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Hello! As none of you probably know, I like creating stories. Well, my latest story idea is one that includes all you guys! (Well, not all of you. But we'll get to that in a moment) It is basically about a inter-dimensional arena that takes beings from all over the multiverse to compete. That's where we get to you! I want you to submit a character for my story! (Preferably a card with art so that I know what they look like) Please say personality, quirks, strengths, weaknesses, specialties, and stuff like that.

Depending on how many people enter, that's how many will get in. Any under 10, you all get in. Any above 10, only the top 10 get in. I will mainly be judging on how compelling the character is, so presentation is key. And if I don't like your character, he/she will not get in, even if there are under 10. Basically, if you make it so that I actually want to write about this character, he/she will probably get in. If there are more than 10 like that, then I will pick the ones I think are coolest.

Characters can be planeswalkers or regular people. Literally nothing but the name and art on the card matters, so make it as overpowered as you want, I don't care about card balance in this one.

When I get done writing the story, I will post it in a new discussion, so keep an eye out for that one!

Well, good luck, have fun, and let the story begin!

P.S. Here's my set of characters that I already have for my story.


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    Sounds like a nice idea for a story. Hope that mine can make it:


    Personality: always calm and collected; only fights fair fights, even if he has to weaken himself; cares much about his honor; however he has no sympathy for anyone, no matter who they are; is merciless.
    Quirks: exceptional endurance; can amplify his physical and mental abilities; has an unbreakable sword.
    Strengths: unrivaled fighting abilities; sharp mind; fast reflexes; ruthless; never surrenders.
    Weaknesses: won't fight in an unfair fight, no matter who it is; if someone insults his honor; he stops thinking and just focuses on killing that person; never expects a backstab or mischievous trick since he thinks his opponents won't dishonor their fight; never surrenders.
  • @Vardrus OK! He looks cool! Can you write down a list of personality quirks, strengths, weaknesses, stuff like that, like it says in the rules. Also, thanks for giving me the correct link. I will fix that.
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  • I'm interested in putting something into this too!
  • Dang, was I surprised when I saw people commenting on this in my notifications box. Well, if you want this to be a thing, I guess it can. Go ahead, make some stuff.
  • Ooh count me in! This sounds fun. I might transfer over the character from my saga contest, is that OK?
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    personality: sympathetic, emotional, merciful, hates evil.
    unusual traits: is an angel, sword that immediately kills evil things it touches, weakness to evil weapons.
    strengths: remarkably persuasive, combat powers, angelic magic.
    weaknesses: only knows about Zendikarian monsters, untrusting.
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    Alexine was originally from a plane called Golaku. For the first 14 years of her life she studied telepathy and other mind magics. Her intellectual superiority and photographic memory helped her studies. At the age of 16 after her training was completed, her hometown fell under the rule of a tyrannical priest that forced religion upon people and had anyone associated with magic burned at the stake. With this law in place she went into hiding and found a group had formed to hide and keep people away from the ruler.

    After a couple months, Alexine got tired of waiting and snuck out and staged an attack on the castle. She was able to use her magic to sneak past the guards and get to the High Priest. The plan was working out until she got into his room, knowing that it might happen, the Priest set up a magic detecting field. Guards were alerted and Alexine was captured. The next day she was sentenced to death and put on a stake ready to be burned.

    As the flames rose higher and higher, Alexine formed a plan. After the flames obscured the view of her, she used her magic to try and summon some sort of illusion to help her out of the situation. After many failed attempts she started to lose hope. She could feel herself being burnt and eventually she gave into the flames.

    After she gave in, she started to wake up, but she wasn't really waking up. It was as if her spirit had left her body and gone somewhere else. In her spiritual form she could feel everything around her in a new sense. She could feel life everywhere around her, it was something unlike what she knew from Golaku, she was in a completely new place. After she continued to explore she started getting a feeling pulling her to something.

    After searching for that pulling feeling, she found something, or, someone. It was a girl, she was lying lifeless on the ground. As she drew nearer to the girl, she started to feel their energies combine. After letting the energies merge, she was inside of the body. She was in control, and it was physical, she was able to move a body again.

    2 Days later she came across a fight between two forces. She looked into the mind of people and found out what was happening, there was an uprising on a dictator. After understanding what was happening she disguised herself as a mage for the rebels and helped their fight.

    After the battle, she started making friends and blending in. After a while she had a spot in the coalition and was never suspected of anything. She continued training herself and helping the fight and has been like that ever since in her new body. Even with this new life, she would never forget her old one.

    Strengths: Very creative and intelligent, openminded and unjudging.

    Weaknesses: Not physically fit, relies on too much magic, can become manipulative or temporarily obsessed with a project, socially awkward.

    Personality: Likes to spew random facts she's learned, generally nice, rarely flirty or romantic, rarely pessimistic, emotions are easily controlled, very social yet untrusting of new people, very loyal, curious, gets excited and temporarily obsessed on projects she's interested in.

    Quirks: Weird interest in Lizards and Bears, strange fear of pixies, likes to write things down, constantly carries around journals.

    Specialties: Teaches magic, relays information, helps stealth missions, cooks and bakes.
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  • @agar Strengths, weaknesses, personality, other traits?
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