Planeswalker's Journey 2: Return to Clancularius



  • @Aggroman15 Thanks! Now all I have to do is invent a planeswalker for a character that I literally made a card for a week ago and I'll be fine.
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    Here are my two cards for the challenge:



    Spell slots left:
    Legendary: 0
    Mythic: 0
    Rare: 0
    Uncommon: 0
    Common: 0
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    For the challenge.
    I chose the other option of the list but I think both of my cards both fit my niche, color and are appropriate.
    Will I ever learn to save card slots? Probably not.
    Story on the way.
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    la'ayiv raised his hand. he didn't have time to draw his sword before the gargoyle flew onto him. suddenly, a shocking beam of light flew from his hand and pushed the golem back, over the edge. it's wings fluttered uselessly as the beam pushed it off the monument. La'ayiv had learnt a new spell.
  • My new planeswalker idea came from the card @Suicidal_Deity made of me. Thanks.
  • @KorandAngels is that using an entry, or is that a story card?
  • So... the challenge is just my niche?

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    Another World, Another Problems

    A girl, no higher than the chest of an adult was wandering at an outskirt of a village. Her regal attire was radiating a sort of noble-esque aura, although that wasn't really the case.

    "Good morning, sir." Asked the girl to a male, adult villager who was walking around on the rocky footpath mindlessly.

    "Oh, howdy, little miss. How can I help ya?" Answered the farmer with a smile. Nevertheless that the girl had a pair of blood-red pupils and pointy ears and a sort of wicked horns on her head too.

    "Uh, this is the domain of the Lord Andraste, right?"

    "Indeed, young miss. The lord himself is a pretty generous person. He even taught us of how to farm correctly according to the seasons. A fine man, in my opinion. If ya want to have an audience with him, just head straight in his manor right there, young miss." Pointed the farmer.

    "Well, alright then. And uh, thanks for the info. Have a nice day then!"

    "Have a nice day to ya too, young miss."

    'Seems like people here are getting used to meet non-human people around.' Thought the little vampire-planeswalker as she continued her path to investigate why she couldn't planeswalk away from that particular plane.

    'Something fishy is happening in this world. And this is a matter that can't be taken lightly.' She frowned as she was watching the peaceful afternoon scenery of that village.

    The calm before the storm.

    image image
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    So, the story is coming soon, but here are my entries:


  • @TheSuturedHeartMan
    We have very similar niches
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    @AxNoodle No! You can't give all colors Divination! Also that card's from the first PJ.
  • @ShaperKyon Am I not allowed it then?
  • @AxNoodle I did say that old cards are allowed, but it also says in the rules that you can't recycle cards from the first PWJ. So sorry, you will have to make a new card. It can be functionally and flavorfully similar, but it can't be the same card you submitted in the first PWJ.
  • @AxNoodle Well, @Aggroman15 says no, but I just don't like how it gives Divination to all colors.
  • @aggroman15 it's a real spell. if it was story, i'd make an uncommon.
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    also not a story card:
    La'ayiv unfolded his paper wings and prepared to fly of the colossal monument. he noticed some strange, dragonic shapes circling the monument a few hundred metres down. "i must be imagining things" he muttered. he dived, his wings pulling up at the level of the shapes. the drakes charged. La'ayiv ducked out of the way of the protodragon as a stream of electricity shot past his side. La'ayiv drew his sword. this was going to be difficult...
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    Alright here's my first entry for the challenge:


    Thinking of saving my other slot, but I've got the whole day off (sick days are amazing btw).
  • all my cards made for this (including story cards) are in this set:
    i have made a card for the drakes that attack me.
  • Screw it, I'm using my second slot:

  • Slots left:
    MR: 0
    R: 0
    UC: 0
    C: 1
    As he walked up the mountain in the direction of the tower, he saw more of this world than he ever saw of his own.
  • Teri just realized something important, but it was pulled from her mind before she could record it. She realizes she should find out what is happening to her, as well as this plane.
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    @KorandAngels Sword of Heaven is weak. It requires a total of seven mana, including two colored, to grant a small +1/+1 and lifelink. Also planeswalkers don't work by boosting loyalty; it would have to add a loyalty counter.
    @Mantis17 Raise the Dead is broken. The first ability is just raw card advantage for a ridiculously low cost. The second ability lets you throw away your small Zombies and grab better ones out of your deck. Geth! Thraximundar! Mikaeus! Jarad! All for the small cost of {2}{b}{b}! As it's worded, your zombies will never lose the sac ability. Also enchantments usually don't tap.
    @Aggroman15 When is The New World due? (Definitely not copied from PJ1 lol)
  • @ShaperKyon First of all, The New World is due this friday. Second of all, I did take the idea for the first challenge from the first PWJ, because it makes sense as a first challenge. Of course, not all challenges are going to be the same. In fact, this will probably be the only one.
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    @shaperkyon i'll change my sword now.
  • @Mantis17 (That + Arcane Adaptation.

    {b}, Sacrifice a zombie: Put an Emrakul or Progenitus or Worldspine Wurm at the cost of a cheap zombie token onto the battlefield.)
  • @ShaperKyon what do you think about my cards?
  • image

    Tesim's taking some time to think about how he got here.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 I think Sporadic Growth would be better costed at {1}[g}. I like how it's in your niche and also accomplishes the challenge. Dok'Nothar Scout I think is an efficient value creature. It might still be fine as a 1/1 since it will grow. Or, to increase the Hydra-ness, have it be a 0/0 that enters with a +1/+1 counter.
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