having to endure the desert. Ironically two of these effects are from Tarkir, which is already the Dragon block. What, besides yours being monocolor matters, makes your set different from Tarkir?

    Off the top of my head, if you are really feeling a flashy ability like sneak attack you could do something like

    "Ambush"--You may cast this card as though it had flash as long as you are being attacked.

  • Desert monocolors remind me of a purity/emptiness dichotomy; having something that is whole and not having anything else. In a way, it ties into the dragon theme of hoarding. But brcien is right in that design needs purpose first, and the purpose is found in the lore. What is the dragons to the plane? Tyrants? Guardians? Powerful hermits? Why are they monocolor only?
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