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    Geryn's Unhallowed Eve: Red and Pumpkins

    Geryn revolves around its sun an elliptical orbit, which combined with its axial tilt yields not four but five distinct seasons, as reckoned by Geryn's inhabitants. Geryn has 460 days in a year (92 days per season), and can range from 100ºF/40ºC to -10ºF/-25ºC each year. As such, life on Geryn is closely focused on the seasons: surviving freezing the winter and autumn, and getting the most out of the warmer months.

    As legend has it, a thousand years ago, a rash and wild fae, hoping to sow chaos, gave a farmer the seeds of a squash plant. However, they were not normal seeds - they were infused with red mana. Instead of growing long, the new squash grew short and squat in a bright orange color. They were dubbed pumpkins, and would reach ripeness at the very end of harvest season - Unhallowed Day.

    Humans soon recognized the potential of pumpkins against the dark forces, their mana having many practical applications that could ward off marauding evil. However, some dark creatures realized the power of pumpkins and now actively hunt them on Unhallowed Eve so they can use the mana stored within to further their power. Pumpkins are now the signature crop of Unhallowed Eve, as they are now widely sought and carved into lanterns to ward off evil in cities and farms alike. Being a pumpkin farmer offers wealth, but also danger, as the creatures of the night always plague the patches where the pumpkins are grown.
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    @ShaperKyon awesome entries thank you for your hard work as well!

    Guys @Aggroman15 has a Halloween contest themed around equipment just starting, if you'd like to check it out, here is the link to that contest:

    Might as well say this while I'm here, there is roughly 6 days left for this contest, if you have anything remotely spooky, or you feel may work in a Halloween themed setting and you haven't submitted it yet, now's the time to drop those entries in. I get paid next week so I will be getting that premium and either playmat or gift card ready, (depending on who wins and where they are located). Make the next few days count!!!
  • @Revan, what’s Friday?
  • @Ranshi922 Friday the 13th, the horror film franchise starring Jason Voorhees as the villain.
  • I knew that. I just was unsure if you meant something was happening next friday.
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    @Ranshi922 I see. I hadn't thought to look at @Revan's statement that way. I would guess no.
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    Geryn's Unhallowed Eve: White and Holiday

    On Unhallowed Eve, the Church of Light, Geryn's main religion, casts a protective ward over Geryn to protect against the monsters and dark creatures. It's too dangerous to actively hunt the creatures during this time, and the Church of Light's clerics are too few to protect the whole plane, so the wards are focused on population centers: towns and cities.

    Urban dwellers have largely forgotten the true danger of the Eve, and treat it as a holiday. Children dress up as monsters and go door to door, filling up bags of candy and sweets under threat of mischief. (Since the candy is almost always provided, there is almost never any actual harm done by the children.) This tradition, known as trick-or-treating, is based on the real practice of leaving offerings to the creatures of the night to protect the house. Real-life trick-or-treating is done across most of Geryn on Unhallowed Eve.

    While in the cities, Unhallowed Eve is a time of joy and lots of sugar, it's very different in the rural areas, where most of Geryn's population lives. In addition to food offerings, pumpkin lanterns are placed outside and lit with holywax candles, which are infused with blessings and warding charms and delivered in bulk to the poor. Together, these practices allow most of Geryn's countryfolk to get through the Eve unscathed - unless they become a target of a powerful evil force.
  • @Arceus8523 just a reminder that goes for everyone else too ALL HALLOW'S EVE wraps up in 2 days, so if you want to drop entries, time is running out!
  • *Spins head around in shock* OOOOHHHHH NNNOOOOO!!!!! Time to get really spooky and embrace Hallow’s Eve!
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    @sorinjace, how many more entries do I have?
  • Idk @Ranshi922 you'd have to count them.
  • I did. I have seven left. I am very very very proud of what I am going to publish when I find the artist's name. It might not be that balanced, but it has hella culture!
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    @sorinjace, it just got posted. I will be telling you all about the cultural stuff that went into this! (I have a note card that I wrote on to make sure I didn't miss anything.)
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    Alright! So you thought you knew the story of the headless horseman? Think again! While only dubbed the headless horseman in the stories of Sleepy Hollow, the story goes pack to an old Dutch ghost story. The details are vague, but I can verify this to be a Dutch story, being that my Oma & Opa used to try to scare me with it when I was little. I don't remember much of the story, but my research has confirmed what I do remember. He was a black clad rider who held his head under his arm or in his right hand, depending on the version. This being was known as "dullaham" or "Gan Ceann". Hence the name.
    Now jack-o-lanterns! They symbolize a fateful deal with the devil, hence the ability Devil Pact. The story goes that an Irish drunk named Jack had tricked Lucifer into climbing a tree, which he trapped him in by engraving a cross in the bark. In exchange for freedom, the devil promised to never claim Jack's soul. With this knowledge that he could never go to hell, Jack spent the rest of his life being an entirely awful person. He expected to be able to get into heaven no matter his actions, but he was denied entry and then we went to the devil for help. Satan, keeping up his end of the deal, threw Jack out of hell, lobbing flaming coals at him for good measure. Jack then put those coals inside of a carved turnip as a lantern, which is wear jack o lanterns come from. PLEASE tell me that that huge cross cultural mishmash will get me a win!
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    Who will be hosting or going to Halloween parties let me know so I can semi-ironically envy you. I am hosting a custom cube draft this weekend at my Halloween friend gathering.
  • @Ranshi922 Spelleater Skaab should be a mythic for COUNTERING EVERY SINGLE INSTANT AND SORCERY FOR FREE. It blanks basically all removal and makes it really hard to play for many decks. And if it resolves, it can't be responded to.
  • Wow @Ranshi922 thank you for the cool late entries!!
  • @ShaperKyon, you have a valid point, but it also counters your stuff, and in a blue black deck, that seems fair debilitating...

    @sorinjace, when is the contest cutoff?
  • I am going to a Halloween party. Its after my drama club rehearsal and most of its members will be there. It will be Dramatic. :D
  • Chokes on haunted milk
    OH. My goodness! Two/three more stories and a bunch more great fantabulous cards! I think I'm in over my head here.
  • I don't know about all of you, but there is an unofficial holiday on the Eve of Hallow's Eve. They call it Mischief Night. I think it started because there was a local law passed to tighten up laws against egging and stuff like that on Halloween. So people started doing it the night prior. This is my idea of what it would be like if Tibalt partook.
    @sorinjace, until when can I crank out the rest of my entries?
  • 'Cause this is THRILLER! Thriller Night!
    I am sorry. I couldn't help myself...
    But here is a card that will get you a lot of zombies!
  • @sorinjace
    I'm aware. I'm just... planning...
  • Guys, @Ranshi922, you have until end of October 25th, est, USA.

    Ranshi is mischief night really devils night? Devils night has been around for years.... I'm from a town that often sees the bad effects of devils night because it gets bad in Detroit, the results oftentimes trickles down to us in Toledo, depending on what happened.
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