Walkers reprinted at Rare?

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So this is a hypothetical set of questions:
1. If WoTC had continued masters sets, is it possible/reasonable to think they may have put planeswalkers in at rare?
2. If WoTC had decided to put walkers in a masters set at rare, which ones do you think they'd put in?

Just some fun casual theory design discussion stuff, that's all ^^


  • Definatly the gatewatch group for #2, but it isn't feasible from a business standpoint, as people would be able to open those more often than their average counterparts.
    With that being said, it would also break the meta game behind mtg, therefore, also would break the availability of cards, and change the game.
    Sorry if it's a downer, but i saw this and wanted to put my two cents in.
  • @Bowler218 that has to be the most detailed comment from you yet on here, imo! xD
  • Really, I mean:
    1: It's game design, practically what MTGCS is all about
    and 2: It's business, and I have dipped into that area
  • @Bowler218

    I understand where you're coming from on that. Honestly, I doubt WoTC will ever print walkers at rare when a mythic slot is available. Though, just to check that we're on the same page, you're referring to the idea of reprinting existing walkers in masters sets, right?

    My thing about masters sets is the power level of cards in a masters draft environment are so much higher that a walker at rare doesn't seem too out of place. Plus, there are plenty of rather inexpensive walkers that would be great for limited imho (Xenagos, Lorwyn Garruk, Lorwyn Liliana , etc.) but are a bit of a waste of a masters mythic spot.
  • I was talking both reprints and new ones
  • @Bowler218

    I doubt they'd ever print a new walker at rare. I'm focusing primarily on reprints in supplemental sets here.
  • @Arceus8523
    True, as it would be weird unless all colors had one.
  • @murkletins

    I agree. You'd probably want a cycle. My candidates are the original five Lorwyn walkers, if they were to do it all.
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    Yeah, but they would also be strictly worse though, and impossible to play against a "normal" one, so the fact of plainswalkers being rare isn't feasibly useful ingame, but could (if there were multiple ones that were unique) be going for a good amount of cash on ebay, but that isn't how WotC does things. They make them in packs for that reason.
  • @Bowler218

    What I'm saying is that in a hypothetical world where Ultimate Masters wasn't the last masters, if they printed a new masters and wanted to, say, put Jace Beleren at rare, is it reasonable to think they could? I'm not talking about the idea of a new walker or using them in a standard set at all.
  • Okay, still, them doing it is slim anyways.
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    Yeah, I agree. That's why its more a hypothetical than an actual serious question.
  • I still saw it as right up my alley and ran with it, because I like talking about this stuff.
  • Well, case closed then.
    @Corwinnn, Do it
  • Bumping this after the big War of the Spark announcement that every booster will have a planeswalker in it
  • WotC: *Sweating profusely* Can we do it?
    WotC to WotC: We have no other options.
  • I have a feeling that War of the Spark is going to be a draft nightmare and generally a set where control will be king.
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    I have to say the idea of having a planeswalker in every booster sounds quite worrying :/ From a gameplay point of view, I can't imagine Limited where you have to deal with three planeswalkers at once every game >.<

    The only way I could see this working is that you can ignore most lower rarity planeswalkers. Having planeswalkers with only two abilities sound like a good solution for lower complexity as well.

    Here are just two propositions of what I hope lower rarity planeswalkers will look like:


    This Sorin is basically an enchantment with two modes. This Liliana is basically a Saga where you choose the order of the chapters, or she can be used as a weird sorcery.
  • @ningyounk
    Yeah I think you're completely right. That's the only way I think it would be possible.
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    My wife told me about how each booster pack will have a planeswalker in it as well, just going to have to trust WotC and see how this plays out! I see them doing every rarity level except common. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what your trying to go for. This may force some players to play in a style they don't normally play in, just to stay competitive in the tournament(s). They'll have a uniqueness to the planeswalkers i'm sure of that, or it could very well be like what we saw them do with legendaries on Dominaria.
  • @sorinjace

    I think that's exactly the plan. Basically Dominaria, but with walkers instead of legendaries.
  • Tibalt at rare for the memes
  • @DoctorFro

    You have no clue how excited I am for a new tibalt
  • But what if they just reprint the old tibalt instead?
  • @Lujikul

    Old tibalt in standard? Yes please!
  • Dang, no Ugin reprint...
  • Yea but that means no board clear turn four commander as much...pretty much my Neheb deck will get a good benefit from this Im hoping...also Jayas face looks photoshppoed
  • I like how Gideon has the Blackblade from Dominaria and it's flavor text miiggght tie into this set.
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