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  • @DoctorFro, I'll check them out when you're ready.
  • Of course somebody bumps just as I'm about to ask something.


    This card is a vague concept that I came up with and like the idea of. I am fully aware that it is overpowered and it will not be my commander. I'm just wondering what your opinions are on the mechanics / ideas that it shows off and whether they're ones you'd accept or whether they're too powerful.
  • @MemoryHead The protection I feel is overpowered in combination with the losing the game part. Them "ceasing to be the monarch" wouldn't matter anyway, seeing as you would become it for it hitting you. The protection idea by itself is interesting, but I personally think that the card needs a downside. Overall it is extremely powerful.
  • @AxNoodle Yeah, good point about the protection. I'm considering changing it to "Protection from commanders" but I'll probably scrap it altogether and change it to something else. The "that player ceases to be monarch" is supposed to remove the monarch token from the game altogether (instead of transferring it back to The Regicide's controller) to avoid making the card even more ridiculous. I just wasn't sure how to word it.
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  • @Temurzoa Ooh, nice idea. I assume that it's a riff on the Shattergang Brothers (and really like it for that) and I'd say that it seems balanced, perhaps even a little underpowered.

    If it's a request to enter the contest, you probably want to say something to @Ranshi922 since they're the one running it.
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    @Ranshi922 *Points to somebody at random* I blame that guy!

    *Realises that this also counts five minutes after posting* Dang it!
  • *Stares for solid hours until I finally yell* HOW DARE HE!?
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    *slinks into the shadows so no one sees*
    Here is some of what I have so far...sorry I have been really busy with classes...since i am a week out break I can finish then...I assume the deadline is April
  • The end of April. I will maybe have leeway in may if there are people who still don't have it done. Of course, I could just make a deck for someone who doesn't feel like it.
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    Are you still accepting more people?
  • @WickedShadow196 We've got eight people but you can enter as a reserve (so you become one of the eight if somebody drops). You need to act as though you're actually in if you do so, though, so make a commander and everything.
  • I've finally got round to inventing some stuff other than Lodrus (though I've got a full 15 for it so there's my fallback). Not sure which one to play and 50% sure Yenka'll get disqualified so I'll ask for opinions on both:


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    @MemoryHead Ikalo looks cool! Germ tribal :)
  • I've been talking to Arin. He says that she might be dropping his deck. Her spot might soon be open if the deck isn't changed to something familiar such as Boros.
  • @AxNoodle I was just looking through this and a friend of mine pointed out that you've forgotten to put a sacrifice clause on Unwinder Ball.
  • @WickedShadow196, I think you are in.
  • @MemoryHead I have edited the card, although the changes won't appear in my earlier post.
  • @AxNoodle Ah, ok. Thanks!
  • @Ranshi922
    I am fairly certain we're going to have cards (possibly decks) that don't work. We need to be especially careful with the publications we accept for play.
  • I read that a spot might be opening up. Is there a waiting list or something that I can add my name to?
  • @Faiths_Guide what do you mean...I think most of the decks will work just maybe things we should take into note. Although I am not Ranshi, lol, If you dm links to the decks that u dont think would work I can review them and get back to you with my opinion
  • I am going to make my opinion a preliminary qualifier as the decklists are mailed. You can make your cases with me, and then I post poles for the fairness of the cards.
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    I'm not pointing fingers at specific cards (I haven't been able to spend enough time going over them unfortunately), but some of the last cards I saw had some major wording issues here and there and don't currently work how their designers thought/wanted.

    All I'm doing is saying that we need to be really careful or else it could cause games they are played in not to work and end up hurting people's feelings.

    Personally, I tried to use cards that aren't very powerful/complicated and had no custom mechanics to be on the safe side. Another thing I'd caution against is custom creature types and/or rule changes.
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    Oh, and @AxNoodle, I just realized what you said. "Rippled" Apostles also have ripple and you could end up using your whole deck. I just looked up the rulings and you are right! I've been playing them wrong the whole time because nobody told me that a "rippled" spell is also cast and therefor also has ripple!

    Wow, my deck is way better than I thought...
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