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@pjbear2005 here's the reboot
All of you were in the OG, and now I am running it. Yay. Anyways, i will atempt to continue existing stories, but that's gonna be hard. Oh, yall can use your old characters, just repost them for me and their current location. For those who need their first challenge, i will post at noon-ish today.


  • I'll just make a new character sometime today.
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    Here's mine.
  • I will probably wait till Monday if that's ok.
  • @pjbear2005
    can you give me backstory and a supporting card, I knew that something was missing. After that, I will try to get your stuff out ASAP
    Whenever your ready
    I know that it's almost Christmas, so I can wait a little bit.
  • I would like to keep my character, he is currently in the woods along with a knight he has just saved.
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    Support: Hope it's allowed


    Curos is among a set of three friends that grew up togther in an orphanage setting. They behaved more like siblings as they were the only elves there and were usually harrassed by the other orphans. Curos was normally seen as the weaker one of the trio, but he did his best for his "siblings." As they grew older, each developed skills to help each other as a group. When they were old enough to leave, they began exploring and used their skills to become hunters. They built a reputation that they took on tougher bounties and improved themselves with each success.

    One day, the trio took on a bounty that killed Curos's two siblings and the being laughed as he viewed it more suitable to leave Curos there alive as an example of his weakness. Curos soon began focusing his abilities to make him stronger in combat. Making him both wise and dangerous with his new training. Awaiting the day he avenges his siblings.
  • @Bowler218 ( I was in it too. can I join this one?)
  • Yes, sorry for the delay, stuff came up almost every time I got on
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    These were my cards from last time.
  • Ok, some challenges:
    After about five minutes of walking, you and Elisia reach a small town, there is an inn and tavern, a healing shop, and a couple of small houses. Elisia's gone unconscious, and the injuries look worse.
    @Fraziel07 (Location: just outside an unnamed forest. Time: 4 days since The Fight)
    The area around you looks different than you remember, there hasn't been any game to hunt. All your food is either gone or gone bad. There's a shadow about 10 yards away. It looks either human or Elvish, and it's coming to you.
    @AxNoodle (Location: a large field near the ocean)
    Hunters have been coming through a lot more in the last few months, but then again, winter hits this area months before anywhere else.
    @Pjbear2005 (Location: Small island just outside the islands of Perdita)
    The storm has been here for days, and it's flooding parts of the island that have never been flooded. Everyone in those areas now rob and steal to get food and shelter, leaving those areas No Man's Land. Those who didn't stay are now running around on the roads half dead.
    I hope this is okay for now as I have been trying to build this world for a while now, so if you want to, give me some ways I can improve. I really want to make this as fun as possible for y'all.
  • Alexine was originally from a plane called Golaku. For the first 14 years of her life she studied telepathy and other mind magics. Her intellectual superiority and photographic memory helped her studies. At the age of 16 after her training was completed, her hometown fell under the rule of a tyrannical priest that forced religion upon people and had anyone associated with magic burned at the stake. With this law in place she went into hiding and found a group had formed to hide and keep people away from the ruler.

    After a couple months, Alexine got tired of waiting and snuck out and staged an attack on the castle. She was able to use her magic to sneak past the guards and get to the High Priest. The plan was working out until she got into his room, knowing that it might happen, the Priest set up a magic detecting field. Guards were alerted and Alexine was captured. The next day she was sentenced to death and put on a stake ready to be burned.

    As the flames rose higher and higher, Alexine formed a plan. After the flames obscured the view of her, she used her magic to try and summon some sort of illusion to help her out of the situation. After many failed attempts she started to lose hope. She could feel herself being burnt and eventually she gave into the flames.

    After she gave in, she started to wake up, but she wasn't really waking up. It was as if her spirit had left her body and gone somewhere else. In her spiritual form she could feel everything around her in a new sense. She could feel life everywhere around her, it was something unlike what she knew from Golaku, she was in a completely new place. After she continued to explore she started getting a feeling pulling her to something.

    After searching for that pulling feeling, she found something, or, someone. It was a girl, she was lying lifeless on the ground. As she drew nearer to the girl, she started to feel their energies combine. After letting the energies merge, she was inside of the body. She was in control, and it was physical, she was able to move a body again.

    2 Days later she came across a fight between two forces. She looked into the mind of people and found out what was happening, there was an uprising on a dictator. After understanding what was happening she disguised herself as a mage for the rebels and helped their fight.

    After the battle, she started making friends and blending in. After a while she had a spot in the coalition and was never suspected of anything. She continued training herself and helping the fight and has been like that ever since in her new body. Even with this new life, she would never forget her old one.


    Sorry for not posting these sooner.

  • Alexine will disguise herself in her illusions and look into the mind of others to find lawful ways to get supplies, get those supplies and than start traveling towards a safer area away from the floods.
  • @Bowler218 Curos cautiously waits to see who or what it is. Prepared to strike if unfriendly.
  • @Bowler218 The Wize Old Goat wants to take revenge on all hunters for they killed everyone he knew. But first, knowing he must gather help, searches for help in any nearby herds he can find.
  • @pjbear2005
    The waters have risen to an unfathomable height, and peple are now shooting magic and arrows at each other. IF YOU CAN: roll me an eight sided die.
    It wasn't just a shadow, but a dark elf. She turns around, walks to you, and pulls something out of her hand. It's a piece of bread, and then she leaves before you can say anything.
    There weren't many herds that would listen to you, and the only one that did sent a small goat to help you. IF YOU CAN: roll me a four sided die.
  • @pjbear2005
    An arrow passes by, just missing you. But it breaks the illusion for just long enough for whoever shot at you to get a quick glimpse at what lays beneath your illusion.
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    @Bowler218 Do I roll for this?

    "I didn't want to have to resort to this" Alexine said under her breath. She dropped her illusions and ducked under cover. As she was there, she reached into the minds of each person near her trying to weave temptations and madness into their thoughts.

  • @pjbear2005
    You don't need to roll for it.
    The people go insane, and they start fighting even more, but ignore you. Those that kill start eatting flesh to satisfy their primal hunger.
  • @Bowler218

    Alexine starts sneaking around the carnage to try and find some way off the flooding island and away from the monsters she created.
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    After sneaking around, you find a small row boat. Someone has also spotted you.
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    I barge into the healing shop, put her gently on a table pull out my gun, aim at the shopowners head and I say.
    "Help her!"
  • @Bowler218 Curos slowly eats some bread and stores the rest. Then follows the elf's trail carefully to see if there's a place to resupply or rest up.
  • @BorosPaladin
    The shop owners start moving about, grabbing herbs and tools. Their movement is erratic, and one of them stumbles, almost knocking over a jar of herbs.
    You go in the same direction as the elf, but the only way you can follow the elf is to keep looking for it's shadow.
  • @Bowler218 Forgot to star this, I rolled a 2.
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