COLONISERS: Season 2!!! (Colonisers of Edgerim)

Yet again, the slick and elegant Hero of the Capes takes us on a magical journey to the sector of Kala-Niza, where planeswalking is a much easier feat, and a small battalion of trained sorcerers are enough to bring a whole empire onto another world...

This winter's topic is the world of Edgerim, a mystical plane built around the shape of a disc. Long ago, some cataclysm took out most civilisation there, and the society that's left is very primitive.

This contest is going to be different from Season 1, because we will have ALLIANCES! (Maybe. Only if we amass 8 members or more. No promises). The way this will work is that 2 players will be joined into a coalition. They will still have to make their own cards for contests, but they will go to war together. If your teammate will be eliminated, do not fret, the next player without an ally will be put into a coalition with you!

Other than that, the rules are very much the same!
Create an empire from some distant plane that no one has ever heard of (you could use a plane like Rabiah, or make your own).

It needs:

1. A legendary creature to represent the ruler of the empire, or the one responsible for colonisation.

2. A creature to represent the army. It could be a famous general or soldier, or it could represent a run-of-the-mill private straight from the front line, whatever you think would work better.

3. A card of any type to represent how the empire handles magic. A wizard, or a magic potion, or anything really.

4. A macguffin! This is where things get interesting. Create an artefact that is of importance to the empire. A magic orb with the power to signify omens, or a book containing ancestral magic. It is most important to think of a creative solution.

5. And if you think of anything else, I allow up to 3 bonus cards!

Now, how does this challenge progress? Every once in a while, I will present you with a problem. A native rebellion, an appearance of a new species of beast. You will create cards to counter that problem. An artefact to represent a pact with the natives, or a trap for the beast. I will note down your solution, and think about how that affects events.

You could also go to war with another contestant, if you are feeling extreme. You could gain a major advantage when I judge the contestants (which could happen in 2 weeks, or 5 months, depends on how it goes) if you win, but you could gain a massive disadvantage if you lose. Do you want to risk it? Or would you rather sit at home and sip your cocoa plant beverage?

However, I must warn you, I will only accept 4-16 entries into the contest, because 30 empires trying to conquer a plane would be ridiculous, and the deadline is 14th of January.

Good luck!


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    The drones were correct. The plane of Edgerim was close to our own, and with the state of our devastated plane, we needed to feed somewhere else.

    We are the Flesh-Ridden Scourge.

    Our creator, Renshak, was the first to be touched by Farnikan influence. He used his powers to invent us. His perfection, our blessing.

    Renshak completed his biggest project thus far, and has manifested the largest Being, capable of holding the Scourge Moon itself.

    Our magic is considered disgusting by others, which is utterly insulting. We can stand the shame attempted to be thrown at us, but it is an annoyance. Our Scourge Moon changes us to a perfect form, and they still bash us.

    The Scourge Moon? Yes, Farnik. Farnik is all powerful. Farnik gives our life through its influence.

    We steal the living and let Farnik corrupt them. We take the dead, our own included, and feed on them. We grow through pain and suffering. We will prevail.

  • @Hergusbergus

    You seem similar to last contest's @Lujikul .

    Hope you do just as well!

    I also love the art and the aesthetic it creates, mind telling who the artist is?
  • A world built around the shape of a disc? I'm getting old-school Halo vibes from it.
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    Here is one interesting empire, one that would not normally have the intelligence to invade a plane. But, with the help of the Ultimate Eye, they can travel planes, gather intelligence, and conquer places for themselves. So, may I introduce you to the leader of the Jarkonailian Flock hailing from the plane Jarkonailia (a plane entirely covered by a huge mountain that in turn has smaller mountains and other lands types on it),

    Jarkanolt, the emperor!


    A great dragon who is in fact the soul of Jarkonailia itself (he and the other dragons don't know that he is yet and the dragons simply named the plane after him) masterminds the invasions of entire planes. He couldn't lead the attacks without his best general, though. May I introduce:


    These dragons can be intelligent enough to lead entire invasions and that is because of the Eye as mentioned earlier. Here it is:


    The mages of the Flock are there to strengthen the army, such as this one:


    But you always need to know about the place you are invading, that that means scouts:


    So that shall be my entry for the Jarkonailian Flock. Good luck to all other contestants! I shall be looking forward to seeing other entries.
  • @all
    I am extremely sorry everyone, I forgot to mention:


    @AxNoodle Since you made Asriel before I could say that, you don't have to switch her out, but it will be extremely chivalrous of you to do so
  • @Bowler218

    I was thinking more in terms of Discworld, but yeah, I guess Halo works too
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    @HeroKP In that case, just imagine my colours are U/B/R and Asriel costs 2UBR while judging. This may increase the power of the card, but I would not want to have an upper hand of two extra colours on other players; it's only fair.
  • @AxNoodle

    Thanks for being a good sport! :)
  • @HeroKP wow, completely forgot to put the artist names! Sorry about that, Renshak and the Bearer were both drawn by Jakub Rozalski, and the others are drawn by Simon Stalenhag.
  • @HeroKP For flavour purposes, the Flock uses all mana types but the entries shall all be U/B/R, if that is possible.
  • @AxNoodle
    Is it ok if I use Tehans for my empire? Since you designed them, I just wanna check if I can use them.
  • @Bowler218 Sure! Will it be the Tehanic Empire or just some tehans happening to be in your empire? (It is fine either way)
  • Probably Tehanic, also, where'd you get the art for them? There pretty cool looking!
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    @Bowler218 There is lots of Tehan-looking art on the DevaintArt user FlashW. Nearly all the Tehans I have made are from his art.

    Also, please could you reference me on your account’s Tehanic Empire set you made in the description?
  • First, put you in the discription, and second, i went through his art gallery, and couldn't find any artwork from your tehan cards.
  • @HeroKP Relating to the alliances, I have a question. Do we get to choose (as in, vaguely) who we become allied with / enter into a coalition with or is that your decision? I'm aware that we can't do things like ally with factions we've never encountered, but I thought it might be worth asking relating to an idea I have. Thanks in advance.
  • The Avarinians hail from the plane of Avarin. They use the powers of the elements for their power. For a long time of their existence, they have not used a name, but a group of bugs evolved into an advanced species that ended up making their home on the plane which brought them to name themselves. The original Avarinians let the bugs live with them and have had an alliance since they started.


    Amanzi is one of the two current leaders of the Avarinians and holds more respect than the bold and somewhat arrogant Umlilo.






    Umlilo is the other leader of Avarin, while more powerful than Amanzi using brute power but commands less respect because of his angry and bold nature.
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  • @pjbear2005 Noice, you resemble the elementals in the last contest, but with more punch
  • @KorandAngels No, you do not have to play season 1 to join, but please make the following changes to your cards if you want to join this contest:

    - Capitalise all the words in the titles

    - Capitalise the first letter of the ability text, and EVERY SINGLE ABILITY.

    - Stop the card text from going over the edge. Track down where it's happening, and press enter there.

    - Center your text using blank lines.

    Otherwise, your cards are imaginative and the balancing is on point, however, that vision suffers from the presentation.
  • @MemoryHead

    No, I will choose the teams myself, and you will probably hate me for the partner I put you with (he he he he)
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  • can i go solo? Also, since i can't findart for my cards, can i type them out?
  • no, thats to much extra text.
  • @Bowler218

    No, sorry, only actual cards allowed.

    And no, sorry, either we all fly solo (If we get less than 8 contestants), or we all team.
  • @Bowler218 - Did you see these?
    A lot of Tehan looking stuff in there
  • @Corwinnn


    welcome to my humble contest!

    Speaking of, some squirrel tribal could really spice things up around here, eh? Ehhhhh? EHHHHHHHHH?
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