Trick or Treat! (Results Posted!)

There have been many Halloween related contests lately, and I thought I might get into the spirit of things and make one myself! Most of the other ones have been about the monsters, but this one is about the costumes!

I want you to make me some "costumes." This means an equipment that is a costume that someone may wear on Halloween. For example:


-Card must be an Artifact - Equipment
-Card must represent some sort of Halloween costume
-3 entries, all must be made after 10/19/18
-Cards will be judged on the normal criteria of Balance, Flavor, and Art Choice
-Contest ends on November 1st.

-Honorable Mentions get 1 fave.
-3rd place gets 2 faves and a follow.
-2nd place gets 3 faves and a follow.
-1st place gets 4 faves and a follow.

Now, without further ado, Good Luck, Have Fun, and Happy Cardsmithing!


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