Colonisers of Astraliastra

G'day, mates!

I am here to inform you that, the elusive planeswalker known only as Hero of the Capes has discovered a world, among the brightest stars of the universe, which he, very lamely, called Astraliastra. It was inhabited by a very primitive race. Naturally, the empires from the distant corners of the multiverse decided to claim it for their own. The race was on!

Here are the rules of the contest!

Create an empire from some distant plane that no one has ever heard of (you could use a plane like Rabiah, or make your own).

It needs:

1. A legendary creature to represent the ruler of the empire, or the one responsible for colonisation.

2. A creature to represent the army. It could be a famous general or soldier, or it could represent a run-of-the-mill private straight from the front line, whatever you think would work better.

3. A card of any type to represent how the empire handles magic. A wizard, or a magic potion, or anything really.

4. A macguffin! This is where things get interesting. Create an artefact that is of importance to the empire. A magic orb with the power to signify omens, or a book containing ancestral magic. It is most important to think of a creative solution.

5. And if you think of anything else, I allow up to 3 bonus cards!

Now, how does this challenge progress? Every once in a while, I will present you with a problem. A native rebellion, an appearance of a new species of beast. You will create cards to counter that problem. An artefact to represent a pact with the natives, or a trap for the beast. I will note down your solution, and think about how that affects events.

You could also go to war with another contestant, if you are feeling extreme. You could gain a major advantage when I judge the contestants (which could happen in 2 weeks, or 5 months, depends on how it goes) if you win, but you could gain a massive disadvantage if you lose. Do you want to risk it? Or would you rather sit at home and sip your cocoa plant beverage?

However, I must warn you, I will only accept 4-8 entries into the contest, because 30 empires trying to conquer a plane would be ridiculous, and the deadline is 22nd of September.

Good luck!



  • I’d love to join this. I’ll make cards soon. :)
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    The first to arrive in this untamed plane seem to be the Haavingard Dwarves, hailing from the plane of Nirri, a world teetering on the brink of anihilation since the touch of a forgotten god has sapped the elemental forces that kept it in balance.

    The Forgefire clan, leaders of the Haavingard empire, have used the last of their homeland's power to send an expeditionnary force to Astraliastra, to settle and prosper once again.

    Kagrin Forgefire is the leader of the self-exiled dwarves. His most trusted thane, Ymvir, is equally a military tactician and a wise advisor.
    image image

    The thundercallers are the mystic link between the dwarves and the elemental powers. The Resonators are the dwarves' most valuable posession, as they channel the magic of their homeworld to this new one.
    image image

    Bonus cards :
    image image

  • @ASubtleGhost Not bad at all! I can see them as a very active contestant in this war!
  • Coming from a plane called Degare, the Elemental Kingdom is the next on the scene.

    The plane is run by the High Elemental Council, a group of 3 elementals (Earth, Fire, and Water).


    (Yes, I did the photoshopping myself.)

    Their millitary is made of mostly Fire and Earth elementals, who have the most brute strength and, well, firepower.


    Their magic is centralized around creating more elementals, which has eventually led to the overpopulation of the plane, causing them to come to this new world. However, more traditional styles of magic are still present.


    The Heart of Magic is what fuels all of the elementals with life force, and all the magicians on Degare draw their power from it. Without it, the elementals would not exist. As such, it is kept very protected.


    So yeah. That's my entry!
  • Great! I'd format the cards a little different, but nonetheless, I can see them as a great contestant in this battle
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    A soft rustle of wings announces the arrival of some new and ominous visitors.

    The Forsaken Angels were once inhabitants of the holy Valiir, but the gates have closed, trapping them outside, forced to search for a new home. This plane will do just fine, once they get rid of its inhabitants.

    This host of Esper-coloured angels is ruled by Queen Mother Adelhi, who have sworn to protect all of them until they return to their rightful home.


    The Forsaken Angels may look gloomy, but they have good reasons to be. They can see the future, as they are fateshifters, and they know difficult times are coming before they can triumph.

    image image

    Their people wish only for one thing: to return to their home, the Holy Valiir, so they can demand reparation for the injustice that was inflicted upon them. But the path to the gates is long and full of trials...


    But in the end they will prevail, as so is the will of fate.


    [EDIT] My bonus card is an old planeswalker I made while I took the GDS3 design trial, if that's ok?

    In this story, he's not part of the Forsaken Angels since his planeswalking abilities allow him to come and go freely in the Holy Valiir. He sometimes help them but his manners are often obscure.

  • This is amazing. Well done, truly well done.
  • These entries are great folks!

    One more, and we can technically start (although more would be much better)
  • As soon as he got word of the discovery of a new plane, Exor, the sorcerer king, ruler of a plane called Ratha, chose to join in on the conquest, even travelling to Astraliastra himself, in order to gain power from unknown artifacts and magic. Accompanied by his trusted general and his army of wizards, he plans to undiscover the planes' secrets by any means necessary.

    image image

    In order to use magic, they utilize the mana that surrounds them, even bringing their most important artifact with them to amplify their power.

    image image

    Instead of fighting in full fledged battles, the army of Ratha weakens their enemy and strengthens their own forces to wipe out all foes in the most efficient way.

    image image

  • I'll be bringing one along soon!
  • We won't wait up!
  • @Vardus There you are again! With cards like that, you'll get very far, very soon
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    A former hunter/gatherer community, the Anserian Empire has moved in to claim their rightful place on Astraliastra! In tune with nature, they call on every aspect of it to dominate all who stand in their path.

    The Anserians are led by their Empress, whom is rumored to not be able to die so long as the empire remains. Any and all assassination attempts against her have failed.

    Of course, every successful empire has an army. Comprising of the native people of the plane of Anseria, the army comprises of skilled hunters and shamans, who wield nature magic, embracing the cycle of life and death to live life to the fullest and uphold the natural order.

    But natural nature magic only goes so far. What could've been a strong enough catalyst to cause a herd of nomads to become such a formidable empire? Well, nothing less than the Prophet-Stone of Anseria! Discovered during a typical hunt, it brought civilization to the Anserian people as they became obsessed with it. They built their empire around it, basing all of their magic on its power, giving them the ability to conquer death itself!

    Since completely conquering their plane, the Anserian people have lived a largely peaceful life, and have even taken to riding around on the backs of the local wildlife. Be warned, however, as these beetles aren't only good rides; they also double as effective siege weapons.
  • @HeroKP thanks and actually, i created the sorcerer king for this contest i noticed afterwards that you are the host xD
  • Right! I know I said we start in a week, but if entries keep coming like that, we might start this weekend!
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    The United Kingdom of Zalania was once a proud kingdom in the world of Solania. Until one day a cataclysm that caused by an enormous magical explosion in the capital city of the neighboring empire happened. An explosion so grand that it caused hazardous magical radiation all over the world.

    Lands were slowly getting dried and uninhabitable, plants were slowly withering, starving, sick, and dying people all over the place, etc.

    Until then in a desperation, the leftover humans and elves of the kingdom finally worked together in an unison along with an anonymous planeswalker-artificer to build a grand device that could transport people to another world completely.

    A Planar Bridge.

    The project was deemed to be success, and then the colonization project start. But before that they were also obtained a gift from that planeswalker.

    The power to harness and convert the chaotic aether from the Blind Eternity by a gigantic and complex device named the Eternal Storm.

    But currently they could only make direct magical attacks and self-enhancements instead of the complex ones such as summoning creatures or temporal manipulation due to the limited manpower.

    image image

    There was also this side effect from the continual use of harnessing such power: People were getting reckless and trigger happy, so instead of just peaceful colonization project, the groups were changed into a coalition of pirate organizations with intentions to raid and plunder the new places they could find, in addition to the main colonization quest of course.


    And the first plane they intended to begin with is Astraliastra, lead by the first and foremost Lady Adalia, a half-elf who was formerly just a skilled outlaw, but due to the new powers she gained, she quickly rose through the ranks and gained the position as the leader of the interplanar pirate organization.


  • @sanjaya666 I was just about to ask you if you are interested in the contest! :D

    Also, is Adalia like, an interbreed of human and elf?
  • Just noticing that if we go all the way to 8 factions, if the next ones are Gruul (RG) and Bant (GWU) coloured, we will have each colour appear in exactly four factions, if anyone is inspired ;)


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    @HeroKP Eeyup. A real example is Vorel of the Hull Clade who is a Human Merfolk, so it won't be farfetched if there exist hybrids from a human and an elf.
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    @HeroKP Just as Vulganos said :)
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    Bonus card:
    Although Lady Adalia did like to do questionable pirate stuffs and all, she was also enjoying the pursuit of obtaining things through trading or another means aside from raiding, no matter whether it was legal or not. Therefore she also had a quick skyship that was mainly used for such activities aside from the other larger and bulkier one that was mainly used to raiding settlements of the outlanders.

    There were still only two large skyships available in the kingdom after all.

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    Bonus cards:

    Aggrol is a planeswalker from Degare that I actually made for another contest, but I will put him here as well. He is an earth elemental skilled in Elementalizing, the ancient, mysterious art of turning already living things into Elementals. Very few elementals have this skill, and it is almost exclusive to Earth elementals, making it even rarer.


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    This is a faction from the plane of Laryk, where most of my stuff comes from. This is after the catastrophe but before the end of the great war. When the old King had been usurped and Nya took his place. Their central thing is tokens and they are a GW faction. (Sorry I couldn't include blue.)
  • @HeroKP
    Question: Can I make my leader a Planeswalker? It says creature but a I don't know.
  • I will allow it,


    you add blue to the colour pallet!

    (Just kidding, planeswalkers are allowed, do whatever you want)
  • Hello? Any more entries? It will be so cool if we can get to 8 !
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    EDM RAVE MUSIC BLARES Introducing the brilliant by which which we mean crazy Balinian Corporation. Once just humble and blood thirsty barbarians, the Balinians met the Planeswalker Zangpu who taught them technological marvels and ushered in a age of enlightenment which lead to Zangpu becoming an unwilling test subject who suffered a horrible, horrible death . image

    This resulted in the Balinians being able to travel the Multiverse in mother ships allowing them to explore and learn many new things often by killing, dissecting and blowing people and things up . Whilst they are not evil, their moral compass can be a bit...faulty. This is exemplified by their leader, Queen Marie who prefers to be in her lab than doing any ruling (unless it involves pressing the big red button she was told never to press).
    Preferring to allow robots to do the fighting and all the work allows the Balinians to try new adrenaline pumping sports, including hovercraft racing (which involves lasers, swinging axes, cute kittens (don't ask) and enough explosives to destroy a plane), Dragon Rampages (where they release angry dragons on a rampage) and many other glorious idiotic sports. Some will then achieve legendary status which means they have to keep doing crazier and more dangerous stunts. One such figure is Dimius who will soon learn that being popular is the 5th largest cause of death amongst Balinians.

    Whilst some might call the Balinians stupid, they would actually suprisingly be wrong. The Balinians truly represent the amalgamation of blue and red mana. Their intelligence knows no bounds, it's just that they also have a complete disregard for their own lives and the lives of anyone else for that matter.
    Whilst the grunts take over areas by any means necessary the Balinians are very peaceful people but often get dragged into wars because the explosions or the abduction of people to further Balinian research tend to upset their neighbours...or quite frankly anyone in the vicinity. Luckily their endless armies of grunts can handle any complaints through their 1.2/10 Customer service rating.


    The Balinians are somewhat surprised to be on the plane of Astraliastra. They were supposed to be heading to a plane called Kaladesh but clearly someone drank too much last night and took a left turn instead of a right. Luckily for the Balinians (and unluckily for everyone else) they are quite used to these sort of events. They might even do well...if they don't blow themselves up...again.

    Sidenote: These cards are...somewhat ridiculously strong. Don't worry the Balinians are their own worst enemies and something tells me that there might be some "friendly" fire in the name of science. Oh and Dimius? Yeah Dimius is gonna die...painfully I should imagine.
  • Um, how would the extraplanar armies get to Astraliastra? I really like this contest, it seems cool, but the only way I know how beings without a spark could get from plane to plane is the Planar Bridge, which is currently fused with me...?
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