Tournament of Champions 2 Rematch (The game has begun)



  • @AxNoodle indeed. Braekun is a really good fighter but his knowledge is heavily limited and so is his understanding that a cunning mind might be as much or even more dependable for a victory.
  • Legornans

    Onara, Pele, Sylva, and Tai were practicing their combat skills on the fields next to Legorna, nearby one of the city's gates. It had rained last night, but the bright morning sun dried the raindrops away from the grassy fields with its warm rays. It had been few days since the first match, and if the rumors were to be trusted, the hosts had planned to start the second match on midday. Tai was fighting against Sylva, warming her up for the upcoming match against Rin Yuu while Pele and Onara watched from a safe distance.

    The group could also hear and see some activity on the road that led from the city to the Trogon forest. A dozen soldiers were on their way to the woods in rather fast pace. Some of them were on horses while the younger looking ones were traveling on their feet. Shouts and orders were heard, and the rookies responded eagerly each time. After a minute, Onara turned her head to resume watching Sylva's and Tai's battle, but Pele kept watching the Legornan soldiers while she was sitting on the ground, wondering where they were going.


    I doubt they are preparing the forest arena for today's match. The tournament hosts don't usually pick the same arena for two matches in a row...

    Pele woke up from her thoughts as she saw someone walking from the city gates towards the girls. At first she didn't recognize the knight until he was closer and the pyromancer saw the red/white scarves of the man's dusky armor.

    "Hey," Pele said as she stood up and tried to get others' attention. "Sir Killian is coming!"

    Sylva stopped fighting and turned her head to look, which gave Tai an opportunity to hit the back of the mechanic's head with the blunt side of the smirking faerie's wooden sword. The strike made Sylva fall onto the ground and lose consciousness, causing Pele to grit her teeth in sympathy and Onara to shake her head in shame. Tai's smile faded. She began healing the airship repairer and herself with powder, which she took from her pouch. Sylva opened her eyes after a few seconds to see as Killian raised his right hand in a greeting way as he approached the foursome.

    "Good morning, ladies."

    Each contestant greeted back in their own ways. The last time they witnessed the knight's cheerful mood was at the start of their long, tiring journey from Eternstor to Legorna.

    "Since I managed to get a bit of spare time for this morning, I decided to personally check on each remaining contestant," Killian said as he reached his right hand towards Sylva, who was still lying on the ground. She grabbed it with her left hand, and the tournament host quickly helped her to rise on her feet. When Sylva nodded her head as thanks and started wiping dirt from her feet, Killian continued.

    "So how have you been? Have you enjoyed your time in Legorna so far?"

    "It has been... peaceful," Onara said while she looked at the scenery, her hands crossed over her chest. "I would have never guessed that a place where people watch creatures fight each other to death for entertainment would be so serene."

    "The tournament is one of the main things in this place that brings them joy," Killian said as he stroked his chin. "The people do not lust for blood, however. They want to see fighters go through hardships to become something better than what they were before. It's something Legornans themselves have experienced in the past. During last year's tournament, an abysmal outbreak occurred in the Trogon forest, and countless people lost their lives to the creatures that were tainted by it."

    "An outbreak? What is this abyss?"

    Onara asked slowly. Memories from the Dreadgate flashed in her mind.

    "It's a pitch-black realm of this world where the souls of the dead dwell," Killian replied as his smile quickly faded away. "All kinds of souls are trapped there, and some of them desperately want to break free. One of the gods watches over the closed main gate, which separates it from this world, but sometimes the abyss manages to create its own little gates to our world. The place where such gate would appear becomes tainted by darkness. It corrupts living beings and unleashes dreadful monsters, which destroy everything in their way."

    "B-but," Sylva started after shivering for a second. "We didn't notice any signs of any abyss when we were in Trogon during the first match."

    "That's right," Killian said a bit proudly. "Countless people have done excellent job at restoring the forest and keeping it alive."

    "Is the abyss one of the reasons why some soldiers just went there?"

    "No," Killian said as his smile returned. "You already know that master Eetu managed to save someone from a small hydra right before the first match? According to him and some other travelers, countless dangerous reptiles have moved down from the mountains to Trogon. In hopes of making the roads safe again, the soldiers will drive them out from the forest and slay those which refuse to leave. The group you just saw was sent to eliminate such persistent creature; another small hydra, spotted at the outskirts earlier this morning."

    Wind swept over the green forest and the field, then it passed the group. They could faintly hear musical words from the forest. These words were smooth and humble, yet it felt as if they were linked to something divine.

    "Do I hear... singing? Are they singing?"

    Tai asked as she healed the last wound from Sylva. Killian gripped the handle of his sheathed greatsword with his right hand as he looked at the forest's direction.

    "Yes. They are singing for the blessed souls, who have worked together to vanquish a dangerous foe. It's common to hear singing in Lisakdonia, for it unites the people and surrounds them with the sound of their souls."


    Everyone stood silently until no more singing was heard. Killian let go from his sword, sighed deeply, then began to walk away.

    "Well, I better get going before Gaspar - I mean - Clementia sends a rider after me. Remember to do your best during your match, everyone. Especially you, Sylva."

    Killian waved and began to walk back to the city. The girls waved back, then they resumed their training.

    It didn't take long until they saw as someone yet again was coming to their direction. This time it was a bearded dwarf, riding a brown pony. He was holding a letter and clearing his voice when he approached the four contestants.

    "Ahem! The match between Sylva the repairer and Rin Yuu the samurai will be held at the central arena of Legorna in two hours!"

  • @pakashara

    The four contestants walked to the stands, hand in hand.

    “Good luck Sylva!” Tai said, “We’ll all be behind you!”

    Sylva nodded, clutching her dagger/hammer and split off to the arena. Tai hoped Sylva would win, as she was Tai’s first friend in this competition. Sylva was also the one that erased the feeling of loneliness from Tai.

    She can’t lose now. I’ve helped her train to counter speed, win sword fights, and have superior strategy. She just has to win.
  • Second Match - Beginning

    The time has come for the next tournament match to unfold under Legorna's eyes. Sylva walked to her position in the central arena. The midday sun was shining brightly in the cloudless blue sky. There were so many people all around the stands. Each section was almost completely full, and her friends were waving at her from the row, which was for contestants only.

    I've gone through too much to lose now. I will do my best... and win.

    Rin was silently walking from the shadows of the arena's entrance, her left hand holding the scabbard of her katana. She looked at the audience and only met Henry's eyes, who was waving at her nervously. But she lowered her head, smirking under her straw hat as she thought about her opponent.

    Of course they are rooting for the little mechanic girl... No matter. I will give her and everyone else a duel with a taste of cold steel.

    The samurai stood in her position of the arena. Sylva glanced at the shadowy woman, then she looked at the row, where the hosts were. Everyone was present; Clementia, Nathan, Killian, Eetu, the scholar elf, the woman that reminds her of a healer, and the blonde-haired, bearded knight. The knight stood up from his seat and walked onto the podium, which was in front of the hosts' seats.

    "People of Legorna! We have all come here to witness as the second match of our tournament places two brave souls against each other as they are fighting their way to victory! The fallen will only see a glimpse of death, for as you know, my people; our heroes will never die as long as we have faith in them!"

    The civilians, watchmen, and the other hosts repeated the same saying. Then the talkative man raised his left hand towards the artificer.

    "A young girl with dreams that take to the skies; Sylva, Airship Repairer!"

    She threw her hammer high into the air while people clapped for her, then she grabbed it as its hilt fell onto her palm. The bearded knight lowered his left hand and raised his right hand towards the samurai.

    "A wandering samurai who is watched over by the night; Rin Yuu, the Nightshade!"

    She moved her shoulders a few times in a stretching way when people gave her an echoing ovation, then she took a stance and grabbed the handle of her katana with her right hand with no intention of unsheathing it just yet. Finally, the speaking knight raised his both hands towards the sky.

    "Let the second match of our tournament begin!"
  • Second Match - End

    image VS image


    As soon as the match started, Sylva began to slowly walk sideways, eyeing her opponent. Rin wasn't moving at all, however. She was standing still while keeping her stance and gripping the handle of her sheathed katana.

    She's too young... I won't awake the demon for this one...

    Sylva thought about what she had to go through in Eternstor. She took a deep breath, slightly bent her knees, then quickly charged at the ronin with her hammer ready. When Sylva was very close to the lady in black attire, she saw a flash of metal as Rin quickly drew the katana from its scabbard. The samurai finished her horizontal slash in a blink of an eye. Sylva was prepared for such attack, so she blocked it with her hammer, but the unexpected amount of power caused the hammer's tip to fly many meters away. Holding her sword in both hands, Rin attack Sylva with a vertical cut, which the airship repairer parried with a dagger's blade, which was hidden underneath the hammer's tip. Then Sylva stepped forward for a counterattack, but Rin was fast enough to parry it with her katana. The blades clashed onto each other many times as the two incredibly fast contestants kept parrying the other's strikes.

    Enough of this.

    Rin quickly sheathed her katana back to its scabbard. In the same speed, Sylva prepared for another powerful quickdraw. But instead of unsheathing the sword, Rin took the whole scabbard and punched Sylva's head with its tip. The artificer lost balance for a second, and before she could regain it, she saw another flash of steel. The sound of splattering blood and a falling dagger followed afterwards. Rin was in her stance, holding her unsheathed sword in her right hand, which was raised straight towards the sky. Sylva turned her head slowly to look at her right arm, which was lying on the ground. Rin had cut it off from her shoulder with a vertical slash. Sylva took a few steps backwards before falling onto her knees, tears flowing from her eyes, blood flowing from the largest wound she has ever gotten. As she was desperately trying to stop the flow of blood with her left hand, Rin walked in front of her. Sylva slowly raised her head to look at the samurai with her watery eyes. She was holding the bloody katana above her head with both hands while drops of blood trickled from the blade all the way to her hands.

    "No... no no no... please... I need to win..."

    Rin's face didn't show any emotions. Without saying anything, she slashed Sylva's torso, and the airship repairer collapsed onto the sandy arena ground. Silence filled the arena afterwards. Rin walked away from Sylva's bloody corpse and cleaned her sword with her left hand's sleeve. The lady host, whose name the contestants did not know, stood up and slowly made her way from the stands to the arena below. Even though Killian tried to hide it, he looked as if he felt each attack that was inflicted on Sylva. The bearded knight, who announced the beginning of the match, walked onto the podium, and spoke with the same tone as earlier.

    "Well, my dear audience, we have a clear winner!"
  • Winner!


    Both cards and characters are quite interesting. However, Sylva's own influence shined its absence, which allowed Rin to carve her way to the 2nd round!

    @pakashara - It's time for Sylva to go home, but you are still allowed to tell her story and show her later versions here!

    The tournament bracket has been updated, once again!

    In about 2-3 days, the match between @AxNoodle's Dostran and @Jonteman93's Braekun will begin. The arena will be revealed 2-3 hours before the start of the match.
  • @TenebrisNemo

    (Oh wow, that's kinda harsh boss :))

    Guess there will be more works I have to do eh? Still, thanks anyway!)


    (Well, that was a nice fight, I suppose. So, here's a recommendation for you, or for us all, to improve ourselves if it comes to such things:

    I believe your problem isn't about the card itself, but in the character's presentation. When it comes about creating an interesting story, yours seems to be dull, or boring, due to the lack of character development, aside from your character's daily trainings over and over again.

    It's not about creating an overpowered character, it's about being interesting.

    We all could make something like Progenitus, a 10/10 indestructible or whatever it is or something godlike like that, but if it feels 'boring' or just plain 'stupid', then the judge can just outright ban the character from the tournament by a sort of divine intervention or whatever it is.

    So, good luck to you then, fellow cardsmith and adventurer.)
  • @sanjaya666 Yes. I believe that Sylva needed a better backstory and I am developing one for Tai now. I tried to have @pakashara write some of the stories to get more personal with Sylva, but it just didn’t work out.

    @pakashara It was nice for Tai to train with Sylva. This will also impact Tai greatly.
  • Dang, now that was a slaughter. Guess it's a good and proper reminder that we've got some incredibly strong contenders in this tournament!
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    (This takes place after Sylva leaves)

    Tai hadn’t left her room for a day. Her two friends would bring up meals, but that was the only interactions they had. It was 10:51 pm. Tai’s eyes shed tears that glistened in the moonlight.

    Suddeny, Tai started to remember something. A golden figure shone in her mind. It had golden wings, a yellow dress, and long golden hair. She had a smile similar to Taz’s.

    Who was that? Why am I remembering this now?

    Another image passed through her mind: There were fields. Large fields with golden grass and one large Thirean Oak tree. This was from Tai’s home plane. The sky was gray and the land seemed to quiver. There was a rocky ledge that overlooked a special spot of the fields.

    That must be the heart of Thirea! I feel like I’ve been here before, but what exactly happened?

    The same golden figure stood atop the cliff with a young woman. She had black hair and a small pouch. A brown one. Just like the one Tai had. They were talking to each other, but the vision was silent. There was no noises. Suddenly, a green geyser shot out of the rocks. The golden faerie looked sympathetically into the girl’s eyes. A voice suddenly sounded:

    “Just protect her...”

    The echo rang in her mind as the glowing faerie jumped, glowing brighter and brighter. Then, everything went dark. Tai gasped. Her friends stared down at her, wanting to help, but knowing they couldn’t. Tai looked up at the angel and pyromancer.

    “I can’t lose you too,” Tai said, “We all will train. Get stronger. We must avenge Sylva’s loss!”

    Her friends gravely nodded. Still, Tai could only feel one thing: Lonlieness.


    *This is not my Signature card*
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    (Hey, the dead contenders aren't really dead though. They'll be resurrected at some point after the fight anyway. In somewhere else... ask the judge if you don't believe it. Just reminding, dude.)
  • @sanjaya666 I know, but Sylva still leaves the tournament area. And the chances that they’ll see each other again are well... slim
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    Henry was currenlty carrying a tray that had a sort of grilled fish plus a sort of sauce that accompanied it along with some kind of vegetables and a pot of water as he saw his master who sat crosslegged, her vision focused towards the scenery outside through the window in her current quarter.

    "W-was the... killing... really necessary, master..." Asked the young Henry t after he politely put all the food and water on the low wooden table in front of him.

    Only the howling wind that answered the young servant's question.

    A prominent pause.

    "Are you still angry because you can't find t-that person you hate so much-"

    "Just... leave now. I need a moment to clear my thoughts." Answered the swordsmaster without even batting an eye.

    Henry doesn't know how to react towards it. So he just silently hung his head low and stood up again, hoping that his master would be felt better after she did whatever she was currently doing at that moment.

    "And please just take a bath. Henry, when did the last time you take a bath?"

    "W-well... two days ago?" He just scratched the back of his head.

    "Henry..." Her voice became slightly dangerous.

    "Y-yes master! Immediately, heheh..." Sheepishly, he just went backwards towards the destinated bathhouse that was located just a few houses apart from the ronin's current quarter.

    Rin could only exhaled a long breath.

    'Was it all for naught then... all these years of seeking an... empty promise for a vengeance?'

    The wind howled again.

    'I should never look back... that is for sure, but how can I even forget about them...'

    At that moment, Rin could feel a drop of water left freely from her right eye as she closed her eyes.
  • @shadow123 the card should say converted mana cost at the end

    The angels soared above Okar, their stern eyes boring holes in them.
    "Begone, demon." one flew closer to Okar. "Torment this town no more."
    The angel lifted an arm, and Okar felt themself be encased in a glowing, wispy net. Okar sighed. they knew they would not make it out alive. then, suddenly, they felt their net be grabbed by a hooded figure, and they screamed silently as they were dragged into the ulvenwald, the angels soaring behind them.

  • @kandra127 Flashbacks, ok, I get it, but why the ambulance sirens though ? Dramatic SFX ?
  • @DoctorFro Did I forget that? Thanks.
  • @AsubtleGhost
    I just felt like it.
  • Dostran contemplates all possible futures that could happen after his battle. Either victory had different timelines, and following his own victories could help him find a pattern. All this thought about time made him think to his past.

    Leofae are doomed to live a short (though action-filled) life in an attempt to enjoy it as much as possible. All Leofae are born not of others, but rather of natural magic (such as Æther). Time as a kitten does not last long and soon Leofae become large cats with powers connected to the weave of the world. As one grows, those powers become stronger and more focused and controllable.

    Dostran himself wasn't alive long before he heard of the Tournament. A Leofae would always be drawn to these kind of things, however hard it is to enter, for the language barrier between Cat and Common is quite large. Through persistence and showing his talents at those attempting to stop him, he got into the tournament to the surprise of absolutely everyone.

    He continues with his studying in his old, small book given to him by the wind (or maybe by accident, but Dostran gives credit to the wind) on “How to learn to speak Common: For Non-Humanoids” which is entirely made with images.
  • @ASubtleGhost I thought it sounded like a weird chant for some reason...
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    Hey, is it okay if I join in the roleplaying as a spectator?
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    Meanwhile in a hidden place beneath the city of Eternstor, two people were currently having a conversation in a large room that was filled with valuable things, mainly gold coins and many other jewelries.

    "So she's actually attending that tournament in Legorna hm? Does she know about the Planar Gateway then?" Asked a female person in a haori attire as she was also playfully examining a katana with a glowing demonic aura in both her hands.

    "No, I believe not." Answered a hooded person with a crossbow and a quiver with full bolts on his back with an annoyed voice, and an annoyed posture.

    "Tch.." The sitting female person smiled icily.

    She had only just comfortably sat in her makeshift throne after all.

    "All these wealth and eternal life, but I still feel nothing... guess it will all become boring at some points anyway. But what about you then, Garrett?" Remarked the female person. Her voice was sultry as ever, but anyone who had an experience with her already knew that her intention was as venomous as her tongue. So the hooded person only stood unfazed.

    "... You do know that she's the only one who knows about the existence of the Syndicate, for now at least. And the mastermind isn't happy about it since she's unbeatable."

    "Hmm, maybe it is the highest time I should visit my dear Rin then. All these acts of... collecting... just simply become tiresome, don't you think?"

    "... When you need someone, just ask anyone else and don't bother me again. I'm done with your horseshit."

    "Well well, don't you want a lttle revenge then? Or have you become the mastermind's little pet-headhunter?" Then the sitting person stood back and slowly walking towards the large extraplanar portal archway that stood a few meters in front of her.

    "You do know that the mastermind could end you anytime, permanently. So don't fooling around with that thorn of our cause, Jelene."

    The female person just laughed.

    "If that's the case, the mastermind would've kicked me out a long time ago, don't you think? Plus we're always getting new toys to play around with, for example this... interesting sword. Or maybe you and your companion were just simply incompetent."

    The hooded person frowned and clenched his fists.

    "You conniving wench-"

    Then just as fast as he ended his insult, the female person also moved as quick in only a blink of an eye to press her katana on the throat of the annoyed person although she was many steps apart before him, leaving behind a shadowy afterimage behind her.

    "Hold right there, just watch it later, my dear Garrett." And she smirked. Then without missing a beat, she gracefully sheathed back her katana and moved in front of the Planar Gateway to activate the large stony gateway by using a certain magical symbol that burned on the palm of her right hand.

    A sort of blue-ish energy then appeared around her arm as it also flowed towards the portal, causing the said artifact to be swirling with otherworldly energy as it also showed the imagery of buildings of another certain city-port.

    "So, tata for now then, my dear~" Said the female person mockingly as she went through the portal.

    And the hooded person could only hold back his intense loathing towards the vanishing ronin with clenched fists.
  • @sanjaya666 - I should thank you for the work you've done for your champion so far. I'm curious to see what Rin has to offer in the future.

    @MonkeyPlayer2002 - You're already a spectator! But if you mean that you want to interact with the remaining contestants, then that's a no, mainly because I want the players to write story segments, for those segments are linked to the characters' influences and judging processes. It's better if there wouldn't be too many "unnecessary" walls of texts and/or comments flooding the thread, as this is going to be a long competition anyways.
  • Tai went back to her training routine with her friends a few days later and tried to act as if Sylva never dissapeared. She trained with Pele and Onara harder than ever. Pele watched Tai face off against Onara for the first time. They had both observed each other battling against Pele and Sylva.

    “Now, Begin!”

    Onara unsheathed her sword that allowed a faster arc. If she wanted to land an attack on the Faerie, she’d have to move quickly. Onara attacked first. Tai dodged the attack with ease and let loose a blast of red powder.

    “You can’t use that against me!” Onara yelled.

    She created a gust with her wings that redirected the powder towards Tai. Tai flew as fast as she could to get away from her own powder. Onara slashed again, but missed.

    I guess powder won’t work...

    Tai was creative though. She mixed red, gold, and black powder together, creating a flash. Onara couldn’t see for a moment. That’s when Tai sped in and slashed with her tiny wooden blade. It hurt one of Onara’s wings, making her flight harder. Onara slashed again, with more purpose this time. Tai dodged like usual. Again, Tai threw the three powders in the air.

    “You can’t use the same trick twice!” Onara said as she created another gust.

    The powders dispersed and no flash occurred. Onara dove in to slash at her tiny opponent again. Tai artfully evaded the sword, and threw some black powder in the Angel’s face. The angel shook off the powerful powder and smiled.

    How could that be? It drains massive amounts of energy from my opponent yet it had no effect on the Angel!?

    The angel attacked once more, scraping Tai’s right arm. She reached for her healing powder, but it wasn’t there. She saw her pouch on the ground with the leather strap slashed.

    “Not looking so good for you anymore?” the Angel taunted.

    Tai dove in with the wodden sword, but the flat side of Onara’s blade hit her body hard. Tai’s sword was knocked from her hands and fell to the ground. Tai now glanced at the flute hanging limply at her side. It was filled with dark energy that drained the life forces from opponents. If played accurately Tai could merely make Onara fall into a deep sleep. But if played wrong, Onara could die.

    I can’t use it now

    “I forfeit.” the Faerie said.

    Sylva’s absence had affected her in battle as well. Tai knew she was still alive, but she knew that Sylva must have been heartbroken. Her dreams like shattered glass, broken and unfixable. Tai thought a message to her friend:

    I hope you are well. I’ve never had any friends. No one had ever cared about me until I met you. Stay safe Sylva.

    “Hey Tai!” Pele shouted, “We’re training! I’m supposed to battle you next! Quit daydreaming!”
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    @TenebrisNemo (Maybe some crappy cards and some weirdass stories, boss. Can't promise anything good anyway.)

  • @sanjaya666 I love your stories! No matter how hard I try, I just can’t equal your writing level. Honestly, I can tell Rin will go extremely far because of the awesome card design and stories!
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    @shadow123 (Well, gonna try my best then. But don't expect too high from me tho.)

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    It was a calm night as Rin was taking another midnight stroll, accompanied by her most trustworthy, but still kind of inexperienced servant due to his age. So he just instead acted like another normal kid, and a meek one, despite of his current homeless condition.

    'No matter how hard I try to be happy, I still can't do that... but maybe if I give someone a chance to be happy again...' Thought Rin as she gazed at the lonely moon.

    "Hey Henry, do you want to see something beautiful?"

    "Uh... if that's okay, m-master?"

    Then the older person took on the half-crouching position, with her left leg touched the ground.

    "Well, what do you waiting for? Just hop onto my back."

    "... uh..."

    "Come on, this will be fun." Beckoned Rin with a somewhat forced smile.

    "Y-yes of course, master!"

    "Now hold on tight, kiddo!"

    "B-but where do we go-"

    Right after he hopped onto her back, she just went full speed, hopping over obstacles and buildings with the grace of a shinobi despite of the extra burden on her back. Another perks for having supernatural speed and stamina. Luckily the streets were fairly empty due to the nighttime, so no one would be bothered over a certain someone who was hopping over their houses.

    Finally, they reached their destination. Namely on the highest and reachable rooftop she could find at that moment. And she just quickly put her nervous burden down onto the stable ground as gentle as she could.

    "Uh... I believe I don't feel so good..." The said person just almost... threw off his stomach's content due to the velocity, but he just shook his head instead.

    And Rin just chuckled a little.

    'For that short moment, I could forget all of my problems...' Paused Rin as she gazed at the cloudless midnight sky that decorated by billions of colorful lights above.

    "Wow... this place is a-awesome! Uh... heheh..." Remarked the young servant nervously as he sat somewhat behind his master due to the dangerously at the edge where his master was currently sitting at.

    "Well, we could stargaze all night long, don't you think?" The Ronin just put her old straw hat down and proceeded to lie on her back.

    And her meek servant hesitantly followed his master.

    "Yes it is... mom..." And he felt asleep instantly.

    And in response, Rin silently removed the outer layer of her haori and used it as a makeshift blanket to cover the prone form of the young boy.

    'Dream in peace, kiddo.'

    Followed by a caress to her cute servant, and a hollow smile.

    And then she resumed her solemn thoughts until she also fell in the embrace of the dreamworld.

    - | | -

    "Well, well, I'm so going to enjoy this." A hooded female person with a sinister smile crept away under the shadows of the alleyways, leaving a bloodied corpse of a town guard behind her with a deep stab wound in his heart that also went through his body.

    Meanwhile a short black kunai could be seen planted on the wooden table in the Rin's quarter. There was also a paper with a short message by the handwriting that Rin knew all too well nailed by the said dagger.
  • Braekun had witnessed the match between Sylva and Rin from a seat in the shadows. Even though it was not as warm as it had been a few days earlier it was still too warm for him. He was partly dissatisfied and partly happy that the battle was so short. It meant that he could go back to the cold tunnels beneath Legorna earlier.

    He did not do that though. He instead walked directly to the closest tavern. He wanted something with a sting to drink. Not for the blood he had seen in the match. He had seen so much more blood countless times. This was different though. Those earlier times it had been due to a hunt or a fight to show greatness. For the first time in his life he had witness a fight that felt wrong. It was a heartless execution. There was something in his mind, his memories. Something had happened earlier in his life or to someone he held dear that was similar. Something terrible was trying to wake up in his memories but he just could not wake the memories. Why? What is it he had forgotten?

    Braekun ordered a dozen beers from the confused and slightly terrified bartender before he sat down at a table. He tried to remember back while he drank the jugs dry in seconds. He remembered his home. He remembered the great father, the great mother, the great brother and sister without problem. He remember his friends in the clan. Woghan, Berkhan, Harkaran and everyone else. His memories moved forward to the fight with the Valkyrie. He was beaten so easily. He was harmed and had to crawl for two days before he was found by humans. Among them there was this young teenage girl. Valeri? Was that her name? It felt correct but at the same time wrong. He remember that she took care of him. He escaped before healed so she forced him to stay one day more. They had spoken of their goal. She wanted to get to Englahem and he decided to join her. They had left the other humans and traveled north. And then. What then?

    Braekun held his head in his hands. The only images that came to his mind was them two and snow, lots and lots of snow. What had happened afterwards? Did they make it? Where was Valeri? Was she okay? Braekun stopped thinking for a moment. "Was she okay?" The thought had come to his mind by itself. Did he care for the girl? Why? He was worried. The images of the blood from the match and the images of Valeri mixed together. Braekun was shaking as he held his head tight in his hands. The images were flashing before him. Then they stopped when the door opened. A large blonde man stepped inside the tavern. Braekun recognized the man as the one that had presented the matches. The man walked to the barkeeper and ordered a beer before he sat down at a table further in. The man then lowered his head into his hands as if something was burdening him as well. Something heavy.
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