• Grayvan was born, or, to be more exact, created in the plane-between-the-planes that is his master's domain, known to non-invited guests as "The Pit".
    The Pit is a dark and silent place, a gigantic maze of impossibly deep canyons of black slate that serpent for tens of thousands of miles, covered in thick clouds that hide the sky.

    At the end of each canyon, there is an opening to another plane. This means that one can access the Pit through one of these doorways, and should he find another one, effectively travel to another plane.

    The process however, is tricky, as the doorways do not simply reveal themselves, and travelling through the Pit is long, tiring, and especially dangerous.

    Karveen's agents like Grayvan use the Pit to travel at their master's command, being unable to planeswalk themselves. They also use it as an effective dispatching tool, as anyone tossed into the darkness of the Pit seldom finds a way back out alive.

  • Sorry for the concision and for the grammar mistakes. I am not a native english speaker, I will do my best in order to improve as "Choose Your own saga" progresses.


    If the plan to flee from the mines was perfectly accurate, once the gnomes were in the surface, the situation was not that clear.

    After a couple of days in the surface, the positive thing was, how strangely comfortable felt the gnomes in Lorwyn. They found opposition from no creatures or beings, so Hisji thought about settling in those woods. He gather the elder miners, most of them expert in soil, and ask them their opinion.

    The elder miners started analysing all the elements and their conclusion was positive. The huge amount of light hours, the absence of hostility, the quality of the ground and the weather were all optimal.

    Hisji let the veteran miners in charge of the settlement and quickly they come with a plan. Agriculture and fishing would have to be the cornerstone of the new Gnomic Colony.

    With the survival of the Gnomic Colony guaranteed, it was time to Hisji to start planning the revenge against the dwarves.

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    @IronCrusher yes the planes are easily accessable in this contest, and all creatures are available to use. Your creature is on earth, how earth is will be entirely up to you. And as far as when to request for a number, you may do so as soon as you submit your task. (More numbers will appear as more get requested over time until the end of the contest approaches.)

    @DoctorFro gotcha for # 9, give me time to post please and ill post your numbers results later. I have i think 3 people ahead of you, im going in order of when cardsmiths post comments here. : )
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    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos here is what number 25 is :

    You have unlocked

    "Save an Entry"

    You may use this only once at any time during the duration of the contest. If you want to prevent an entry from being destroyed, post a comment and that entry wont be destroyed for the rest of the contest. This can be used on anyones entry, not just your own. Even if acontestant submitted to destroy an entry and you post this way later it can bring the card back from being destroyed. However, It wont work for destroyed entries that have been stolen or entries that have a new owner then the original cardsmith. If the card has been the target of an ability to be destroyed, it is until you say otherwise. Think of this ability as like the card 'faith's reward.'

    Your task : Create a nonpermanent protection type card of any rarity. It can be designed to prevent damage or protect from colors, any type of protection!

    Aelynn has a mysterious past that her home planes has not yet been revealed. Her knowledge goes far and vast; knowing of other planes only planeswalkers had true knowledge of. How is it then, that Aelynn came to have such knowledge of places such as Theros?

    @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos please elaborate more on Aelynn's story with this tidbit added to her lore! :)
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    @Beastakles here is what number 10 is:

    Your creature ran into trouble!


    Your creature and Disciplined Guardian 'fight.' Your creature's power and toughness is 2/5, Disciplined Guardian's power and toughness is 3/3, nothing happens, both survive!

    Your task: Create an evolved version of your creature! This may only be a slight evolvement. Nothing way too powerful please, as this is the first battle your creature has won in the contest. Congratulations!

    @Beastakles please continue the lore for your character. What planes and city is your character from? Who or what is his opposition? What is with the girl with the pyro ability? What prevents this power from evolving here on your character's planes?
  • @sorinjace Um, my character is a 3/2 pretty sure. The one that's a 2/5 is his earlier version in his own story, who he was before becoming the Igneous Traitor. Does that mean that he is dead? I could start with the first character (Hibernarch Captain), then evolve him into the Igneous Traitor if you like?
  • And if you want to know more about Aldren, then here is some more lore I cooked up:

    Aldren is from the plane of Maghrebal, a world divided between monoliths of differing colors of mana. His home is the orderly region of Thesgal, whose central monolith of the same name emanates blue, green, and white mana, excluding red and black from the region. The thing about pyromancy or necromancy is that they are physically impossible to conjure within the borders of Thesgal because of the stone's suppressive power. Therefore, when the girl Mila manifests the ability to harness red mana, it intrigues Aldren.

    The camp of the Hibernarchs - a fort called Karatos - lies at the foothills of the mountains separating Thesgal from Qaen, the region pulsing with red, black, and green mana. It is here that Aldren is centurion to a cohort of soldiers, including a Gnoll named Harandar. Far from the capital city of Scudwahal, Aldren is more or less free to command in any way he sees fit, and of late his ideas of using fire magic against his enemies (namely Gnolls from Qaen and gypsy nations from the south) run counterintuitive to the illegality of pyromancy according to his superiors.

    To what preventing power are you referring to @sorinjace? Please elaborate.
  • @Beastakles

    Okay, I am literally in love with pyromancy in fantasy. Any chance on a later date we could get a whole storyline on Mila
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    Crud! I read your story wrong @beastakles! Yes thats fine, lets do that. Ok so i was referring to you saying that pyromancers dont normally evolve in that planes when i asked about the prevention. What is halting or stopping or slowing the power of a pyroma cer there? I didnt scroll down at first to see you added to the story which is highly detailed i would like to add! Great job so far, it literally made me think of the wall and Jon Snow of Game of Thrones (though nothing alike, it made me think of the show as i've not read Song of Fire and Ice. I know, I know I need to.)

    Since your traitor version of the cardis the evolved version of your character, you can ask for another number whenever you are ready to as it counts for the last task per our agreement.
  • @pjbear2005 I would happily provide Mila's story. It's a tale of belonging, self-actualization, and fulfilling your destiny for the greater good. For more information, visit my Maghrebal 4.0 set on mtgcardsmith.com.

    @sorinjace Okay, so it seems my Hibernarch Captain survived the fight with the disciplined guardian, a perfect training session for the captain who happens to be in those colors. Perhaps the guardian was a conjured sparring creature or something?

    I can evolve my captain into something different than the traitor if you like, give him a chance to slowly become the "monster" he embraces.

    Do I choose from the same list of numbers as before, or is there a new list?
  • If it is the same list of numbers, then I shall choose 17 if you will allow.
  • @sorinjace Now before you give me the results of number 17, please tell me if you prefer me to continue with Igneous Traitor or with another card that represents Aldren's slow descent into power-hunger.
  • Alrighty, thanks for answering my questions, let's get on with a bit of lore then.

    This story will be written in the form of a diary, she has been keeping this diary since 5 days after the god she served was killed and writes an entry every two days. This entry describes the last few days.

    Entry #36286
    I had that dream again today, i'm still surprised i can remember it so clearly, when i woke up i had to start writing. I can't seem to remember the way that person looked, no matter how hard i try, i hope i can find them some day, who knows what stories they've got to tell. It feels like something is going to happen soon, wether it's good i don't know, but it is something, i haven't used my blade for over 30 years, but i fear i may soon have no choice.

    Day 72577, morning: The sun was shining today, but it did look like it was going to rain later. It's been two days since i arrived at this part of this country i believe it's called "De Veluwe" it is quite a beautiful piece of nature and it is nice to know that there are enough humans in this country that care about keeping the nature here alive. Since there seem to be a lot of places where humans care a lot less.

    Noon: As i thought it started raining, but the sun was still shining and the rainbow is stunning. It does seem like there are a lot of people here at who enjoy visiting this place.
    I had to hide my wings when walking around, a lot of humans seem uncomfortable when they see something that is not as human as they are, i still don't really get what the point of this is, you could miss out on so many oppurtunities. I helped a lost child today, he said his name was Max, he talked to me about his mother, her name was Sam, and how he lost her, when we found her, i could see the worry on and then the relief on her face, it was a sight to behold. After Sam thanked me, she wanted to repay me, i asked her to sit with me and tell me about herself, she told me she was divorced and that she adopted Max with her now former wife, she didn't tell me her name, whenever she talked about Max her eyes seemed to smile, i couldn't help but smile with her. I spend the rest of the afternoon listening to her stories and watching Max play around on the trees.

    Evening: As it was getting late, i saw a group of faeries around, not a sight i have seen before in this country, they seemed to recognize me as an angel, most of them scattered, two rather curious ones, decided to try and talk to me themselves, their names were Lieri and Era, they also greatly enjoy learning new things from the other beings in this world and i gladly shared some of my stories with them. Today was a good day.

    Day 72578, morning: It was rather cloudy today, but it wasn't raining. As i was stretching, shortly after waking up, a man walked up to me, his eyes filled with wonder, seems he was a religious man, he dropped down to his knees, it felt uncomfortable, when i asked him to stand he seemed shocked at the thought, so instead i sat down asking him to sit next to me, i asked him his name and what he thought upon seeing me, he told me his name was Arie. He told me that he thought i was sent by the god he so admired, i proceeded to ask him why he worshipped this god. He told me about his trials, his struggle with disease, he believed a god saved him, i told him i was not send by any god, but his faith seemed to give him hope, so i wouldn't dare tell him, no god would care enough about a single life. I only asked he do not blindly devote everything to this god leave room to care for yourself, he nodded. With that we parted ways.

    Noon: There were a group of humans at the border of the forest, they seemed to be dirtying the forest on purpose, i approached and asked for their reasoning behind their actions, they proceeded to threaten me. I asked them again for their reasoning, but they wouldn't tell me and they proceeded to attack me... i... i don't remember what happened after that, but the humans were gone, after i cleaned up the thrash they left behind, i went on my way.

    Evening: An old elf walked up to me as i was lying down enjoying the setting sun, he didn't say anything and simply sat down next to me and watched, we shared that moment and it told me so much more than words could have and when the sun set, we both said our thanks, for sharing this moment with each other and left.
    I've spent some time here now, i think it's time to proceed, there is still so much i haven't seen yet, so many people worth knowing, i can't wait to see what the future holds.

    This took a surprising amount of time to do, but i'm not sure if it actually says all that much, anyhow hope you enjoyed reading through this somehow if you did. This is in essence the beginning of the story and i hope something can be done with it or maybe it gained some more insight in the character and her ideals.

    Anyhow, now that i've gotten in an extra bit of character, i'd like to take another number, 2 if you don't mind.
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    And so the tale continues with Aldren. Behold his evolved state, the Eagle-Bearer:


    Thus far, Aldren has fought the Disciplined Guardian, a creature designed for training the recruits of his cohort, and survived. It was a hard-fought battle, but Aldren prevailed with the Hibernarch control magic at his disposal. His power was not enough to defeat the spirit, however, and Aldren grows unsatisfied with the results of his own magic. He knows that if he is to defeat enemies far tougher than this, he will have to use every tool in his arsenal, even if that means breaking a few rules to do so.

    @sorinjace (Is this how we are supposed to continue with our stories? Take what happens and work with it?)
  • I choose 20 or 18
  • @sorinjace I fixed the first post with Aldren, and now it is accurate to the story. Thank you for allowing me to fix this situation.
  • I choose 20 or 18
  • Sorry. I accidentally posted that twice
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    Noooooooooooooooo Crying Ensues The R/B one is gone!!
  • @pjbear2005 Don't worry, he'll be back...eventually.
  • Ill be back later guys promise. I have some real life stuff i have to tend to, like going to the hospital for starters. On a lighter note i am picking up a magic cards order for my doran treefolk edh commander deck while im out, kinda stoked to get genesis wave, among other cards! :) ok bbl
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  • @sorinjace
    When you're online later, may you message with how long I have to finish the card and story paragraph? I was offline yesterday mostly and just want to make sure how long is the usual time duration for completing these events.

    Thanks in advance, I'll try to make the card as as soon as possible. Then post it this evening, if done.
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