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  • Pele was shocked when Sylva lost, they had trained so much, but that Rin character was so strong. After training that day she decided to meet her, congratulate her on the win and maybe learn something about her if she would ever have to face her. For now though, Tai and her needed to train.

    "Okay Tai" Pele started as she stretched out and warmed herself up. "Are you ready?"

    "Yep, ready as can be." Tai responded, floating, yet still slightly dazed from her last fight. As she rose into the air, readying her weapons and dust, Pele lit some flames hovering above her fingers.

    Onara slashed her sword through the air from the sideline to start the match and Pele launched the flames burning at her fingers in rapid succession towards the fairy. Tai dodged each flame, but her hair got a bit singed with the proximity of the flames. Tai threw some dust at Pele to disorient her and came in with the wooden sword to trip Pele. Pele fell but then rolled over and got back onto her feet. Tai realized that she couldn't beat her with just magic or strength.

    Pele shot some more fire towards Tai, but she countered it by throwing some red dust at it. As the fire hit the red dust, great bursts of fire erupted in between the two contestants. As the training fight went on, a couple guards gathered and started watching. Pele took notice of this and realized something, while she was distracted, Tai flew up and knocked her over and held the wooden sword above her throat.

    Once Pele got up and dusted herself off, and they walked over to Onara. When Pele had both of their attentions, she explained how she realized something during their battle.

    "If we keep training out in the open like this, our opponents will be able to see our fighting styles and figure out how they can beat us" Pele said "I think we should find a more secluded place"

    (Unless this was already a secluded place then this doesn't really matter)
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  • As Tai slept, she had a dream.

    In her vision she was in a cathedral. The cathedral was dark and let little light filter through the stained glass. There were pictures on the glass. Five of them. Each of them were Faeries. One was golden like the Faerie Tai had remembered before. The next one had a long white dress with black and gold magic in her tiny palms. Right next to it was a Faerie with brown hair and a wreath of flowers. She was surrounded by animals and soft green light. The fourth image to it had a concerned face. She was almost as golden as the first Faerie, and she had colorful magic dancing across her palm. Tai turned to look at the next one when suddenly, the ground started shaking.

    From a dark hallway, a Faerie with a white dress emerged with more small faeries. The ground beneath Tai was glowing a poisonous green now.

    “Run!” the Faerie with the white dress said, “I’ll stop this destruction! Save yourselves!” It was only now that Tai realized that the Faerie speaking was the same as the second stained glass Faerie.

    The faeries quickly evacuated the cathedral leaving one Faerie alone.

    The poisonous green energy flowed below the Faerie. A large spike erupted from the ground. The Faerie barely dodged it. She fled towards the exit when she heard crying. A Faerie with long black hair was on the ground, green energy building up under her.

    “No!” the Faerie with the whit dress yelled as she pulled the other Faerie out of the way a second before another jagged stone flew up from the ground.

    The black-haired Faerie stopped crying. “Thank you Dante,” She said quietly.

    Suddenly a multiple spikes started to burst out of the ground. Dante dodged the spikes with the black-haired Faerie in her arms. But as Dante flew higher, the spikes shot higher out of the ground. The cathedral structure started to break as spikes shattered glass and ripped through walls.

    “I’ll protect you,” Dante said.

    Dante shot black blasts of magic at the stones, exploding them. Dust now filled the air. Dante couldn’t see.

    “This must have been what Ashoka was talking about,” she muttered.

    A gold light leapt from her hands onto the other Faerie. The black-haired Faerie smiled. Suddenly a series of stones burst from the ground, one catching Dante on the chest. The sharp stone pierced Dante’s chest and she floated to the ground.

    The white-dressed Faerie gasped for air and yelled to the Faerie above her. “Go, T-”

    Tai sat up in her bed. It was early in the morning, but she felt like maybe she was there when that happened. Who was Dante? Why did she sound so familiar? Who was the last Faerie on the stained glass? Maybe she could find answers. Tai raced to the library to find answers. Something that could find the missing piece of the puzzle and restore the memories she had forced herself to forget. Maybe Tai would feel better then...
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    Pele took a break from training in the sewers that day and decided to rest for the day. She still got up early but got some food and knocked on Tai's door. No answer. She then also knocked on Onara's door to hear a grumbled response. She left the angel alone and grabbed some dragonfruit juices and thought she knew where she could find Tai.

    She brought the drinks into the library and found where Tai had settled down. She sat down next to her and set down the drinks.

    "Rough night?" Pele asked.

    "Yeah, you could call it that." The fairy replied while shuffling some scrolls around.

    Pele finished off her drink and responded by nodding and getting up. "I'm going to got get some reading material while I'm here" she stated as she walked off. She grabbed a few books that piqued her interest and took them back to her room to read.
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  • Tai’s search yeilded no answers. Scroll after scroll, word after word, Tai searched for Thirea. Tai had not finished the dragonfruit juice given to her by Pele. She tentatively took a sip of her juice. It was extremely sweet. Too sweet, like someone dumped sugar into it. Instantly, Tai got her energy back.

    That was nice!

    Tai ran over to a shelf labeled foreign stories. It had stories from everywhere in the multiverse. Tai had already read one hundred of the fourteen thousand and three scrolls. She had read about moons, gods, and so many other things. She had found nothing about Thirea. Many of these scrolls were old, some that came from unknown origins. After five more hours of a fruitless search, Tai got tired. She grabbed her repaired pouch and left the library, leaving the scrolls strewn everywhere.

    “I can’t read for that long!” Tai muttered to herself.

    Tai went to find Pele and Onara to train.

    I just need some fresh air and action, maybe then I’ll feel better.

    Tai met Pele and Onara at the training fields after lunch.

    “Pele, thanks for the juice,” Tai said appreciatively.

    “No problem, Tai,” Pele responded, “I’m glad it helped!”

    Onara would be facing Pele today. Onara pulled out her stronger blade with a slower arc.

    “Your overconfidence will be your doom!” Pele shouted.

    “And Begin!” Tai said as she threw black, gold, and red powder in the air to make a flash. Streams of fire poured out of Pele’s hands, forcing the angel to fly backward. Some of the fire singed one of Onara’s wing joints, making it painful for her to move it. She slashed the flame with her sword, dispersing the fire, but Pele launched another attack. The shadowed pyromancer let loose small fireballs that would reqire quick deflection. Onara’s heavy blade would not suffice, but she couldn’t exchange swords now. She deflected fireballs as fast as she could, but one caught her in her uninjured wing. The angel plummeted to the ground.

    “Nice Job!” Tai said as she sprinkled gold healing powder on her friends wings.

    “I guess I can’t underestimate you,” Onara said sheepishly to Pele.

    “Well, I guess it’s time for your second match with Tai,” Pele said, “Don’t underestimate her!”

    “I won’t,”Onara said while pulling out a lighter blade.
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    "D-do you really have to go, master?" Asked a certain young boy with a worrying expression despite of his uncertainty.

    "This... isn't new for me, Henry. If someone you don't know asks about my whereabouts, just tell them that you don't know anything about me and we've never met before. And you have to leave this place until we meet again later. We will meet again in that tavern we talked before at the sunset." Explained the kneeling Ronin with a serious voice as she also gripped the poor boy's shoulders.

    "But w-where do you go anyway?"

    "It's... only a personal business. And that was a command, do you understand?"

    "... W-what if you don't come back, master?"

    "... Then you're free to do what you want, Henry." Said Rin with a somber expression.

    "B-but master..."

    "Just go, now."

    "Y-yes, master!" And the nervous boy just scurried himself away to the busy street of the city.

    'It's only for your own good, kiddo.' She thought bitterly as she remembered about the past tragedy that happened to the people who she regarded as very close to her.

    And the solemn ronin stood up and prepared herself for the incoming conflict.

    - | | -

    The sun was already orange as Rin arrived at the destinated location outside the city that was described in a piece of paper she picked up in the morning before.

    There, leaning at a tree stood a female figure that Rin could recognize. Her attire was similar to her except her hair was ashen white and she wore a different color of a traditional haori without the straw hat.

    "Hm, I thought you wouldn't come, sister." Taunted the female person as she was playing with her unsheathed katana that emanated a sort of reddish aura.

    And Rin gripped the handle of her sword tightly with her left hand and clenched her fist with the other.


    "Don't you then miss the fun, sister?" Taunted her with her arms open wide.

    "Fun? I'm going to kill you again Jelene, no matter whether you will come back or not..." Remarked the dark-clothed ronin. Then she took her fighting stance as her sheathed sword also emanated its own dark aura.

    "Come at me then, sister..."

    And she charged.

    But in her surprise, her opponent could very well follow and parrying every slash and every thrust that she made, despite of the impossible speed of the moves that she did.

    Then in a sudden, her opponent planted a kick with such unnatural strength that sent her tumbling across the grassy field a few steps away despite also of her own unnatural strength.

    "What's the matter? Are you getting rusty, sister?" Taunted her opponent again as the said person also encircled her.

    And Rin could only clutched her stomach in pain as she also coughed blood in a half-crouching position.

    'Impossible... that sword must also be enchanted with demonic power too...'

    But she stood up again and gritted her teeth, ready in a fighting stance once again.

    Then in a blink of an eye, her opponent was already in front of her, ready to strike her again with a mad glee. Luckily she could still see that and parried it.

    It all happened with such speed that a normal human could not simply do, over and over again, but in this time she was forced to go in the defensive instead of the offensive.

    Until her opponent unleashed an unpredictable and more powerful move that sent her sword away from her hand.

    Then with another strike from her opponent, Rin lost her left vision and felt an unimaginable pain on her left eye as she also stumbled back afterwards.

    Rin screamed a silent scream, then she felt on her knees and clutched her left side of her face with her left hand and clenched the grass tightly with her other hand.

    All she could do was only stared at the ground with teary and bloody eyes.

    All while her opponent just exaggeratedly inhaled the air.

    "Ah, another sweet taste of victory. And oh how the mighty has fallen."

    "Do it." The words felt so heavy due to the immense physical and mental pain Rin had to endure.

    But her opponent just cleaned the blood on her sword away and sheathed it back.

    "No no no, my dear Rin. The fun has only just begun, so why should I end it right now? From now on, just expect my visitation no matter where you go, my dearest sister. After all, you're the one who is not having another chances if you die right now. Til' we meet again then, sister." She mockingly bowed and just vanished along with the howling wind, leaving a shadowy magical afterimage in a mocking position.

    There was no scream or plead of mercy, there were only blood and tears.

    - | | -

    The sun was in the horizon as Rin walked inside of the Blue Dragon tavern with one hand clutched tightly and the other to hold her trusty sword. Leaving many murmuring voices from the guests who were currently being drinking and doing whatever they were currently doing in that tavern.

    "Master!" A worried Henry then quickly approached her, but rin gestured him to stop and just let him carry her sheathed katana instead.

    "Y-your eye..." He finally noticed at her bloodied face beneath her straw hat.

    "It's fine Henry." She forced a smile at him and just patted his head.

    "No it is not." The burly man with balding head who was normally always silent tavern keeper guffawed.

    "If you want that wound of yours to get cleansed, come here at the back, miss."

    "I-it's okay master. Gaith here is a very nice person." Added the young Henry with an awkward smile.

    And Rin just opted to stay silent and followed the man along with the nervous boy.

    'Though this loss cannot be undone, this is nothing... this, is, nothing but a simple obstacle...'

    A true warrior should be capable to use all their senses after all, a loss of an eye was nothing for her.

    'It, is, nothing...'

    But still, she was still being embittered by the ordeal she had to care for in the future.
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  • Here is a prologue to the war that made Koorir who he is. I know that the end is rushed, but I figured that I should get something in.


    The Village on the Hill
    All the highborn are born on the hill. Every dynasty of leaders was raised and cultured here. It is the origin of the Kaltharn people, and all their descendants. From Ryaor the Great to Teran the Wise, all of their history is here on the hill.
    The hill is the center of the land. The culmination of the leylines that run through the plane, and embody the soul of the land. Through these ley lines every 100 years, a champion is born. The year has come upon the village on the hill that a champion will be born.
    My hooves push heavily into the ground as I run towards the hill. Late, I am going to be late. Too late. I am supposed to be there, someone was supposed to tell me when my brother was gonna be born.
    “Hey Valior!,” my friend calls to me from a market stall off to the side of me. I wave him off, he is not of importance to me, right now. Right now I must focus, when I get up the hill I will have very little time to make myself presentable the way my parents want me to be.
    I make it to the top of the hill, the gates are flooded with people, they all want to see the champion after he is born. It is said to be good luck to lay eyes upon the newly-born champion. I disregard the disgruntled shouts as I push my way through the crowd; since I have the status of nobility no arguments are raised. I run into the keep past where the guards are posted to file the others in. I can hear my mom in labor downstairs, in the basement of the keep. I assume my dad and the healers are down there with her.
    I rush to my room first, there I dust myself off. To make sure I look appropriate for the occasion I check in a shiny rock. The delicate reflection seems to agree that I look the part.
    Down the stairs, and to the left. I run through halls as fast as my stubby legs can carry me to my soon-to-be brothers room. Outside the door I see the three boxes which are said to determine what kind of champion he will be. I put them inside his room, the same as every other sibling who has had the job of the champions sibling. Before I leave the room I remind myself of the contents in each box to make sure the order is right. The Blue Box with the Small Staff in it on the left, the Green Box with the Small Shield in it, in between the two, and the Red Box on the right which contains the Small Sword - I assure myself the order is correct as I am sprinting to the basement.
    At the entrance to the basement a healer stops me a look of devastation is on their face. They begin to usher me back up the stairs. “No! I must be down there before he is born!” I try to shove the healer out of the way. He grabs me, he is almost three times my size.
    “I’m so sorry Valior. Your father wishes to be alone at the moment.” He carries me up the stairs, I continue to fight him the whole way, refusing to give ground.
    Tears start to well up in my eyes, for reasons beyond my comprehension. The next thing I know I am screaming, and on my knees at the top of the stairs.
    I wake up in my bed. Startled I look around, unsure of how exactly I got there. Grief and anger convulse through me as I stand up. My vision dims, and my head spins rapidly. I sit back down on my bed. My visions swims with colors, and then figures start to appear all around me, champions of the past. They smile at me as my gaze passes over all of them. One of them starts to walk towards me.
    Two of them begin to speak in unison, as the one approaching me laid a hand on my shoulder. His fingers dug into my shoulder, “No matter the circumstance you are guide to he who bears the name champion, he who has caused you grief, and will continue to cause you grief.” Even though I knew that they were apparitions, the hand felt as real as the weight their voices carried. “When we depart you will be left to your sorrow. Do not wallow in this filth you associate yourself with.” Confused by their words and actions I lay down on my bed. I could hear their footsteps as they moved towards me.
    I struggled to not scream for help as they lay their hands on my chest. My chest heaved as I tried to form some coherent thought to say. Rather than an actual word forming a sort of whimper appeared in the air between. I stuttered out a coherent thought eventually, “Leave.” A short and sweet command that was fulfilled. The figures left the room, I was knocked out once more by my own mind coiling around my lungs.
    I woke once more, on the same day, breathing regularly this time. I did not know if what I had witnessed was reality to anyone but me. I strained to grasp that the figures may have been real.
    As my thoughts finished on the matter one the maids popped her head into to ask if I was alright because she heard a loud thud from my room, but was too afraid to enter. Deeming her useless I motioned for her to leave.
    Alone with my thoughts once more I found that maybe it was real. I recalled the spirits mentioning that I would suffer. Suffer, why did I have to be the one who suffered. Why could it not be the people who were lesser than my family. I was royalty after all I should be held higher up.
    My legs began to make their way downstairs on their own accord. Not being able to disconnect from their strides I followed along now intent on seeing where this ended. I was taken to where the main floor of the keep led to the basement. There besides the stairs leading down into the lower level were two guards, both of which were good friends of mine. Eager to see why tensions were high earlier I began to make my way down the stairs, without paying too much attention to the guards.
    I had not so much as made it down the first three steps when they hauled me back up to the top. “What the hell was that all about,” outraged by this inconvenience to my agenda I continued to spew obscenities at the two males.
    “Valior.” My father called to me from down the stairs, “I need you to stay up there where it is safe for the time being.” Frustrated by his command I protested silently, for I would never openly dispute my father.
    I sat idly by the guard shift occurred, and as the healers went up and down the stairs. Eventually my father came up, and made his way to where I was skulking. “ Valior,” he called to me, “I understand that you wish to know what it going on, but now is not the time my son. All you need to know as of right now is that the champion has been born.” Frustrated by his refusal to inform me of all the going ons of the keep I stormed off.
    My brother, the champion was born, which means that my duties as guide would begin soon.
    I left the house later that hour with the three boxes from my brother’s room, hoping to never be seen again.

    The main character here is Valior, Koorir's brother. Another segment will arrive this weekend hopefully. :) .
  • After training, Tai thought intently about the dream she had.

    Dante... I’ve heard that name before. I feel like I’ve been to that cathedral. With the stained glass. Why did I see that scene? Who was the Faerie Dante saved?

    Tai vaguely remembered Ashoka, she was a queen that granted Tai a wish. But, Tai couldn’t remember anything else about the royal Faerie. Tai shuffled through scrolls that she found from the library that mentioned Thirea.

    Why did Tai see Taz many moons ago? What did she have to do with this?

    “Argh! So many questions! Why can’t I find answers?” the Faerie demanded.

    Tai opened up an newer golden scroll labeled “The Thornwind Sisters”. The inside was blank. There was no information. But, the title seemed to make Tai remember something: The five stained glass faeries!

    Tai ran down to the library once more. Tai searched for scrolls that had to do with the Thornwind Sisters. She found nothing.

    Suddenly, Tai remembered something.
    (The flashback will come in the next story segment)
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    Time has passed since the latest incident that was inflicted by Rin's sister-in-arms towards the said one-eyed ronin.

    The lone person was gazing with only her intact right eye at the sunset at a dock of the city-port, contemplating about her current condition. At the moment, her slim and well-built body was only covered by a sort of bandages that wrapped her considerable D-sized breasts, leaving her scarred belly and upper chest exposed, while only her right arm was covered by a piece of her old kimono and her lower body was covered by another of her old hakama. All due to the dirtiness of her last clothing set. Still, she was also wearing her signature straw hat despite of its damaged state.

    Although she had enough money that she looted from the latest raid of the Syndicate members that happened prior to the encounter from her old rival, Rin was still stubborn to buy a new set of clothing. The only good thing that the Syndicate had that she could take away from, namely that they were always carrying many valuable things.

    And Rin paid no heed despite of the stares from the onlookers she received before. Was it due to her scars or simply due to her well-endowed form? She simply didn't care. But common people were also wary to approach her due to her dangerous-looking katana she was always carrying around with, even if it was also hidden in its sheath.

    'Still, it's a good thing that the Syndicate, or Jelene..., have no idea about Henry.' Due to the threat from a certain person, she had to relinquish the poor boy back to work in the tavern where he had worked before, although she also occasionally met him anyway.

    Despite somewhat small, the boy had give her something in her life she needed. Namely a purpose. A purpose that was not just a selfish one. A motherly purpose. A purpose to protect someone she cared for.

    'Maybe... this is all not a mistake. Maybe this is just because I'm desiring for a child...'

    She sighed and lighted her newly acquired pipe smoke instead.

    She was almost forgotten the taste of tobacco for god knows how long, and she was reminded that it was just more than adequate for that moment.

    (Art by Z.W. Gu)

    - | | -


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  • Hey everyone! I've finished finals yesterday and I'm back for more. Hopefully I won't be gone for weeks at a time. I'm going to be continuing Sylva's story after she lost the round in about 15 or so minutes.
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    "Let the second match of our tournament begin!"

    Sylva tried remember what she had practiced with Tai. It was kinda hard to focus with strikes coming from every side. It took almost all that she had just to stay on her feet.

    While backing away from the repeated blows, Sylva stumbles. Suddenly she felt Rin's blade slash her side. Followed by another. And another. Almost countless blows fell upon her as she feebly attempted to block them. After a bit she felt her vision dim.

    "I'm sorry Tai. I hope you can forgive me," she thought. "I hope you make some more friends..."
  • Spoilers for what happens for what happens are in my card collection, so if you want to be spoiled have at it :)
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  • Chapter #1: Realization

    Part 1/3


    Sylva woke up feeling groggy, not to mention stiff and sore all over. "Where am I? I feel like I should be doing something right now."

    Just then, a familiar smell filled the room. A savory, slightly salty aroma reached her nose. "Smoked boar leg? In the morning? This must be the Boar's Bristle," Sylva thought. She looks around. It seems fancier than normal. "This must be one of the nicer rooms upstairs. What am I doing here? This place is almost a day's journey from... home." Sylva sits up with start. "Where was Tai? What about the tournament? It can't be over already! What am I doing here?


    Sylva jumps out of bed and checks the room. "It looks like everything is here," she thinks. "Wait." She rushes over to her satchel hanging on the back of a chair. She grabs it and out falls a small trinket. It hits the floor and...

    Crack! The stained glass on the front of it fractures.

    Sylva kneels down to pick it up. When she sees what it is, her eyes well up with tears. Then they start spilling over in an endless stream as she starts sobbing. It was a clockwork locket that she had made for Tai. She had planned to give it to her when she won her round of the tournament.

    "I guess this means I lost," she sobs as she opens it. Inside is an engraving she had gotten done a bit before her round after she had shaken off Tai during practice. It reads, "You can do anything! I'm rooting for you!" The engraver was a bit skeptic, but they didn't want to turn down a contestant of the tournament.

    "I guess I'm not one anymore though," Sylva thinks glumly. Not expecting to lose, she hadn't made any preparations for after she lost. "I guess there isn't anything to do now but head home..."
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    She saw Taz, Ashoka, and an evil mage. The mage lunched poison at Ashoka when Taz ran in between the poison and Ashoka.

    “No, Taz! My little sister!” Ashoka yelled.

    Suddenly, a gold light emerged from Taz’s body and a shock wave followed. The witch was thrown backward and the poison was deflected, but Taz was gone.

    “Wh- what happened to Taz? Why did Ashoka say sister? Were Taz, Ashoka, and Dante sisters? What did they have to do with the cathedral and the Thornwind sisters?” Tai asked herself.



    Tai hadn’t forgotten Sylva. She had a small piece of paper on a table sitting right under the windowsill. It was windy outside, but the sky was clear. Tai started to write:

    Dear Sylva,

    I hope you are well. Even with Pele and Onara, this tournament is a lot less exiting.

    Tai paused. She thought for a moment and resumed her writing:

    You made a huge impact on my life, from being my best friend, to making me remember my erased past. Maybe we’ll meet again some day, and maybe you’ll achieve your dream. For now, I’ll fight for the both of us with a burning passion in my heart.

    Your Best Friend,


    Tai looked at her note. She had messy handwriting, but it was still legible. Tai opened her window. The wind was very hard now. She tossed her letter into the wind and watched it drift into the horizon, hopefully towards Sylva.

    “Sylva, I hope you are well.” Tai said.
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    Pele lead the fairy and the angel through the city and down into the sewers, she didn't expect to share her secret training spot this soon, but they needed to get away from everyone else. They made their way around the underground tunnels until they found a spot where they could all fit.

    "Okay guys" Pele said as she scared the small animals away "we're here so we can train without our opponents being able figure out our fighting styles."

    "Okay" said Onara "But why isn't it somewhere more convenient, and maybe less wet and smelly"

    "It's the best we can do right now, but once we find a better place, we'll use it." Pele responded. Both Tai and Onara nodded, though somewhat uncomfortable with their surroundings.

    Tai flew up and said "Sylva may have lost, but we can learn from her" she sniffled through her sentence. "We can do our best and hope to win this tournament and see her again someday." She seemed as happy as could be, yet Pele and Onara didn't know how bad she felt about it.

    "You're right" Pele said, happy to have a bright side to look on. "If we want to beat our opponents, we have to know them. I found some weaknesses we can exploit if we do it right!" Onara and Tai realized what she was saying, they didn't know how they would do it, but it couldn't hurt.


    Tai had to fight Koorir, so she needed to learn how to fight a minotaur.

    "I can create a minotaur for you, but not for long. I think you should try and use your small size to evade attacks." Pele holds a ball of fire in front of her and shapes it into a somewhat chunky looking minotaur. She sweating profusely but lets it loose against Tai.

    Tai flew around the minotaur, throwing red dust and it erupting in flames on the surface of the flaming illusion. As the minotaur swings, the flames singe Tai's wings, clothes and hair. Tai mixes some dust together and they explode as the hit the illusion's flaming body. The explosion sends fire throughout the trenches and evaporate some water. The three girls duck and avoid most of the fire but Pele has a couple burns from holding the illusion.

    The three of them get up and dust themselves off, Pele coughs and starts to lead them out of the tunnel. "We can keep training tomorrow, for now, I need to address these wounds" She waved at some burns on each of their skin.
  • After training, Tai stared intently at the horizon, hoping the Sylva would get her letter.

    “I must win, for Sylva, and for me to restore my lost memories.” Tai said firmly to herself, “I’ve learnt so much from you Sylva: Friendship, Fencing, and so much more! You won’t have lost for nothing Sylva.”
  • I'm a few days late, but here we go again!

    Despondent Hunter Knight

    He was worried. The images of the blood from the match and the images of Valeri mixed together. Braekun was shaking as he held his head tight in his hands. The images were flashing before him. Then they stopped when the door opened. A large blonde man stepped inside the tavern. Braekun recognized the man as the one that had presented the matches. The man walked to the barkeeper and ordered a beer before he sat down at a table further in. The man then lowered his head into his hands as if something was burdening him as well. Something heavy.

    Braekun glanced at the dozen empty beer jugs on his table, then he stood up and walked to the knight's table. The man raised his head from his hands as the large white polar bear was now sitting at the opposite side of the table.

    "Did the match upset you, too?"

    The bear warrior asked bluntly while the human knight took a swig from his beer mug. When he lowered the mug, he nodded and turned his head to look out of the window right next to the table, at the streets of Legorna, which bathed in midday sun's rays.

    "It reminded me of a certain murder that shocked Legorna last year. The death of a hunter knight such as myself. But he was far better than me or many others. As a younger brother I always knew that."

    The knight took another swig from the large mug. Braekun scratched the back of his head a few times in a pensive way.

    "What is a hunter knight? Shouldn't hunters do the hunting and knights do the knighting?"

    "The knights of goddess Friyena, who hunt the beasts of the abyss, are called hunter knights. It's the most twisted path a knight of Lisakdonia may take. Many who choose to tread it die within the first missions, but those who survive become some of the best fighters of the whole kingdom. Henric was one of them, but his life was eventually ruined by a 'champion.'"

    The blonde man's words had a slight tone of hate in them as he mentioned the champion, but his expression remained jaded. It was smothered anger, which he was too tired to bear anymore.

    "So," Braekun said while trying to comprehend the man's explanation. "The fighters who truly are the best of this kingdom are the champions, who have won their tournaments?"

    "Depends on the champion. The one who killed my brother is no longer considered as one, mainly because of the countless crimes he committed. He was judged within the capital months after the murder and was locked within the abyss forevermore."

    Braekun swept some sweat from his forehead as he kept staring at the man's half-full mug, filled with beer that was still cold. The man glanced at the clock above the tavern's front door, then he stood up from his seat and prepared to leave.

    "I need to be elsewhere right now. Do you want to have that drink?"

    The bear warrior slowly nodded at the tall man. The knight was silent for a little while as he looked out one of the windows, as if he was expecting something, then he looked at the polar bear again.

    "Then promise me to not tell anyone that you saw me here."

    When the knight had taken a few steps towards the door, Braekun turned his head at him. The bear growled in confusion.

    "Wait! What's your name?"

    "It's sir Robin Wardnan."


    The knight answered without looking back as he walked through the tavern's door to the sunny streets outside. Braekun sat silently for a moment before he drank the beer mug within a second, followed by a loud burp. Then the bear warrior also walked out from the tavern. Civilians and a knight that looked like a watchman walked on the street around him. Braekun paid them no heed until he noticed a teenage girl that slightly reminded him of Valeri was walking towards him. The girl walked in front of the bear and stared at him with her green eyes. She had a long, brown hair with bangs and she was wearing a yellow summer dress. She was also carrying a basket, which was filled by countless flowers of different colors.

    "Excuse me," the girl said as she tried to get the large bear's attention. "Have you seen a tall, blonde knight around here?"

    "Yes, he told me not to tell anyone that I saw him in that tavern. Wait..."

    Braekun put his right paw in front of his mouth as he realized what he had just done. The girl's face turned angry. Even though she still looked cute, Braekun started to sweat again.

    "What!? He really said that? Robin...! This has been going on for too long already!"

    The girl marched away as she kept talking to herself in a peeved mood. Braekun decided to quickly go to the shadowy tunnels under Legorna to cool down before anymore humans would approach him.

    ( @AxNoodle & @Jonteman93 )

    Few days later after the second match, Braekun and Dostran woke up from their rooms within the residential buildings. The bear warrior and the cat wizard each stepped onto the same street at the same time, stared at each other for a moment, then they walked to two separate directions. The sky was shrouded by grey clouds, which blocked the morning sun from everyone's view completely. After a moment, the two contestants heard as a certain dwarf announced something within the streets of Legorna.

    "The match between Dostran the aether cat and Braekun the polar bear will be held at the Trogon forest in two hours!"
  • Third Match - Beginning

    As the third match was approaching, many people from Legorna made their way to the arena in Trogon forest. The sky was still cloudy, and it had started to rain. Even though the rain was silent and gentle, some people had decided to stay indoors. Sometimes a cold wind swept over the land for a moment, which was quite pleasant for Braekun. After many days of warm sunlight, this was an ideal weather for the arctic warrior. Dostran didn't mind the weather either. The cat flew above the Trogon forest until it found a familiar looking clearing where no birds were flying.

    Braekun, who was already standing in his position of the forest arena, looked around. The arena was back to its former self after the first match between the wurm and the witch, save for a few trees which were destroyed. Watchman Oliver was among the audience, standing and watching from behind countless people. The stands weren't as full as during the first match, but there was still a large amount of people eagerly awaiting the start of the third match. Some of the younger viewers smiled and pointed at Dostran, who descended from above to his position. It only made Braekun feel even worse that a tiny kitten which he had to fight also had children as fans.

    All six hosts were present; Clementia, Nathan, Killian, Eetu, Robin, the cleric woman, and the elven scholar. Only some of the contestants had arrived to watch the match. Those who were absent were most likely training for their upcoming matches or trying to gain popularity from the crowd. Eventually, sir Robin walked onto the podium in front of the audience, and gave a speech that was similar to the one before each previous match. His speech sounded cheerful, but Braekun noticed that the speaker seemed unhappy. The speech ended the same way as it has before.

    "... our heroes will never die as long as we have faith in them!"

    Every single soul seemed to repeat the same saying in the audience. Then sir Robin raised his right hand towards the cat contestants.

    "A leofae, who is drawn to the most daring adventures; Dostran, Born of the Aether!"

    The cat flapped its wings a few times while people gave him an applause. When it was over, the talking knight raised his left hand towards the bear contestant.

    "A polar bear, who... breaks things; Braekun, Valeri's Challenger!"

    The bear roared and raised his axe towards the sky as people clapped for him. Finally, sir Robin turned to look at both contestants, and raised his both hands towards them.

    "Let the third match of our tournament begin!"
  • Third Match - End

    image VS image

    The match began, and the cold wind made the countless leaves of the forest rustle. Braekun rushed towards the leofae with his axe, ready to vanquish the tiny opponent with one strike. As he swung the large weapon towards Dostran, his hands suddenly felt light and he fell head first onto the ground right next to the aether cat. Dostran was standing still as if nothing happened, though the leofae was surrounded by a blue aura for a moment. Braekun's axe lied in the grass many meters away, also surrounded by the same aura. The bear warrior stood up while rubbing his head with his right hand.

    "How did the axe get over there?"

    Braekun was the only one who wondered, for everyone in the audience saw how Dostran used a spell that changed the axe's location. Some people made a bit fun from the bear contestant, but Braekun was used to that. He only focused on the kitten that had irritated him since the day when the bracket was revealed.

    "Fine then! A true warrior is capable of fighting without weapons!"

    Dostran spread its wings and flapped them to rise above Braekun, who was diving towards him. The polar bear slammed onto the forest ground, but he quickly stood up and jumped after the leofae. When his claws were about to contact Dostran's body, Braekun vanished. The leofae was surrounded by yet another blue aura for a few seconds, and so was Braekun, who was suddenly standing in his starting position of the arena. The bear roared and raised his imaginary axe towards the sky the same way as when he was presented to the audience, then he looked around with his confused, brown eyes.

    Did the match begin again? What is happening?

    Even the people in the audience looked somewhat confused, except the wizards. It seemed as if they knew what Dostran was doing. The leofae flew past Braekun, then he landed onto the lowest branch of a tall tree.


    "No more tricks," Braekun growled at the faerie cat as he closed his hands into fists. "It's high time I beat some sense into you!"

    "Follow," Dostran said unexpectedly, then started to climb up the tree. Braekun followed the cat by climbing as well. As they went higher, the wind grew stronger, and the rain felt even colder. When Dostran reached the top of the tree, he watched as Braekun was quickly approaching him while the bear was gritting his sharp teeth. Dostran hissed when the large opponent was right below him.

    "I don't know why I am here, but I will not be defeated by a cat!"

    Braekun jumped and reached for Dostran, who spread his wings again. The leofae jumped from the tree as Braekun was about to catch him with his right hand. The action caused Braekun to lose his left hand's grip from one of the wet branches, and he started to lose balance as he was standing on a lower branch. Dostran watched as the bear was about to fall, but the strong wind suddenly blew the tiny leofae towards his opponent, even though he tried to get away by flapping his small wings. Braekun grabbed Dostran tightly with his right hand in fear as the bear howled and fell down from the branch towards the ground, which seemed to be so far away. During the fall, Braekun flipped in the air multiple times as he fell through the countless other branches of the tree before crashing onto the hard ground.

    Everyone in the audience watched as the unconscious bear warrior lied on his stomach at the foot of the tree, broken branches and wet leaves slowly falling around him from above. Nobody saw Dostran, even though they looked for him from Braekun's hands, the tree, or anywhere nearby. The healer host was about to stand up from her seat, but Robin placed his left hand onto her right shoulder as a sign to wait for a little longer. After a moment, Braekun started to move. He rose to sit against the tree while holding his head with both of his hands, moaning from the terrible headache. Then Braekun noticed Dostran, who was lying on the spot, where the bear fell. The leofae's fur was messy and some of his bones were broken, but he was still alive, even though his consciousness was gone. Sir Robin Wardnan stood up, walked onto the podium, and announced the winner of the third match.
  • Winner!



    Dostran and Braekun are some of the most unique contestants of this tournament, but sadly, only one of them can be victorious in this match. Braekun's design and influence were a bit better than Dostran's, so the gate of fate opened itself for the bear warrior to walk to the 2nd round!

    @AxNoodle - The aether winds lead Dostran to a whole new story, and you may share it with us, alongside with his later versions!

    The third lore counter has been put onto the tournament bracket!

    In about 2-3 days, the match between @pjbear2005's Pele the pyromancer and @Faiths_Guide's Kift the efreet will begin. The arena will be revealed 2-3 hours before the start of the match.
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